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cannot 1st Jun 2022 21:58

Mark Sampson
for anyone who knows Mark this was on FB this afternoon , I believe he was a Capt at Cathay

A South African aviator was killed when his aerobatic aircraft crashed during an air show display at Charles Prince Airport in Zimbabwe.

The incident happened on Tuesday night.

The pilot has been identified as 54-year-old Mark “Sammy” Sampson from Marksmen Aviation Team.

In a statement, Marksmen Aviation Team described Sampson as an “outstanding aviator, honoured team member, trusted number-4 and loyal friend”.

VforVENDETTA 2nd Jun 2022 03:22

This is very sad to hear. Flew with him many times on the 747. Great guy to fly with. He will be missed.

bogie30 3rd Jun 2022 12:19

Farewell Sammy

buggaluggs 5th Jun 2022 02:16

Blue skies Mark. He followed his dream, and lived life every day, RIP mate.

Papa123 5th Jun 2022 05:01

What happened?
Anybody know.?

anxiao 5th Jun 2022 09:26

There is discussion and video on AvCom.co.za. Some analysis of the movement of the aircraft by other top aero pilots who know the Sbach, but nothing definitive.

Look for the "accident Harare"

Doing what he loved.

Klimax 23rd Jun 2022 11:22

RIP Mark. Too early. Way too early!

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