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countbat 14th Jul 2009 17:25

Air Charters Express DC-8
Anyone has more details about this DC-8 outfit out of Ostend? They are running a class as we speak. I know someone in that class and I am told the company changes the word on them all the times, it is very deceiving, no pay so far, asking them to find their way to Ostend with a possible future reimbursement which it seems will never happen according to the present signs. It seems owned by some kind of Iranian Mafia with total disregard to safety or respect for crews and their lifes.
I was thinking to apply but kind of scarry place to me. Any infos will be welcome.

slowto280 14th Jul 2009 19:51

Hey Count, it seems you have the all the information one could ever desire. If I were you, I would tell your bud to bail now, leaving a spot open for someone else who may not be so paranoid. Last "Mafia" movie I watched, seems like most characters had Italian names for some reason. Buy your own ticket to be 'reimbursed'? My friend, unfortunately, that has been going on since the mid 80's. Don't be scared............. :eek:

flying officer kite 19th Jul 2009 17:21

I had the pleasure of dispatching their DC-8 62F 9G-AED recently, though i couldnt believe how many hours it had in the tech log..some old machine!!

poina 21st Jul 2009 20:11

I had the pleasure to fly 60/70 series DC-8, still the finest machine I've flown in 30 years. Stable, straight forward, tough old sob. Still the best thrust reversers I have seen (hydraulic).

heavy-driver 23rd Jul 2009 01:30

Aero Service in MIA I believe.

countbat 23rd Jul 2009 15:05

The DC-8 sim in MIA might not be FAA certified yet. Check with Aeroservice first. Also my undesrtanding is the ACE owner is related to HeavyLift owner. Both Ghana registered.

yambat 24th Jul 2009 04:04

flying officer kite9G AED, though flying on an ACE call sign is operated independently from the OST outfit and flown by a non ACE Ostend crew, she flies beautifully and is in good shape.

Storminnorm 7th Aug 2009 15:29

Why does that remind me of so many outfits that I've worked for?

60 series DC 8, Wonderful aircraft.

Does anyone still operate any of the re-engined versions?

hvydriver 7th Aug 2009 15:46

At the moment, Astar is still flying 8 Diesel 73's for DHL in the states. Their days are numbered though. Looking at the tea leaves it looks like K. Allen is going to go with ATI/CCI for their lift needs.

slowto280 7th Aug 2009 16:29

Saw a National DC-8-71 in Bagram the other day.

Welcome to NATIONAL AIRLINES – Cargo Services

National Air Cargo Extends Flights from Bagram Air Base to Kandahar Air Base in Afghanistan

National Air Cargo

Wonder whose certificate that is (was)? Name has been around forever.....:uhoh:

Need to Know Basis 10th Aug 2009 11:36

NAC bought the AOC from Murray Air.....about 1 year back.

Exup 10th Aug 2009 12:03

I have heard that ACE soon to have a name change to Meridian Cargo.

ugwhatajob 12th Aug 2009 01:39

Are they doing their own hiring, or going thru an agency?


cieloitaliano 22nd Aug 2009 13:37

Ace Tail Strike
Ace *** departing a Gloucestershire airfield had a tail strike last night. It left a hole in the runway reportedly. Hope it pressurised OK.

cieloitaliano 24th Aug 2009 15:48

I know which field this bird departed from. That's not the relevant bit here. However, his departure track, considering his destination, was quite elaborate.
Wonder if the aforementioned 'incident' had anything to do with that. i.e: he tracked a long way west before turning.

dionysius 24th Aug 2009 20:42

Please elaborate, its a well known fact that he operates to a Middle East location from "Rompers Green" a secret military airbase :eek::rolleyes::ok:

VBPCGUY 24th Aug 2009 21:55

Refering to this old girl:



411A 25th Aug 2009 23:19

A dab of paint here, a dab there....whose to know?:}:ok:

AAL 26th Aug 2009 05:23

Sorry I have to agree with Fish Head, ACE planes have fresh C-Checks and fairly recent paint.

Also think you voicing an opinion that you know nothing about, and by the way, would like to hear you speak (and write) Fish Head's mother tongue.

Afraid he is 100% correct, you probably a bored enthusiast or trolley dolly again.

5Z4 26th Aug 2009 07:10

ACE one one zero
Comes to our local airport very regularly. Video's about her on YOUTUBE.
:ok: She looks magnificent.

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