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IOLAR60 20th Nov 2006 09:49

Cheers RednosedReindeer, JungleLand, RayCosmic and NoRulesInLux and the rest,

Your recent posts were exactly the information i needed. Thank you for your efforts and time.

Iím just trying to build up an overall picture of life at CV and your contributions have been very helpful.

CV is doubtlessly financially a good company, expanding its operations and increasing its profit and turnover year on year. Security for its employees is better than most in this environment and more stable than pax operations.
My present company is, as well as most of its competitors, battling rising costs and the effects of the low-cost carriers. Promotion, expansion and fleet replacement are nonexistent and thinking of the future does not give one a "warm feeling in ones tummy". Having faced the threat of redundancy once I feel it would be nice to work for a company that you could feel more secure in and progress throughout my career.

Unlike you guys i donít have experience with long haul ops (even though id call 18hr ,multi sector duty days ,consecutively ,with no crew rest area on a short haul aircraft long"ish"). I get enough days off to live life and am paid well with a good pension (although taxed too much). I work in part of the world that is good for me, But i would not like to look back in ten years time flying the same machinery on the same routes from the same seat.

One has always to be wary of the "Grass is always Greener" mentality that can fill pilots thoughts, i guess we have too much time on our hands.


TheRednosedReindeer 21st Nov 2006 09:24

In your position, I would suggest to base your decision on your age.
If you're under 30, go for it.
If you're over 40, forget about it - unless you're SURE that 3 stripes will make you happy until you retire. Once you're over 50 and still sitting to thhe right, you'd otherwise get nervous, and that takes the fun away.

One more thing if you're over 30: forget about the company pension plan. The way it's set up, only captains receive substantial contributions. Unless you can look at 20+ years in the left seat, the resulting lump sum is not worth mentioning.

Sorry if that doesn't make it easier to decide...

loz 24th Nov 2006 17:19

I ve been following the topic for quiet some time with big interest,
thx a lot for the great tips.
could someone please tell me if CV allows part time work ?, I mean after few years or so/seniority ...


LBR 27th Nov 2006 01:48

With low seniority you very seldom get to south America and USA, Australia and New Zeeland, but end up in Africa some, but mainly Asia.
I've a very low seniority but I do go to all the above mentioned parts of the world except South America.

If you're over 40, forget about it - unless you're SURE that 3 stripes will make you happy until you retire.
You think it might take >20 years for an upgrade?
I think that anything between 10 and 20 years is realistic.
Oh well, still better then flying short-haul with 4 stripes.
Overall I am very happy to work for Cargolux :)
Good luck!
E Le B

TheRednosedReindeer 2nd Dec 2006 09:26

Originally Posted by LBR (Post 2988227)
Oh well, still better then flying short-haul with 4 stripes.

That is totally individual.:=
So you're lucky to get a bit of a change on your roster...
good for you!
This can of course, always happen - the point is rather, that the nicer trips have become less, and are thus heavily requested by high seniority people.
Of course, 9 days USA with 7 sectors and 3 positionings will always be available....

Originally Posted by LBR (Post 2988227)
I think that anything between 10 and 20 years is realistic.

:ok: Exactly. So: starting over 40, expect your upgrade between 50 and 60. Meaning: not much has to go wrong, and you never get it.

LBR 2nd Dec 2006 12:39

Originally Posted by TheRednosedReindeer (Post 2998135)
That is totally individual.:=

That's true, like most opinions here... ;)

So you're lucky to get a bit of a change on your roster...
I do (except for South America).
So far this year 4 south-, 13 east- and 11 westbound trips.

the point is rather, that the nicer trips have become less, and are thus heavily requested by high seniority people.
Sure, if you compare the present with the past (like 5 years ago maybe?) there have been some changes (I've been told). :rolleyes:
But if you just joined you can only compare the present situation with your own previous situation.
Being fair or not, as everything seems to be based on seniority the chances are that the senior people will get their requested/better trips.
That's the way it is.

:ok: Exactly. So: starting over 40, expect your upgrade between 50 and 60. Meaning: not much has to go wrong, and you never get it.
That could be true.
If you really need those 4 stripes to be able to enjoy life you better join expanding companies like Emirates or Oasis.
Gr. Eric

Supahfly 8th Mar 2007 22:29

Hi Everybody,

Long time lurker here, thought it was time I revived this great thread. It's given me great insight in the company I would prefer to join for the long term. Unfortunately it's gone very quite these last few months.
Reason for that probably has something to do with selections having halted since last summer. I unfortunately reached the hour limit just as this hiring freeze popped up :sad:.

ppjn.org now mentions that hiring has restarted while the latest info I got from interpersonal is that hiring would not start earlier than june/july.

So here are my questions?

First off, has anyone been called for an interview yet and if so how long have you waited for it. Second, could someone in the know shed some light on future requirements in terms of number of new hires.

Any and all information is much appreciated and not just by me I guess:} .

Buster Hyman 21st Mar 2007 07:54

Whilst we're on the subject...
Cargolux raises 747-8F commitment

Wednesday March 21, 2007 Cargolux this week placed a follow-on order for three 747-8 freighters valued at $845 million plus two options, bringing its total firm orders for the type to 13. It is the co-launch customer for the 747-8F along with Nippon Cargo Airlines (ATWOnline, Nov. 16, 2005). It also has 10 purchase rights. Boeing said it now has a combined 87 firm orders for the 747-8F and the 747-8 Intercontinental passenger version.

LBR 21st Mar 2007 09:14

Boeing News Release: "This brings the Luxembourg-based cargo operator's total 747-8 Freighter order to 13 airplanes, two options and 10 purchase rights."

What's a purchase right?
Would that be something in between a firm order and an option?
Gr. Eric

acmi48 21st Mar 2007 19:19

purchase rights=production slots-is this the case???

very interesting to have if your opposition all start clamouring for 747-8's

beacuse then you are ahead in the game

merlinxx 21st Mar 2007 21:28

Also a very good investment!

rwy24c 5th Apr 2007 11:19

Cargolux and Panalpina
Can anyone confirm or comment the latest rumour that Panalpina is going to take over the ex-Swissair shares in Cargolux?

acmi48 5th Apr 2007 19:26

now why would would they want to that ? when some many years ago they tried to get the lot..:oh:

Pow-wow 5th May 2007 10:20

Are there any people with families (ie.with young kids) here who love the CV job, lifestyle and everything that goes with it ?

I know every company has its whingers and moaners, but surely there must be people willing to shed some light on what their home/family life is actually like. Is the salary sufficient to support your family and provide a decent house ?

I would love to get an idea of how many days in average you spend away and how much time you have with your family.


PS. I am used to the LCO lifestyle including:

85-105 hours/month
Home pretty much every night
25 days leave per year

LBR 9th May 2007 05:20

13 X 4 weeks rosters a year
Each roster at least 10 off days, normally either 4 + 7 or 10 in a row.
42 vacation days
A couple of "blank" days
--> at least 172 days off a year.
Time spent with the family depends on the time needed to get home.
Coming back in the morning from a trip and leaving the next day in the evening could mean 2 days at home if you live in or close to LUX.
Whether the salary is sufficient is hard to say, really depends on your needs.

Pow-wow 9th May 2007 10:55

Thank you so much LBR,

Really appreciate it.


hawkeye red 9th May 2007 11:04


I agree.....coming back in the morning from a flight and leaving the next day in the evening is 2 days at home if you live in Luxembourg.
Of course you arrive well rested and of course you don't have to rest before your flight the next day, so why don't you just suggest to Cargolux that these 2 days be considered off days then.
You are one hell of a good employee......

Hawkey Red

ray cosmic 9th May 2007 11:34

Hi, I changed from short haul, 4 legs a day, 20 days a month being home every night to this.

200% improvement of family and social life.
Ok, you're gone some days, but when you're off, you're really off.

What made the Short Haul difficult for me, was the lack of possibilities to have dinners, go out, do things with friends or family etc.
Rarely I could spend a whole evening, since I or was flying in the evening, or had a 0600LT check in time coming up.
These days I'm coming back, rest a bit and have a few days I can use from the morning till the evening doing things I like and or need to do.
Lots of phone calls with friends/family using Skype I do while on the way, so I'm not occupied with that at home.
On top of it, the average leg is not that long, so on the way back from the Far East you have some opportunities to sleep at the stations, so you're not fully jet-lagged when coming home.

What makes it easy for me is that I live very near, so I don't waste time commuting.
I do this kind of flying only since a short time now, but I feel it's beyond the Cargolux KoolAid I drink each day and the coolness of flying that big Freighter.
So for me, with a family, It was the best choice I could have ever made.
Moneywise it can always be better, but hey, I just started here!

@Hawkeye: From your few previous posts, is it safe to assume you are a bit of a negativist? You live near your work?

hawkeye red 9th May 2007 11:54

Ray Cosmic

If you are so new to the business, let's talk again in 15-20 years.
I have been here long enough to enjo the really good times - it has all been downhill since, but if you are happy enjoy it while it lasts.
History shows that your family doesn't always share your opinion of a good job....

Hawkeye Red

ray cosmic 9th May 2007 12:08

So you must have been on the frontlines defending our perks in the everlasting pilot/company negotiatons? Or have stayed on the sidelines merely observing how rapidly T&Cs are decaying. Let me tell you, it is not like it used to be for sure, but the other places went downhill even faster.
Company is healthy, pay is alright, time off and holidays are ok. Try Ryanair.

hawkeye red 9th May 2007 13:17

Ray Cosmic

I see from your details that you are only 30 years old. That explains everything.....

Hawkeye Red

flite idol 9th May 2007 13:53

Hey there Cargolux aviators, whats going on with the Boeing LCF contract? Are you flying it yet? Are the Evergreen folks trained yet? Just curious! Thanks!

ray cosmic 9th May 2007 14:26

:hmm: Bit of a weak answer there, Hawkeye.

hawkeye red 9th May 2007 14:49

Cosmic Ray,

No, it's a bit of cruel reality.

This business has been flooded with youngsters like you, who are so obviously impressed with big airplanes and exciting destinations.

Management loves people like you, because they know they can treat you whichever way they want.

Hawkeye Red

LBR 9th May 2007 15:20

So what's my excuse to like the job (age 45)?
Gr. Eric

hawkeye red 9th May 2007 15:50


I cannot remember how often I have asked myself that question....

Hawkeye Red

LBR 10th May 2007 06:35

Time for a career change?
Or is it too good to leave and too bad to stay... :ooh:
In that case you should try to make the best out of it!
Gr. Eric

rwy24c 10th May 2007 07:32

life is what you make it...
I agree with ray cosmic and LBR.
A lot of our colleagues do not know too much about the world outside CV and some have forgotten already...

acmi48 10th May 2007 18:45

quote: been here long enough to enjoy the really good times.. now which dc8 did u fly then?? or maybe it was the '44

for my 30 plus years..when i joined ,cv flew daily to lagos, and near as dammit 30 years later doing the same today,and the place is still the same aswell..


LBR 11th May 2007 08:31

and the place is still the same aswell..
:= they now have internet in the lobby!
Believe it or not, I don't mind to go there.
Good food, nice bar, good weather, a gym and a tennis court.
It's not that bad!

ArielDC10 14th May 2007 03:50

DC10 to B744 driver
Hye, I am flying DC10-30F as FO and surfing in the net I saw an advertisment asking FO for Cargolux.
I have a JAR ATPL, FAA ATPL with DC10 type rating and 5200 hrs total time, 3000 hrs in DC10.

Do you know how many pilots would be hiring???:confused::confused::confused:
What about the terms and conditions???:confused::confused::confused:

Buster Hyman 14th May 2007 10:53

DC10 to B744 driver
Damn! You're an engine short of qualifying!:p;)

16down2togo 14th May 2007 12:01

Ariel Dc10,
you have more than enough hrs to qualify, check the T&C's on the cv webpage but be aware where you would put yourself in the sen. list if you speculate about an early left seat.
Should be quit some hiring slots this year.
Just listen to LBR, he's a high timer who is unfortunatly at the end of the list but happy.

ArielDC10 15th May 2007 23:09

Problems with the application
I have been traying to apply via interpersonal website. I am alredy registered but when I finish the application option at the end of the page is not appearing. Is there any other way to apply?:confused::confused::confused:

I know when you join a company like Cargolux would take several years for upgrading a new FO.
But I love freighters, specially the B744. I was based in Luxemburg during ACMI operations and it is not a bad place for living, perhaps Lux is little boring, but It is a beutiful place, specially in spring.

SkyChris 16th May 2007 22:02

CV Information
Hi there

Again...One guy interested in working for CV. I also have family and so I am interested in the CV lifestyle.

How does a typically CV roster look like? Or a typicall rotation? I am not living in LUX and I will most probably not move there. So is there anyone of you commuting to ELLX and could share his/hers experiences?

Thanks a lot


16down2togo 18th May 2007 20:48

weather in lux
Hey you might probably be the first guy to join beause of the 'beautiful' wx in Luxembourg!!! The rosters those days -hm- if that's your reason to join, say good by to your social life. Company's still doing good, but that's not the point to count on. Market is picking up doesn't it? The positives are thanks to our hard working mechanics we have formidable aircraft , they are not getting old and the money is ?ok? but don't count on any privat life if this is one of your major issues. Those times are gone.......unfortunatly.

Pow-wow 23rd May 2007 11:30

Hello again everyone...

Would anyone be willing to pm me the T's + C's for FO's at CV ?

Would be most gratefull...!



ray cosmic 23rd May 2007 15:38


Pow-wow 23rd May 2007 16:03

Thank you Ray Cosmic,


BigLebowsky 23rd May 2007 18:55

Interesting thread this, but long... had to skip a few pages so forgive me if I this is a repeat...
Read that you were working to rule early 2006, is that still going on, or have things improved?
Also, are you flying between PIK and LUX? How often do you stay over in PIK at an average?
(guess where I live!)

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