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fly744 16th Sep 2008 21:34

ACG Cargo Airlines Germany
ACG Cargo airlines Germany,is looking for B744 Crews.Their contact address is Hanh-FRA.Anyone knows more about them?

earlyNFF 19th Sep 2008 01:11

is looking for B744 Crews
where did you find this?

You google air cargo germany, you find the contact info on their website (under construction)

tom744 7th Oct 2008 08:19

www.acg.aero is now online but doesn't look very promising yet.
And Hahn airport is the end of the world, no highway going there, bad train connection, heavy snow during winter....Ryanair drivers know the place.
What I heard through the grapevine is that former LTU guys are running the show there but they are very reluctant to give any details about financing.

superspotter 18th Oct 2008 11:05

Two ex Air China 744 freighter conversions on lease from AAI apparently on their way.

helldriver 18th Oct 2008 21:09

startup ACG
I understand they hope to start operations in January 2009

helldriver 19th Oct 2008 19:04

yes thanks

Diesel_10 22nd Oct 2008 10:38

And Hahn airport is the end of the world, no highway going there, bad train connection, heavy snow during winter....Ryanair drivers know the place.

Not been there for a while. Train connection is still there but disused since 1992. Heavy snow in winter just adds to the quaintness of the place! Call it character building. End of the world? Not really - it's 70 k from LUX and I thought the E42 ran right past by now? Great airport - Great people. Good Luck ACG.:)

EHRD-0624 23rd Oct 2008 09:49

HHN is indeed somewhat remote but the good thing about that is the 24/7 operation over there (no curfew!). Road connection is being greatly improved since the current 2-lane B50 is being upgraded to 4-lane expressway (some part have already been completed and opened). Works should finish sometime early 2009 which will cut down travelling time to FRA substantially.
The place can indeed receive a solid amount of snow during winter months but the Airport Authorities have invested millions of Euro's in probably the largest fleet of ultra-modern snow clearing equipment to be found anywhere in Europe. If you happen to stage through HHN just ask the Airport Authorities to tour their 'Winterdienst'storage facilities and you will be amazed!
Finally HHN's people are indeed a pleasure to work with. Always willing to help and they go out of their way to make you feel welcome. I would recommend it over FRA anytime!

helldriver 23rd Oct 2008 18:30

I agree with every word from EHRD-0624.

HHN is an X american airforce base but since reverting to civil use it has grown and improved with every month. The service is second to none compared to FRA, everything is close to hand, so no long walks. All the airport staff are very friendly and helpfull.
Yes there are no trains to HHN at present but the structure is there, and as for the road, the E50 goes to LUX (70km) in one direction, and connects to the motorway A61/E31 in the other, most of which is 4 lanes.

mole man 26th Oct 2008 16:02

anybody have any contact phone / email addresses for ops as I cant get an email to work at [email protected]

many thanks

mole man;)

j-p744 24th Nov 2008 15:51

Does anybody know if the Conversion Course start today?

Snoopy747 1st Dec 2008 18:05

First OCC started already, yes. You can find some more infos here but its all german. The two planes are ex CHINA AIRLINES (CI/CAL) B-18273 and B-18275 currently beeing converted by IAI Industries in Tel Aviv.

figleaf 7th Dec 2008 15:40

wont be nose loaders then, bit limiting for the company

flugholm 23rd Feb 2009 14:51

Here's a pic of the first aircraft D-ACGA in front of the paint shop at Amsterdam:
JetPhotos.Net Photo D-ACGA (CN: 24311) Air Cargo Germany Boeing 747-409(SF) by ErwinS

SmartSmart 23rd Feb 2009 14:52

Any news on ACG?
Has ACG commenced operations yet? I read today that HSH Nordbank, financiers to Avion Aircraft Trading who in turn are financing ACG's aircraft had been denied 20BN in emergency funding pending fullfilment of certain conditions from the German authorities.

These include restoring it's capital ratios and shifting "unsafe" assets such as exposure to Icelandic institutions into a "bad debt bank"....

.86 24th Feb 2009 14:43

Anybody who knows anything about salary ?
Nothing on the ACG site..

j-p744 14th Mar 2009 07:12

Does anybody know if ACG already started their operations?

747drivers 14th Mar 2009 08:58

They are still waiting to get there AOC

goaround6 4th Apr 2009 08:26

hi guys,any news about acg? do they have the aoc by now?:rolleyes:

FCS Explorer 5th Apr 2009 01:10

by the way....
..AeroLogic ain't on that list, too !?
yes, no plane sofar, but not even an AOC....?

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