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MK Airlines banned from movements Filton

Freight Dogs Finally a forum for those midnight prowler types who utilise the unglamorous parts of airports that many of us never get to see. Freight Dogs is for pilots and crew who operate mostly without SLF.

MK Airlines banned from movements Filton

Old 28th Feb 2010, 10:13
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Not sure why you think that? I am in the know, as it is, because I have a few friends who work there. I am given updates on a weekly basis. Those who are truly "in the know" can hear and feel the death rattle.

I do not dispute the fact that there are good people at Landhurst. I feel terribly for them. Those that have clung to the sinking ship can be held in honour or contempt depending on their position. When senior management leave said sinking ship, one must assume, all is not well. My question is, why do you desire to kill the messenger? Am I the prophet of doom? Perhaps you should look at the true reason MK is where it is. Horrible management and careless attitude toward caring employees. I would much rather MK be a prosperous entity and continue to care for those who care for it, but the late pay, maltreatment and disregard for the people who toil is disgusting.

So I am undermining client's trust? You must really have been brainwashed if you think my posts are hurting MK. Maybe you should look at senior management!

Please look at the banner for this forum. "MK airlines banned from movements at Filton" Was that because of me? Please go back and look at ALL the negative posts dating prior to these latest.

And, dug the dog, please feel free to elaborate on your last statement.

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Old 28th Feb 2010, 10:52
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I suspect the use of profanity is forbidden in this sad and sorry forum. However, should I be able use such language it would be endless.

I find your claims to be close to those at Landhurt disturbing, most of those who know the real factshave moved on and I know that Mike Kruger would not stoop to your level. It worth pointing out those who did move did so with Krugers blessing and remain on very good terms with him. The fact is you do not know what the story is and your ignorance of the ALX callsign proves this. Dug the Dog makes an interesting point, so why did you leave Landhusrt? Actually best not answer this as I not sure have the stomach to listen another whinging sob story.

In short Lambshank, go and find another forum.
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Old 28th Feb 2010, 12:29
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Although Lambshank’s numerous MK-related posts over the months have generally been rather speculative, lots of what he says does ring true of how a lot of people here feel about the company at the moment. Salary cuts were imposed retrospectively back in the summer of 2009, and staff were then blackmailed into accepting this cut, (shamelessly packaged as an ‘incentive scheme’), until at least summer 2010, when it will be up for review. Since then, office staff have not once been paid on time, and crew are still waiting for salaries owed for the past three months. Mike Kruger, as ever, has worked tirelessly to look after everyone whilst maintaining company interests at a corporate level. The problem is simple – the investor is not investing! The sooner he stops treating staff like immigrant gardeners, leases a couple of extra aircraft, and wakes up to the fact that a couple of boxes of cheap plasters will not be sufficient to save the airline, the sooner we can all make him some money by getting on with the jobs that we used to enjoy.
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Old 28th Feb 2010, 14:03
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Wrong again

Lamb is wrong again. EA landed at 12am as BGB888 in OST!

New publications at the UK registrar now give "Trans Atlantic Aviation Ltd" (31 jan '10) as shareholders with US$ 1milj. and £1,8 milj., no address is given, is this legal?!?
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Old 2nd Mar 2010, 21:49
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I have been sitting in the back ground reading the, well to be honest that has littered this forum and I feel it is about time that some one put the record straight.

Both the Dr and Mike Kruger have done everything possible to keep MK going. Had they not done this would the airline have ever resumed flying again and would it still be around today?

I ask you all couple of questions.

How many airlines have entered administration, having not flown for a week or so then restart operations again?

How many companies, let alone an airline have traded through administration during a world wide recession?

NONE before MK.

With all the trash on this forum that surrounds the grounding of LA, only those that matter really know what happened with this bird, the less said the better.

I along with 99% of the staff of MK will do everything we can to keep the MK logo flying the skies for years to come.

For anyone who has worked with, knows and understands MK is not just a job it’s a family and yes times have been hard and like every single airline operating today they have had to make cutbacks and some very crap decisions and these no matter what always hurt someone some how.

I along with all the staff and crew have taken a hit, but I strongly believe that Mike, all the OUTSTANDING staff at Landhurst and Filton and not forgetting the most amazing crews I have ever had the privilege of working with have what it takes to bring MK back.

Well done too all and good luck for the future.

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Old 3rd Mar 2010, 14:32
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MKAFreighter is ready for politics... lot of nice words, no reel content. Sounds a bit Obama like ... "yes we can", "change is in the air" and al this sort of pep-blahblahblah.

Half of the airline industry is (or has been) in dire straits and in and out chapter11
Delta and Northwest airlines both file for bankruptcy - Sep. 15, 2005
I wouldn't' invest a penny in the air bus: I"t is commonly accepted today that the cumulative earnings of the airline industry over its entire history have been negative" The intellgent investor
Even Buffet goes for... trains!

What about giving some reel facts. Mrs. X mentions people not being paid for three months for one! What does he say about that?

World economy is restarting it seems. Unfortunately this means bad news for MK, as fuel prizes are rising to. First to be in trouble (again) will be the kerosene boozers of MK . Best advice if your not being paid for three months is get out of there an look for a new job before...

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Old 3rd Mar 2010, 22:03
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MKA Freighters post does not sound like a politician but it does sound like someone who is willing to try his hardest to make a company suceed & if that is the attitude of the MK staff they deserve to. As for the economy improving that should be a good thing for MK & all the freight outfits left as capacity should be in demand so may freight airlines will be able to charge a decent rate which allows them to survive rather than everybody thinking they can move something for nothing.

Hydro while I agree that 747-200 is a thirsty old girl fuel is not the only factor that determines an airlines survival. Route structure, lease costs ,spares, maintenace & airframe/engine cycles e.t.c all have an effect so a 200 on some routes i.e shorter legs may be just as viable than a 400 when all cost are taken into account.

As for the advice to Mk staff they are intelligent enough individuals to make their on decisions on their own futures with out the need for advice from someone outside of the company.
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Old 3rd Mar 2010, 23:11
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having been called to a meeting today it has been made very clear to us that mk is in serious trouble we have been asked today to practically defer payment of full wages for seven weeks and having not been paid on time for god knows how long you can imagine how hard this is for everyone but the point i would like to make is this - we wre told today that there is lots of work out there for mk if we can get aircraft flying but we only have 2 at the moment so why has no-one bit the bullit and got mkla back in the air rather than argiung with bulllfinch over the state of the aircraft and secondly if there ps as much wprk as they say there is why is why is the doc not putting money in to make sure we have the aircraft? i think speculate to accumalate is the term and as for the wages situation well maybe us as mk employees will decide mk,s fate as i knw a lot of people within the company cannot survive the circumsances that mk are asking us to do i would love mk to survive but it has to start treating its very loyal staff a lot better
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Old 4th Mar 2010, 06:14
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No Pay No Work!!!!!
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Old 4th Mar 2010, 06:41
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Pat Pearse

Pat Pearse Chief Operating Officer MK did the clever thing, he left and apperently found himself a nice (paid) new job Air Transport News
Quote Exup: "Route structure, lease costs ,spares, maintenace & airframe/engine cycles e.t.c all have an effect so a 200 on some routes i.e shorter legs may be just as viable than a 400 when all cost are taken into account."

Exup, tell me how can +/- 30 year old frames be profitable in maintenance. Are they going to bring them back to the Ghanaian flag and AOC... to cut a few corners?
Route structure: tel me, how can (as for ex.yesterday) taking of at MSE and landing 60 miles further at OST with a B-742 be profitable? A few trucks with polish driver seems more appropriate. How can flying long haul empty be profitable. Or are airports such as MSE/OST in such big needs they pay for a visit nowadays? Tell us.

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Old 4th Mar 2010, 07:14
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I have to question how any airline operating on the UK register can withstand the ongoing economic tests required to be met by the regulator if it is not even in a position pay the employees.

If the company is under such ecomonic stress then you have to wonder whether it can put the necessary resource required into the safe operation of the aircraft, which is fundamental in maintaining the operating licence.

I feel genuinely sorry for the staff at MK who have clearly been through the mill trying to aid the airline's survival.
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Old 4th Mar 2010, 07:28
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Lets get one thing straight Mk never cut corners on maintenance not even under the Ghana AOCheir engineering team will tell you as any ot t. The reason for going to MSE is that is where the customer wants his cargo & as much of it is time critical fresh produce thats where it will go, unfortunately the UK is no longer much of a manufacturing nation so very little is exported so you go where the work is i.e Ost/Lux & again this is mainly dictatrd by the customer. Unless you are offering a scheduled service this is the way the game is played. The cost of the ferry flight hopefully is factored in to your charge out rates. As for a 200 costing more on maint over a year I never said it didnt, what I said is that when you combine all costs i.e maint, fuel & especially lease costs which are about 30% that a 400 costs , on shorter legs 4-6 hrs a 200 can hold its own.
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Old 4th Mar 2010, 10:46
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MK never cuts corners?

Exup, that MK never cuts corners on maintenance, not even under the Ghana AOC, is a very unsuitable remark.

As a reminder, read http://www.pprune.org/1571379-post260.html. Under the Ghana AOC, there was no safety culture. Under MK’s present financial stress, why would MK’s views on both safety and treatment of its office staff and crew be better than in Ghanaian times?
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Old 4th Mar 2010, 13:10
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Contary to popular beleive on this forum Mk Engineering is not run or operated by a bunch of Yahoos. It is run by a group of professional engineers who work to a higher standard that a lot of other airlines that could be mentioned. They are a mixture of SA, Zim & UK guys alot of whom I know personally & would have absolutely no hesitation in employing them in the future. They are subject to exactly the same oversight by the UK CAA & EASA as any other airline so to come on here & say that they would delibrately skimp on maint is completly out of order.
Remember Just like Aircrew the Engineers are the ones that take resposibility when an aircraft is dispatched, it is their Licence, livelyhood & reputation at stake if they are negligent not to mention their conscience if something should go wrong that could possible injury someone.
I am sorry if this sounds like a rant but I get fed up with people making sweeping statements about Mk & other operators when they are sitting on the outside with absolutely know substance to their claims other than their own uninformed opions
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Old 4th Mar 2010, 13:38
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Top Dog
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Just as a point of fact, your link to the previous PPRuNe post has nothing to do with maintenance.
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Old 4th Mar 2010, 13:51
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Having followed the forum I don’t think that there is anything that shows the airlines is being run by a bunch of corrupt engineers.
In fact I can tell you it makes more skill and ability to keep these old aircraft flying and you can be sure the CAA will be breathing down their necks.
Of course there are people who say these things for political agenda. Read some of the major airline forums you will see the same rhetoric.
If you try and sort the wheat from the chaff you will see that MK have long been in financial problems and yes they have struggled to keep going in a very difficult economic climate.
Once the slide starts the first thing is to cut rates, fly additional dead legs, go to place no one else will go and carry cargos that no one else will carry etc to get work at any cost. Then the cost cutting to not pay creditors and finally the not paying salaries.
It is a tough road back.
The “problem” is that MK is still run by the founder with a personal interest to try and keep his baby alive and not by a nondescript financial committee.
The leaving of Commercial and QA people must be tough to overcome but these people have a living and family to maintain so who can blame them for not taking better offers.
As storeman says some people just cannot survive on reduced or deferred salaries
There probably is lots of work out there but if there is any money to be made the Big Boys will be doing it.
Your points about the 2-4 hour market are probably correct but the problem is that you are in a smaller niche market with less work and more competition.
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Old 4th Mar 2010, 16:12
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I don't know the new management well but I believe in Mike, the company still caries his name!!

Does it actually - me thinks you have all been led up the garden path
MK actually stands for M.... and Kruger, his original partner in the business back in the late 80's/early 90's.

Just thort I'd drop in a bit of trivia for the day.
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Old 4th Mar 2010, 22:51
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MK actually stands for M.... and Kruger
M......? Who was that then?
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Old 5th Mar 2010, 07:50
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M......? Who was that then?

Wally Massimiani - a real gentleman who flew with Kruger (as F/E) in Affretair. Anyone know what happened to him?
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Old 5th Mar 2010, 08:20
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This forum is open for a reason and you do not have any authority to suggest I find another forum.

I have just logged on for the first time in days and with the most recent posts, I feel rather exonerated in my claims. So, that being said, Go Well.
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