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OldCessna 10th Jul 2007 20:10

The big merged L1011 thread
Anyone heard anything about a new cargo outfit operating out of Cyprus utilising a L1011 freighter?

CR2 10th Jul 2007 20:59

Send a PM to 411A and ask....

OldCessna 10th Jul 2007 23:53

Not expecting 411A being backward in coming forward I was awaiting his infinite wisdom!

Come on 411A where are you?

Engineer 11th Jul 2007 12:08

May be he is trying to set up a new cargo outfit in Cyprus so could be a little busy at present :=

JW411 11th Jul 2007 16:15

One of my old F/Es flew the L1011F for a few years. He said it was a nice but an overcomplicated aircraft compared to the DC-10.

The biggest drawback was that it ran out of fuel after 5 hours with a full payload.

411A 11th Jul 2007 16:43

Hmmm, Cyprus.

Not heard of that one, however as the market for L10 freighters is cornered by one certain individual, and that specific individual is well known for their rather shady dealings (one of their last aeroplanes was seized in RAK by the police and the crew arrested, as I recall), I would be extremely cautious about this 'new' outfit, whatever its name is.

A very extended barge pole approach might be advised.

In addition, the supply of the particular model of engine used on these airplanes is getting rather thin...you can't put a -500 engine on it without major modification to the number two mount, an engine intermix is limited to 30 calendar days, and fitting -22B's all 'round, while possible, limits ops to a rather significant extent.

Having said this, it might be pulled off on a limited basis, provided the engine AD's are complied with.

There has been significant L1011 interest in the past sixty days for some reason, perhaps it has to do with the lack of supply of other new(er) more fuel efficient types.
The 'ole TriStar, if operated in a reasonable manner, by folks who positively know how, can still provide success in a niche market.
We are developing one now, and with the assistance of the head of marketing from the old Laker group, reasonable success is expected.

CR2 11th Jul 2007 20:49

Genuine Q from me...

What can a -F L1011 carry? Bit more than a DC8? Based on MZFW...

barry lloyd 11th Jul 2007 21:42

I assume that the company would be based in Cyprus, rather than the aircraft?
I mean, what does Cyprus export? lemons/other citrus fruits - not expensive enough items for airfreight methinks.
Could there be a Russian connection? They love Cyprus.

Sleeping Freight Dog 11th Jul 2007 22:13

There is a certain L1011F sitting at MIA that was damaged in Hurricane
Wilma a couple of years ago. Rumor is an old ATA L1011 was brought in
to provide spare parts for it to make it flyable again. Seeing as how MIA
is well known to be a maintenance repair facility for dodgy airlines all over
the third world, Could this be the aircraft in question?

411A 11th Jul 2007 22:16

The L10 freighters (all but one) were converted by Marshal's and can carry 23 pallets on the main deck plus under floor bulk loaded cargo, the total of which cannot exceed 125,000 pounds.
JW411 got it right...max 5.5 hours with a full (weight) load.

CR2 11th Jul 2007 23:46

125K LBS; so lets say 55T without getting the calculator out. Is that all???

GotTheTshirt 11th Jul 2007 23:51

While not doubting your superior knowledge:} there is no difference in the engine mount for the number 2 engine with either B2 ( the original -200) engine and the B4 ( -500 engine):):)

The difference is the S duct adapter which is different lentgh for the B4.
The S duct in the aircraft is identical, the difference is the length of the S duct adapter that joins the S duct to the front flange of the engine.
The adapter (about 5 inches long) from a -500 ( and there are a few being broken!:)) bolts onto the S duct in place of the original adapter and viola ! install a B4.
You also need a few Lockheed SB's for legality:=

I believe that a company called Flightspares are handling the Miami Freighter together with the Ex ATA aircraft which would be used to replace parts on the freighter damaged by the hurricane.:ok:

CR2 12th Jul 2007 00:19

Just for me...

ATA American Trans Air?


411A 12th Jul 2007 02:14

Afirm...American Trans Air.

CargoOne 12th Jul 2007 10:14


L1011-200F is typically ~56t gross payload, however it is quite good on volume: main deck + belly works out at ~470 cbm, which makes it good for volumetric cargo, ratio is better than DC10-30F or A300F. Still it is not really a loghaul machine but can work all right on a certain routes.

But as it was mentioned above the biggest L1011F issue is doesn't matter what the company name, it is all about one certain individual who controlling most of L1011F (LCD model) fleet. Most people trying to stay away from him.

OldCessna 12th Jul 2007 14:43

Cyprus freighter
Thanks for the info 411A

There's now about 4 or 5 L1011 freighters available that the "individual" doesn't control.

I heard he's getting out of the market.

Anyway the Cyprus operations are apparently looking for 3 crews and all the other support people.

Stay tuned.

AAL 12th Jul 2007 15:15

Must be Duane Egli's with new Kyrgyzstan papers and paperwork overhaul.

Earl 12th Jul 2007 16:07

The last engine A/D on these L-1011's was quite expensive.
I know it grounded 3 of them in Thailand with Thaisky.
2 pax and 1 freighter.
Company could not afford to do them.
Last I heard the aircraft are still sitting on the ramp in BKK.

AAL 12th Jul 2007 16:21

Earl, they still standing and Thai Sky AOC has been revoked. Their 1011F is a -10 model only 43 tons payload. Everyday passing looks less likely they will fly again. Nobody sees chance to pay the engine AD's - too expensive.

OldCessna 12th Jul 2007 17:18

Whats the biggest AD & Mod that needs to be done?

Can the 22B's be replaced by 524B's by some modification?

The Cyprus airplane apparently has had all the Ad's done. Spar & Engines.

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