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strangest freight

Freight Dogs Finally a forum for those midnight prowler types who utilise the unglamorous parts of airports that many of us never get to see. Freight Dogs is for pilots and crew who operate mostly without SLF.

strangest freight

Old 27th Jan 2006, 19:59
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Go Figure

2x100 kg of the rarest insects from Madagascar to Europe!!
Arrived in Stn 14hrs later. Not a single fatalitity. Big bonus(u Think?) Then the Health inspector boards the A/c and fumigates !!!! No Bonus for us. Health Inspector? Promoted.
O Well.
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Old 29th Jan 2006, 06:40
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Top Dog
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I remember doing a charter some years ago from BCN to VCP. They'd forgotten to deliver one little box from the factory, so they chartered a helicopter to go get it & bring it straight to our aircraft.
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Old 31st Jan 2006, 01:31
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Danger How about a real hiss

When I was first learning to fly bugsmashers in the late 1970s, my instructor told me that he once had to take a hessian bag of brown snakes (the deadly variety) from one aerodrome back to Canberra for the wildlife service.

He suddenly realised on approach that the bag had opened and the snakes were on the floor in the rear of the PA28. He didn't declare an emegency but I understand his approach and vacation of the runway was expedited.
Old 14th Apr 2006, 20:32
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Standard cargo load, but interestingly enough the NOTOC had one HAZMAT item listed: poisonous frog. one each.
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Old 24th Apr 2006, 09:13
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Well, I had the opportunity of flying some bulk, including a big barrel containing concentrated peppermint oil. Of course it broke during flight somehow. The aircraft never got rid of the smell, so the aircraft ended up in a semetary. Including my uniform

Also, I love flying around boxes with the labels of "toxic" and "human remains"
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Old 1st May 2006, 12:42
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Originally Posted by Caraman
Well, I had the opportunity of flying some bulk, including a big barrel containing concentrated peppermint oil. Of course it broke during flight somehow. The aircraft never got rid of the smell, so the aircraft ended up in a semetary. Including my uniform
Also, I love flying around boxes with the labels of "toxic" and "human remains"
Aahh The famous "mintexpress"
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Old 10th Jun 2006, 00:37
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try 200 ostrich in a Piper Chieftain

twice flew 200 ,yes 200 ostrich (knee high , some hip high birds) ,necks folded down, then squeezed 3 to 4 next to each other in plastic banana boxes,with the next box placed on top, to keep the birds in, from a farm strip in Swaziland (Kabuto) to Matsapa and then to Gaberones ,the first lot of birds were then trans shipped on British Airways and ended up in America.the second lot , had to be returned to Swaziland as the Shipper ,one Monty Wales , had not the correct paper work to export the birds
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Old 14th Jun 2006, 01:35
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We once offloaded a flight from CPH ... and you could hear a sound like raining coming from inside a AAC ULD ... it turned out to be two massive split sacks of Mexican jumping beans .
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Old 27th Jun 2006, 06:46
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2 L-7 pallets of multi lambed pregnant morino ewes..

Critters were artificially inseminated, multi-lamb-bearing and very pregnant....
Auckland-Narita-Anchorage-London, BA, with an overnight change of planes in ANC. US Dept of Agriculture monitored in Anc.... Customs off and on.... Ground handled by Delta.
happened multiple times -- herd-building in the UK.
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Old 29th Jun 2006, 19:04
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Lightest -in a LR35, a cigarette pack size of computer chips KTUL-KYIP-KELP-MMCU-KTUL carried them in my shirt pocket, Ford needed them asap in mexico: a production line stopped due to a computer malfunction.

Strangest- 1200cc of Frozen Boar semen for a texas gaming lodge KBRO-KSAT

Most Playful - a pair of golden retriever puppies on A 737 BBJ KDEN -KMIA 5 crew and two puppies in all fairness we were repositioning from KLAX in flight the SatCom rings and the boss's P/A said stop in DEN and pick up his wife's birthday presents.

I miss flying freight it didnt bitch and moan much and rarely did i ever have to make excuses for company delays and missed connections as i do now with the 188-230 SLF that pays my salary now.

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Old 14th Jul 2006, 11:19
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Kinda Weird

Veins- human veins. They ship in a mushroom shaped container the size of a 30 gal. garbage can. Also umbilical cords, which I guess are harvested for the cell research. Whatever, I'm just the delivery boy.
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Old 3rd Aug 2006, 14:40
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Human genitals.
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Old 8th Aug 2006, 02:04
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Christmas trees to the leper colony of Kaulapaupa on the island of Molokai via a Beech 18.
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Old 10th Aug 2006, 16:57
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235 p155ed up 18-30 chav grade pax. the bull semen was probably more intelegent
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Old 23rd Aug 2006, 14:12
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strangest freight

How about live rabbits carrying Bulls semen in test tubes to maintain body temperature
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Old 3rd Sep 2006, 11:32
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Not me,but a friend of mine: ugent call from standby,during night ,to find out they'll have to fly a small box,no larger than a shoe box, on a 707 for a 7-8 hr flight. Once arrived,they were expected by an entire suite of limousines.Out of curiosity ,they asked what was in the box (they thought ,maybe diamonds ),just to find out that there were new printed bussines cards for the sultan of...
Happened many years ago..
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Old 3rd Sep 2006, 13:18
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olympic flame

Has anyone ever got involved in this ?
I remember getting involved in my youth thinking this was a bit bloomin
dangerous until someone explained the ins and outs
we never did carry it in the end ..shame
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Old 3rd Sep 2006, 17:16
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Depends how you want to classify “freight”.

Back in 1996, a Delta Air Lines Passenger MD-11 carried the Olympic Torch from Athens Greece to Los Angeles (in this ship) for the start of the cross-country relay. It took us two weeks to paint this aircraft.

http://www.airliners.net/open.file?id=0595433&size=L&width=1024&height=695&sok=JURER% 20%20%28ert%20%3D%20%27A812QR%27%29%20%20BEQRE%20OL%20cubgb_ vq%20QRFP&photo_nr=3

How you may ask?

Text blatantly stolen from:


In April, the Centennial Spirit's historic 14h flight from Athens to Los Angeles carried the Olympic Flame in a safety lantern mounted in the main cabin. At some 11,270km (6,100nm), it was the longest distance ever travelled by the Flame in an aircraft. Special approvals had to be obtained from the US Department of Transportation and Federal Aviation Administration to transport a flame aboard the aircraft. The safety lantern consisted of a self-contained unit, sealed and leak-proof, encased in a fluted, decorative, container. For its journey, it was secured to an interior wall by aluminium brackets designed by Delta mechanics and was monitored continuously by an ACOG representative. Once in Los Angeles, the Flame's overland relay across the USA was begun, with Delta professionals among the 10,000 torchbearers. It will arrive in Atlanta on 19 July.

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Old 8th Sep 2006, 01:32
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saw a tank dissasembled -but being curious to what kind looked at manifest ,it was written down FARM MACHINERY.
one tough farmer eh.
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Old 8th Sep 2006, 05:11
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Was in Alice Springs , Central Australia years ago and saw a battered Irish Dc8 or 707 which was loading camels bound for Saudi Arabia. Aparently the aussie models were pretty quick on the racetrack and were highly sought by the odd Oil Shiek or 3.
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