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1200firm 12th Jul 2022 09:04

Red, Yellow, Green
Given that you are under perpetual medical surveillance it appears likely now that you and your family will be perpetually Yellow and therefore unable to enter any restaurant, club, or any other no-mask area.

LLLQNH 12th Jul 2022 09:36

This is going to help with CX aircrew retention and recruitment problem...

rhoshamboe 12th Jul 2022 10:15

Wait for the update that tells us that this is a good thing and a significant improvement for "us"'

Rie 12th Jul 2022 10:21

At least we are not in Macau... Not pretty there for the AMU crew. I didn't watch the address but I can't see where it says that your 7 day Yellow post quarantine gives your whole family yellow? I would assume its only for the individual... This is the same country that allowed home quarantine as long as it was as seperate bedroom...

Cury Lamb 12th Jul 2022 10:47

Just when I thought these incompetent govt clowns were running out of ideas :rolleyes:


Lo, who was promoted to health secretary on July 1, has defended the zero-COVID strategy before, arguing that living with the virus would “get us all killed.”

1200firm 12th Jul 2022 11:28

Anyone under medical surveillance, and their close contacts, will be a Yellow. So that's all flight crews and their families all the time.
My prediction might prove to be wrong. But it won't be. Unfortunately.

Babyjet_dododo 14th Jul 2022 08:33

All aircrew will be perpetual yellow and maybe red for the first 3 days after a flight.

As the government stated, it only affects a “small amount” of people. Experience tells us that if things are to get worse, aircrew are ALWAYS part of that “small amount”. When things get better, it usually means aircrew are excluded.

VforVENDETTA 14th Jul 2022 09:30

Coincidentally this is also cathay's new command upgrade scoring system. Green is the old cat a, yellow is the old cat b and red is the old cat d. No more cat c in favor of saving money. The coloring system status or meaning is subject to change at company's full discretion at any time without any notice or notification. Assignments of any other random color is also at company's full discretion. Any changes to the policy will not be notified to aircrew. It will be officer's own responsibility to find out about any changes made at company full discretion. The company will not take any responsibility in this matter. Because it's simply "too hard".

The new flight ops command selection process color coded system has been implemented to match the capabilities of those in charge at cathay pacific. It will be under continuous review and will be made even more simple as seen fit.

Diogenes. 14th Jul 2022 21:36

So, if you're yellow then you've got to do something extra to prove you're suitable for command? What's changed?

Flex88 15th Jul 2022 03:59

And then:sad:

Donblock 28th Jul 2022 23:52

Bloody hell. Boycott the whole thing. Don’t fly and let the government fly in the stuff they want. See if that works.

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