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707-348C 31st Oct 2007 23:48

Global Supply Systems
Over the last couple of years, in response to advertisements in Flight International, I have sent my CV in to GSS on a number of occassions to be considered as a First Officer on the 747-400. Never had a reply.

Personal basics are age 49, 9000 hours of which 5000 hours are on multi engine turbine, but all on aircraft weighing in at only 5700 kgs. 3000 hours on multi piston. Most of the flying carrying cargo.

Am I wasting my, and their time applying? Does anyone who reads this forum work for the company? I would really appreciate any useful and relevant advice.

I know about the command issues regarding British Airways pilots, and I know that at my age should I join the company I would never get a command, that does not bother me.

etracafe 1st Nov 2007 02:41

Hi 707, I have applied once and they wrote me a mail saing that my CV was good and their intention was to call me as soon as they would have need pilots......I am still waiting since two years......:D

Dan Winterland 1st Nov 2007 04:07

Think of it as a lucky escape. There are far better jobs out there.

707-348C 1st Nov 2007 11:00

Thanks for the replies, I know this sort of work is not for everyone.

I guess I have been switched on to the company by the advertisements that specify the opportunity to fly a 747 with modest experience requirements. I have spent many years flying smaller aeroplanes in some really challenging environments, and I must stress using multi crew SOP's derived from big aeroplane Operations Manuals. I have been fortunate to fly for smaller but correctly run companies.

I grew up looking at Aer Lingus 707 and 747's climbing out of Dublins old runway 24. Hoped one day I would fly one.

Keep the replies coming, interested to hear all your views.

biggls 1st Nov 2007 12:19

OK have been in very same position my self a few years ago. Try to visit the the chef pilot and personally give him your CV. You do not have a position yet and it worked for me, if you can blag your way past his security you must have something and the next time he is thinking of a new FO you might just come to mind. Good luck and be persistant

707-348C 1st Nov 2007 18:33

Thank you for that. S44, I have sent you a PM. If you get a moment perhaps you could check it out.

707-348C 1st Nov 2007 19:13

Thanks Mike. In my particular position, and I do stress it is only my own situation, the bond issue is not a problem to me. At my age I am looking to make a final flying move. In my view high bonds only present a problem if one decides or needs to leave before the period of bond ends.

Having worked mainly in ad-hoc companies, flexibility in terms of rostering and indeed days off has been the norm for me over 20 years or more. My experience has been that in a reasonably run operation its give and take, and as long as there is as much give as take then that is something I and my family can live with.

In respect of time to command, I said in my original post that I would not expect ever to make command. There are issues I understand with British Airways retirees taking precedence for command posts, and of course there is the point that although I would regard my own flying experience to be every bit as challenging and valuable as anybody else's, there is still the point that I have no experience in flying large transport aeroplanes.

Really appreciate the replies, and would welcome any further information.

Jack's a dull boy 2nd Nov 2007 13:57

Like you S44, I'm no longer in the GSS loop (thank god), but I hear that 25k bond is now done via a bank loan in the employees name, because so many left without paying it. Does such a big bond matter if you dont intend to leave? ... well yes; Because people cant afford to leave (especially now), the company can pay very low without fear of its pilots walking - And lo; the pay (and other terms) is low!

I disagree that they would always get you home for your day off if you asked. The realities were that your a/c would be delayed by 1, 2 or even 3 days, and it is your only means of getting home. You will be working your days off whether you like it or not. And it is not infrequent.

RAFAT 4th Nov 2007 04:27

S44 -

The problem you may have is their requirement for 500 jet time minimum.
The Flight ads have never stated that requirement, only that "Preference will be given to pilots with jet airliner experience."

So what's the correct requirement?

Stingaling 4th Nov 2007 07:05

If a company cannot be bothered to extend to you the common courtesy of a reply, after receiving you CV, then they normally are not worth working for.

Communication problem? Fare enough. I guess when your pay is screwed up and you are not getting the correct amount payed in every month, it will be a communication problem also?

ikea monster 4th Nov 2007 10:21

707- Try this No +44 1279682904, CTC - Good guy. But also ask the Q - Why have over 25 FO's left in the last 14 months, this is out of a Pilot force approx 95. Other down sides are long trips that frequently are extended, no union (BALPA) recognition. Poor salary in comparrison to the other UK operators that fly the same type - (BA/VS) and lastly a totaly ridiculas bond 25k which I understand has now been ammended to some kind of bank scheme- so even if you want to leave after a few years you will have to pay back the bank.
Traditionally GSS was a dumping ground for EX BA guys who already had the 744 rating, but since the retirement laws changed this source of Pilots has dried up. On the plus side the company has a good contract with BA world cargo and concidering that they only operate 3 aircraft a reasonable route structure.
I notice that the latest ad in Flight International has ommited the " Expanding Airline" Plug - perhaps that might tell you something. Good Luck.

707-348C 9th Nov 2007 11:12

Global Supply Systems.
Thanks stingaling and ikea monster, I accept all of the points you have raised, but stress in my admittedly peculiar circumstances the operation still appeals to me.

Ikea monster, I telephoned the number you supplied, unfortunately it rang out as number unobtainable, do you have any further help you can offer? I would be very grateful for a "Private Message" if you are able to, tried to send you one but was unable.

Thanks again to all that responded for the very useful and considered replies.

High'n Fast 12th Nov 2007 09:41

Has anybody had a call for interview yet ?

High'n Fast

ikea monster 12th Nov 2007 13:31

707 - Try +441279682917 or +447778879764. Good luck

onehotflyer 13th Nov 2007 09:06

Got one in a few days time. Anyone got anymore info than is on their site.

707-348C 13th Nov 2007 13:10

Global Supply Systems
Thanks once again for the replies. Thanks especially to ikea monster for the numbers. Rang the landline number you gave and was directed to Kim Jeffries, Chief Training Captain is on leave.

Kim confirmed that as a minimum they require 500 JET hours.

I am really gutted, had a feeling, despite some of the negative points that I would have really liked the work. Might help if future advertisements were a little more explicit.

Good luck to those who have interviews, and thanks again to ex and current GSS crew who sent me PM's, you are a great crowd.

Jack's a dull boy 13th Nov 2007 17:03

you are a great crowd.
Whatever GSS failings, there is no denying that. The egotistical pricks you sometimes find in passenger airlines wouldn't hack GSS type operations very long, with the result that there is a very good atmosphere.

mark one eyeball 15th Nov 2007 04:42

I left GSS last year.
Now I keep bumping into many ex GSS guys in HK who feel, like me, that the management there are devious, untrustworthy....basically a lying bunch of bar stewards, watch out!
I think these days it would only suit low time, inexperienced folks who want the B744 rating and willing to put up with the forementioned stuff.
I for one thought we were duped by the management there and so do a lot of other good nice ex GSS people...pity.

ikea monster 15th Nov 2007 22:11

707 - Why not wait till the CTC is back from leave and then try to have a chat with him. The office staff with respect are not Pilots - last year GSS hired at least one european that only had turbo prop experience - the goal post can be moved.

However - the recent post by Mk 1 Eyeball tells a story that is not far off the mark. So be warned.

Low life 16th Nov 2007 14:32

As an ops guy still think, after the departures to HK, the remaining crews were some of the most decent Flightdeck I have worked with.

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