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strangest freight

Freight Dogs Finally a forum for those midnight prowler types who utilise the unglamorous parts of airports that many of us never get to see. Freight Dogs is for pilots and crew who operate mostly without SLF.

strangest freight

Old 17th Dec 2007, 04:10
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Fresh live prawns caught in Alaska, packed in ice and seawater. Every styrofoam box we grabbed as we loaded would start vibrating loudly as the prawns would thrash around inside the box....They felt rather LARGE for prawns.....
Flew them down from Ketchikan, Alaska to Vancouver as the many fine seafood restaurants awaited.
Night flight down from the panhandle following the western coast of B.C. We were bulked out and the boxes were pretty much right behind us...
Everytime we hit a few bumps, they boxes would all start thrashing in unison. Sounded like a facehugger alien about to scuttle up your shoulder....
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Old 22nd Jan 2008, 06:04
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Real Scottish Whisky from scottish grapes out of Taipei, but no bugger will believe that.
ln fact, it was going south internally, guess the korean sailor market was hot in Gowshung.
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Old 25th Jan 2008, 11:35
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Two bottle-nosed dolphins in seperate holding tanks. The flt was a 4 hour jaunt in a Hercules L382g from Walvis Bay to Durban.
The 2 dolphins were for the dolphin marina.
When did this happen ? I was doing a navy camp at Walvis and said dolphins were "pooled" at the navy base prior to shipent to Durbs - i have photo's of these dolphins - interested ?
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Old 16th Feb 2008, 23:22
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#110,000 pounds of softshell crabs from MNL to TPE.
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Old 17th Feb 2008, 00:06
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I remember a delivery flight of an Saudi L-1011 out of Palmdale, with entire C-3 (bulk) cargo compartment filled with "Toilet Paper".
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Old 17th Feb 2008, 02:22
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Back in 90, Out of Europe to Jeddah with A DC-8 full to the nuts with Wedding gifts for a Saudi prince (or whatever). The most interesting item was the full size horse made of Gold. It took up two positions up front. There was also another B-747 loaded with gifts as well right behind us. The other memorial trip was with the same DC-8 loaded to the max with brand new paper currency $$$$ on it's way to Jeddah. The 3 of us were dreaming of all the possibilities, diverting and what not. Don't know if it was true but someone in Jeddah told me it didn't have any serial numbers on it yet. It was fun dreaming though.
Also, Whales and other fish, C4 and other weapons, pigs, horses, cows and Bull's, 600 deer, rat's, chickens, spiders,frogs, Oil of Olay, Jeans, Prisoners, Coka Cola concentrate( highest security ever) Cocaine in various methods of packaging Cars including "James Bond's", F1 race cars trucks, motorcycles, helicopters, all kinds of chemicals,things that glow in the dark, and...People dead and alive. .

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Old 18th Feb 2008, 15:48
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Strange freight

Fascinating and often highly amusing tales from you guys who all seem to have the same - drier than a nun's dry bits - sense of humour too. Presumably from many years of second-guessing your commercial departments/weight claims/loadies in a hurry etc etc.

Whilst I can't claim to be even an apprentice freight-dog I did have an amazing experience whilst in Sudan, December 1979. I was (unqualified, rhs) in a Cessna402B Utiliner operating off an earth strip (yes, the original salesman must have laughed all the way to the bank) Sobat Camp (Jonglei Canal Project). We had arranged to fly to Juba (southern Sudan) to load some fresh pork (strictly hush hush) for the Christmas celebrations at the camp. En route we get commandeered by the Sudanese government (to transport the 'coffin' of a government minister killed in a car crash the day earlier). Attempts to refuse met with threats of the a/c being grounded for keeps so we had to say yes.

Land Juba. Hurry up and wait for at least 2 hours and then suddenly this vast throng of wailing, chanting mourners arrive in several Landcruisers with a packing case customised as a coffin. They, despite attempts at dissuading them, surround the a/c and the immediate relatives try and board. I remember stopping one guy pulling at the static wicks!

After a huge struggle to get the box on board we had room/weight for the guy's wife and 2 others. We then flew to a strip (run by a Dutch agri-research outfit but I can't remember the name of the place) near his local village and were met by a huge mob of fully painted/dressed to the nine's/assegai'd up tribesmen who virtually dragged the box off the a/c and carried it off on their shoulders, chanting at the top of their voice.

Suffice to say that by the time we got back to Juba, the pork was off !

Apologies for this being somewhat longer than most of the tales on here but the episode has lived me with me very vividly!


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Old 21st Feb 2008, 07:27
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well, luxury cars is fairly normal these days, i loaded 12 Wolves and dog last week to siberia, they will be starring in a film they are shooting,

film will come out next year, the project name is " Wolves" dont know what the film will be called,
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Old 21st Feb 2008, 13:45
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210000 lbs. of Polar Beer, from Caracus to Miami. Who drinks that rot-gut ?
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Old 22nd Feb 2008, 16:07
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007 Aston

The 007 Aston in the latest Bond Movie Casino Royale
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Old 23rd Feb 2008, 10:57
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Didn't happen to me, but there's this story in the company about a first officer on a 747F who went for a walk and didn't return for a long time. When he finally did, he said that while he was on the main deck he found a dog, a sheperd that had managed to escape from his box. He then put that dog back into the box. The captain, checking the freight papers found out they didn't have a single sheperd on board - just wolves..
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Old 25th Feb 2008, 20:35
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Sultan of Oman's Air Force C130, Salalah to Seeb mid-80's.

Large cardboard box marked "Snacks" brought on board. Box stowed on flight deck in the hope it was something really good to eat. During flight something in the box starts moving so it gets moved to the back for the Omani Loadie to take care of. Turned out to be a box of highly poisonous snakes going to some government place for them to research anti-venom. The Pakistani that labeled the box did his best at spelling "snakes" but was slightly off.

Same route and vice-versa, the Sultans personal stable of racing camels. Highly valuable and incredibly bad-tempered beasties.

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Old 26th Feb 2008, 06:34
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Smile Pictures

Hi Guys / Girls,

A lot of amusing stories on this post, how about adding some photo's ??
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Old 26th Feb 2008, 08:18
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Can't Classified, Old Chap
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Old 27th Feb 2008, 06:46
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Go on I won't tell !!
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Old 1st Mar 2008, 05:43
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It's funny cause in all those years of flying box's I never thought to take a picture of the freight.
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Old 2nd Mar 2008, 10:14
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3,5 tons of Caviar from Tehran to Frankfurt

1 tiger from Frankfurt to Budapest

From TLV to FRA a mining lamp lit at the church in Bethlehem where Jesus is supposed to have been born, with a fireman next to it. There were boys and girlsscouts on board to carry down the flame in FRA and give it to protestant and catholic bishops... the weather was very bad, and the poor kids puked all over their uniforms during the flight, though...

15kg of cut diamonds

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Old 2nd Mar 2008, 11:37
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Exclamation The secretest secret load with extra secretness

Stuff so secret that if I told you what it was 50 million ninjas infected with HN-51 (who also happen to be freemasons) hired by the same arm of the CIA that blew up the WTC would absail from black helicopters with no lights on and they would all simultaneously give you the touch of death and then you would be dead and no-one would ever know that you existed because they would erase your identity.

That is how secret this was, and it was even more secret than all the other stuff that other people on here have "claimed" is so secret that they can't tell you about it or verify it for that matter.
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Old 2nd Mar 2008, 12:34
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Regular run: 2 x F27 (knackered), MAD - CDG and CDG - MAD each week night for Fedex (without Tom Hanks, thenk the Lord!). One night, Elliot, MAD - CDG, 2hrs +, no autopilot, mucho icing etc., no freight at all. Nix. Nada. Rien.

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Old 3rd Mar 2008, 15:06
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Danger Strange loads

Can anyone remember Ace Freighters flying 2 tons of Nitro Glycerine a time
(Frozen in CarDice packed containers) from Lyneham to Woomera
in 1966. Did three trips on one of these.
Apparently for the Snowy Mountain Dam scheme in Aus.
Lovely SMOOTH landings
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