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AAL 29th Jun 2008 08:58

GargoOne, to answer you simply - as an African, yes I despise with revulsion and contempt anybody who was and has been involved pouring fuel on the fires of conflict in Africa. We have to live in this mess and our children have to grow up here.

Sure you would feel the same about African carriers who fly weapons and narcotics into Europe!!!!!!:ok:

No bone to pick with other decent foreign (European) carriers - work with many!

The Slice: Nothing I say, discuss, allege is a rumour - go read it up yourself; printed in bold for the world to see!

But for those who have helped destabilise our continent, I hope, pray and trust will still stand at The Hague and answer for their deeds and greed, just like Charles Taylor has to. Or is the war crimes tribunal at The Hague again just white man's justice aimed at all except Europeans?

snarfel 29th Jun 2008 11:00

UK MOD still uses that other murky (Farhad Azima) company CargoPlus Aviation, alias Air Charter Express (also likely in blind ignorance?) for its flights from Lyneham via Ostend to Basrah, just like the yanks have used Bouts' fleet etc... etc...

africa man 30th Jun 2008 13:44

well yes i think it's time now that Air Zimbabwe are now being looked at, re having their flights being hit by sanctions, that they should also start looking at the other carrier ie avient as uncle bob and his cronies have their muddy fingers in that pie also. I think that so far the french have turned a blind eye as without avient at vatry the airport would i expect close as there is nothing else going on there in an already high un-employment area, but i see that avient have now lost their Air Gabon contract to Allied so i hear on the grapevine, so that will mean he will hve to work harder to get through to entebbe to pick up his fish and other sparklers, so i think that their days are numbered we shall see....you never know it might apply for a British AOC.......:=

Freightened 1st Jul 2008 12:01

The Slice - I have no grudge with this company - just the ethics (or lack of them) of the people who run it. And they have the cheek to call Africans unethical and dishonest.

AS is a very clever and cunning man. SS just hangs onto his belt and generally messes everything up.

If Africa Man is right about the Gabon contract (and not surprised, SS ensures Avient fall out with everyone eventually), what happens to Avient Gabon now? If the situation in Zimbabwe gets worse, I'd have thought Avient needed to transfer their aircraft to the Gabon register or somewhere else.

I bet a few frenchman are seething and where's Gabonese JC. Don't think its Allied doing the Gabon Airlines flying, someone closer to home.

AAL 2nd Jul 2008 16:22

Talking ethics, notwithstanding their record, the UNHCR and UN organs still insist to make use of them. A crying shame, first help destroy a place thereby creating a market for your services, then start flying relief for the UNHCR.

Double standards?

africa man 3rd Jul 2008 12:17

well in the uk cargo press it looks like ana have re-gained the gabon airlines account and will be flying 2x wkly ex ost to lbv with md.11 equipment..so where does that leave avient now and with also the gabon goverment not wanting any zim registered a/c in their country could be hard times for mr smith and co......:bored:

snarfel 6th Jul 2008 10:30

Ana is flying regularly ex ost to los with Gemini's md11, not to lbv yet. But MK does and Spanish Pronair as well with an old "air bakkie".

Hard times are ahead for all African airlines (with or without double standards), if we should believe the opinion of a Kampala journalist: African aviation on the abyss (Travel Video Television News).

charter man 9th Jul 2008 10:59

Hard times are here already - for all airlines, not just African airlines. There is no magic cure, airlines must keep costs under control and look to the future. Those companies with solid management and a good business plan will survive, those that don't will fail. The question still remains as to whether there is an unfair advantage being gained by airlines such as Avient, operating Z- registered aircraft based in Europe?

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