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CR2 12th Apr 2006 08:15

Jungleland, I heard the same. LG will be selling 2-3 aircraft depending on who you listen to (2 x 73, 1 x JungleJet).

Crews to join us.

klink 12th Apr 2006 08:26

2 737-500 sold already last year, for the moment leased back.
1 145/135 to be sold. The rest is still unclear (fleet renewel etc...)
30 pilots less seems a lot, though. Don't think it's realistic..

Normally everyone went still through the company specific selection. Lets hope so for CV.

cargoflyer 12th Apr 2006 09:35

"A little off-topic", but thats what you find on their homepage about this :sad:

Essential repositioning of the Airline

The project "Building a new Airline"

The project "Building a new Airline", which should allow Luxair Airline to reach a financial break-even by the end of 2008, has now entered its decisive phase. Luxair Airline registered a loss of 12 million euros in 2005. If no concrete measures are taken, projected results by the financial year 2008 would amount to a loss of over 21 millions euros. These losses might become even more significant if, for example, additional competing airlines take up business at Findel airport or if oil prices continue to rise. Such an accumulation and increase of losses not only jeopardize the Airline activity but Luxair S.A. as an entire company.
The project “Building a new Airline” aims at taking the necessary actions which will enable the Airline activity to reach a financial break-even and become profitable again by the year 2008, and which simultaneously guarantee the viability of Luxair as a major market player in Luxembourg and the Greater Region.

Improve commercial effectiveness
A series of measures aimed at cutting costs and increasing revenue is currently being implemented. Their objective is to improve commercial effectiveness by redefining the fare structures, by boosting the development of e-commerce and related products such as e-ticketing, by elaborating a commercial policy with enhanced focusing on customer needs, and more.
Simultaneously, a large cost cutting programme not linked to payroll is in the course of being implemented, including the renegotiation of contracts with service suppliers or the optimisation of production and strict cost monitoring.
In order to consolidate the existing markets and to capture new market segments, Luxair is also negotiating commercial agreements with other operators with a view to concluding code share agreements, following the example of the cooperation with Alitalia started recently for flights to and from Italy.

Additional measures to ensure the viability of the Airline
However, these sole measures will not suffice to make the Airline activity a viable business.
In order to improve the financial situation of Luxair Airline, a consistent increase in productivity and a reduction of the number of destinations served, as well as the restructuring of the fleet are deemed essential.
As these measures are bound to have an impact on payroll, Luxair will have to operate a progressive reduction of staff numbers, cutting about 200 jobs by the end of 2008.
Simultaneously, a freeze of salaries, applied to the entire company for the period 2007-2009, will allow Luxair to make the necessary extra savings.
With a view to implementing these extra measures, the Board of Directors, in its meeting of March 31st, 2006, gave a mandate to Luxair Management to inform and consult the Luxair Joint Committee and the social partners on these measures.

Reduced number of Luxair destinations
Luxair intends to adapt its route network to the economic realities and to the competitive environment as of the winter 2006 schedule. This entails giving priority to those destinations which have real potential and to those which are strategically essential such as London, Paris or Frankfurt. Several destinations which are currently generating heavy losses will be abandoned and there will be fewer flights to other destinations.

Restructuring of the fleet
Efficiently operating the new network of Luxair destinations will also have repercussions on the structure and size of Luxair’s future fleet. Luxair is considering e.a. the introduction of an aircraft type with 70 to 90 seats and has therefore asked for price offers with constructors such as ATR, Bombardier and Embraer.
At the moment, an option considering a fleet composed of 12 aircraft is being finalised and the final decision as to the new fleet will be taken at the beginning of May 2006.

Improvement of productivity in general
A consistent increase in productivity should enable the Airline - and Luxair in general – to optimise its production processes. Productivity gains will be negotiated as part of a discussion to renew Part 2 of the Collective Work Agreement for Employees applicable to crews, and will also be obtained as a result of specific measures within the different departments of Luxair S.A.

Reduction of staff numbers
These measures, designed to safeguard the future of the Airline and thus of Luxair, will have a knock-on effect on staff numbers. Luxair Management estimates that about 200 jobs will have to be cut by 2008. Job cuts are not an end in themselves but an unavoidable result of the steps to be taken in order to guarantee the survival of the Airline and of Luxair.
The job cutting programme will be applied progressively by the end of 2008 and comprises specific measures to operate this transition in a socially acceptable manner: freeze on recruitment, early retirement programme, staff encouraged to take early retirement, financial incentives for voluntary redundancies, part-time work or job transfers. All these measures are currently the subject of talks with the social partners.

Freezing of salaries
Luxair intends to freeze the salaries of its entire staff from 2007 to 2009 in order to enable the savings that are essential to the company’s future viability. Salaries will of course continue to rise in line with the index.

Social dialogue and information of staff
Luxair will continue its policy of information and transparent communication on the project “Building a new Airline”. The dialogue with social partners and Luxair staff will remain Luxair’s priority.
A first discussion with the Joint Committee and the social partners took place this morning, Monday April 3rd, 2006. Two special staff briefings for Luxair personnel are scheduled for this week, resp. next week.

A new Luxair in 2008
Luxair trusts that by 2008, the project “Building a new Airline” will be implemented successfully. Luxair firmly intends to become a benchmark company at the service of the population in Luxembourg and the Greater Region and to stand out a socially responsible employer.

Press contact: Marc Gerges, phone (+352) 2456-4026

klink 12th Apr 2006 12:14

Problem is, thestaff being cut are the ones elegible for pre-pension.
So you still have ofices full of people who don't add any value to the company.:hmm:

Jester146 12th Apr 2006 20:29

Assessment will take place at IBF in Saarlouis, Germany.

After a medical, you will pass approx. 6hrs behind a computer doing all kind of tests. Some of the typical IQ-questions, some coordination, concentration and multitasking excersises. And a lot, I mean A LOT of personality questions. (Are you a violent person? Are you shy? Do you believe in some sort of supernateral-scientificly-nonexplainable force? ...)

So basiclly not much you can prepare for apart from having a good nights rest the night before ...


MrPilot28 23rd Apr 2006 16:04

Hi Mate,

just wonder if you where at the IBF already? I am going over there next week, so maybe you got some nice information?

Take care and hope tp hear soon


Originally Posted by SNAM
What's strictly involved in the "Full Day Assessment" at Interpersonal's premises for the CV first round of selection?
Any interesting details?

MrPilot28 23rd Apr 2006 16:40

Thanks for the answer, SNAM.

however, sorry for not being able to help with further interview details. I am at the IBF, but not for CV anyway.

Good luck!

loulou 23rd Apr 2006 18:21

here's the machine wich gonna make you sweat :)

interpol1977 26th Apr 2006 10:27

Hi all,

New on this forum and actually quit interested in a different job then where I am now...

Cargolux so far doesn't sound too bad, pay is good, annual leave seems ok and rosters are allright...

At least that's what it looks like in an overwiew, more detailed:

-If you apply for annual leave do you always get the dates you want or does it go on seniority or something?
-any chance somebody could email me an example of a monthly roster?
- and how far in advance do you get the roster?
-do most of the guys live in luxembourg or over the border? What about tax issues if you indeed live in germany? Double tax?

That's it so far..thanks in advance for your answers!

Best regards

Jungleland 26th Apr 2006 16:27

This should be somewhat correct, as far as I understand from people that've been there, done that.

1) Pre-screening by www.interpersonal.de. Basically all the paperwork that the HR dept used to do.

2) Invitation to IBF, a full day. Short medical, computer 2 times 3 hours, followed by a short interview with the Dr.

3) Invitation to CV HQ, interview with chief pilot and HR rep, personality questions.

The whole process: no tech questions, no sim.


Otto Matic 14th May 2006 11:43

Hi guys,

new to this forum as well. Does anyone know how long the wait is between the acceptance of your application to assessment date? Is cargolux still actively recruiting?


littlejet 16th May 2006 13:54

Will Cargolux HR invite for an interview to FO allready rated on 744 but without EU passport and JAR licence?

rwy24c 16th May 2006 21:37

I'm afraid they won't.

klink 16th May 2006 21:47

from www.cargolux.com:

Other Requirements
- Total of 2500 hours flight time of which 1000 hours on jet aircraft.
- Or total of 3000 hours flight time of which 2000 hours on high performance turboprop or jet.
- Full JAR ATPL license with MCC qualification.
- Valid medical certificate

luxfreight 20th May 2006 09:40

I heard yesterday that recruitment is on going for the forseeable future, just keep trying and good luck.

klink 25th May 2006 07:24

Depends on type experience.
If you have less then 600 hours on type; you are in a certain scale.
After these 600 it depends if you have more or less than 3500 TT.
These are 2 diferent scales.

Jungleland 25th May 2006 08:00

Total time is not really important, as I understand it, since CV take people with around 3000 hrs anyway, some of them much more.

During training (3 months), you get about €3000. After that, with less than 600 hrs on type you get about €4000, then with 600 hrs on type (and more than 3500TT) you get to the 'normal'/'senior' FO payscale, which is even much better. Plus allowances of course.

If you join with 10000TT on the B767, as far as I know, you will still follow the payscale described above, from year one.

Regarding selection, they hire a lot now. The selection in Saarloius is running even weekends according my source...

emergency descent 25th May 2006 09:34

Your salary depends highly on your maritual status. If you are married, you will start with about 450 Eur. net more. For each child another approx. 100 Eur. net.
Trainees salery will start at your first training day at CV and will end with your supervision check ride. Accomodation during initial training has to be payed by yourself.

klink 25th May 2006 09:38

But gross is the same, no; whether you're married or single?

emergency descent 25th May 2006 09:44

Yes, gross is the same for all. Only the Lux. tax index changes. If you start now, gross will be arround 3000 Eur. as a trainee. As a junior F/O approx. 4100 Eur + shift supplements + expenses...

klink 26th May 2006 17:28

  • no agreement in place yet
  • if its going to happen it will be surplus pilots
  • there's not a whole lot of pilots too many; perhaps 10? probably less
  • no conditions are known yet
  • I expect no special treatment; so yes, people crossing over take a financial step back for a couple years
  • Everyone has to pass the normal selection required for CV recruits

pilot197510 29th May 2006 18:29

If you look at the website of CV their minimum requirements are different from those of interpersonal (who's doing the initial screening). If I recall it correctly Cargolux didn't mention high performance turboprop as relevant experience in the past few

klink 29th May 2006 18:58

I think there was only a weight restriction; i.e. MTOW 21000 kgs or something like that.

pilot197510 29th May 2006 20:15

Yes, 22000kgs was the lower limit, all jet though...now they publish on their site that 3000hrs including 2000hrs high performance turboprop is acceptable as well...but is it realistic?

rwy24c 30th May 2006 11:06

minimum requirements...
I would like to point out that although Cargolux is hiring now and will be hiring for the foreseeable future it is very unlikely that you will get in with the minimum requirements only posted on either website.
Since the age-structure of the pilot group is not ideal - the majority of pilots (Cpts and F/Os) being in the range of 30 - 40 yrs of age - I could imagine that Cargolux is now looking specifically for young F/Os with lots of jet experience (i.e. B737 upwards or Airbus).
Good luck!

klink 23rd Jun 2006 18:20

2 LG 737 FO will start with CV in September.
No special conditions/deals/favors re. Psychotest etc.

methanol 23rd Jun 2006 22:27

any age limit ?
I'm a not so young pilot (52) with 10 800 h including 800h on the 744...:)

stg 23rd Jun 2006 23:58


On interpersonal.de I found the following new requirement for Cargolux:

*** Attention:
It is essential to be ready to take residence at or around Cargolux home base in such a way, that duty at home base can be started within 1 hour when called out !

Does anyone know if this applies only to standby duties? Otherwise this would make it impossible to commute from other places in Europe.

Link: https://www.interpersonal.de/site/mm...show/jo_10036/

CR2 24th Jun 2006 03:38


What some folks do is position in country the day before and stay in a hotel for the night, alternatively come to a flat sharing agreement with colleagues. Staying just over the border in eg Trier is somewhat cheaper than Luxusburg.

Call out is 2hrs10mins before departure, check-in to ops 1 hour10 before departure, so you'll be a bit pushed to get from CH to LUX in an hour...

stg 24th Jun 2006 06:54


Thanks for your reply. Indeed you need a very fast car to get from CH to LUX within an hour :)

So call out means that they call you 1 hour before check-in to make sure you will start duty or else they would have to arrange a reserve crew?

CR2 18th Jul 2006 18:44

Sorry late reply.

Arranging a reserve crew because the scheduled crew couldn't show up in time... Any guesses as to what would happen?

IOLAR60 20th Jul 2006 12:28

Cargolux Salary
I challenge you to find another job in Europe with the conditions and pay that you have here at Cargolux. When you do- go - you will find out that it is never to late.
During training (3 months), you get about €3000. After that, with less than 600 hrs on type you get about €4000, then with 600 hrs on type (and more than 3500TT) you get to the 'normal'/'senior' FO payscale, which is even much better. Plus allowances of course
How much allowances would you earn LF?Thanks mate.

fitforflight 20th Jul 2006 15:20

Hello STG,

the one hour rule means that they call you for duty one hour before check-in. Your planned duty time does not mean much. They may call you for duty early, or may let you stay close to the airport for ten hours before they call you out for a 16 hour duty.
So your duty starts one hour after the wake-up call, regardless of your scheduled time or your show up!

stg 20th Jul 2006 18:24

@ CR2 and fitforflight:

Thank you for your replies. Be there 1 hour before check-in, that's all what this means.

luxfreight 21st Jul 2006 18:59


well mate,as a starter we get paid $4/hour in per diems changing to €4/hour in October by the wisedom of our blessed kniting club (pilot's association).

We get extra for flying at night,Sundays and public holidays which does bring your monthly salary (all-in) up into the region of €6000-€6500 from your third year onwards. Before I'm shouted at, I have included the per diems in this amount.

On a sad note, my enthusiasm for the company has been seriously dented by the negotiations to reach a settlement on a new collective work agreement.We have been sold out by our unions, which where intimidated and corrupted by the management. Considering that three brave souls have lost their jobs it's a very sad thing.

If you are seriously looking at joining CV and you have a family, ask yourself how long you are prepared to stay away from home. In my last two rosters I've had pairings of 16 and 15 days and I have a 11 day pairing on my present roster.Don't get me wrong I'm not moaning about this, but my family are - and suffering. I feel that we are being punished for the tone that our negotiators took whilst looking for a settlement to our CWA. I take back what I said to my colleage in my previous ramblings, the money can be fantastic (for what we love to do ie.fly jumbos to great places all over the world) but life- I'm finding out- is not all about that.


CR2 22nd Jul 2006 06:27

luxfreight. I was speaking to one of our pilot delegates yesterday. He told me that the CWA was signed by the LCBG behind their backs. There is apparently some text in there which is illegal - 4.5 hours for one of the legs. You should check your mailbox in ops...

luxfreight 22nd Jul 2006 16:47

I did read all the c**p that came through my mailbox. I think if our guys had kept their heads out of SMARTS and kept their eye on the ball I don't think that this would have happened.Don't be fooled into thinking that the second sector (4.5 hour rule) is the only problem with this CWA. The whole thing stinks. The poor guys who made a stand for this must be wondering - "What the hell"

luxfreight 22nd Jul 2006 21:46

Nice one - maybe you should try fishing instead of fighting the lux- system. It mite improve your language.

Aedius 23rd Jul 2006 12:39

so the question remains: To strike or not to strike?

I'm currently also considering to join CV and eventhough I'm fulfilling all of CV's requirements (flighthours, JAA ATPL, living in Luxembourg, still in the 20s) and really want stop doing short-range flights, 4 legs a day, 85+ blockhours a month but instead fly around the world with a more "relaxed" roster, I believe with the current situation of CV's CWA, I will rather stay in the company I'm working for the time being.

Of course, the thought of flying 747s around the world, earning more money in the long run and working for a company whose commercial and financial future looks currently extremely bright is very, very tempting but having a social life at home with friends and family certainly is tempting too.

Now that the new CWA has been signed, do you mates working for CV think that there is any chance that a more balanced CWA (working / resting at home) is plausible in the foreseeable future (1-2 years)? Because if there is any chance for improvement in the long run, I certainly would like to join CV, have a few less "nicer" years but enjoy my dreamjob after that period.

PrettyBoy 23rd Jul 2006 19:56

One union signing a CWA for a group and delegation it doesn't represent, without even asking...... :yuk:
Another union which actually does represent this group has signed the same CWA, against the will of it's partner, without even asking.... :ugh:
Banana unions in a banana republic and ever increasingly, a banana company. If it wasn't so sad it would actually be funny. It seems that the soap opera continues.

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