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controlledrest 4th Dec 2021 01:53

Another pay cut for the workers
A 1.5% increase doesn't keep up with HKG inflation - so another pay cut for us in real terms.

mis-Managers return to pre-COVID packages. Leading by example.

They claim POS18 is industry competitive, but refuse to say who they index against, pretending that normal market forces apply.

There is currently a supply and demand imbalance working to our advantage. They want more flying closed loop and extended duties. We want to be paid what we are worth and get to see families again. Do NOT sign up. Demand more. Where is the AOA?

We are close to breaking even, and that is with the drastically reduced schedule. The margins on each flight must be massive. They can afford to pay those who actually make the flights happen more.

dabz 4th Dec 2021 02:17

Heard GH, the Director and Chief Operations and Service Delivery Officer got a 10million hkd bonus...

Busbitch 7th Dec 2021 08:12

I hope Greg is doing OK, ten mill ain't what it used to be. Although it is ten mill more than I have earned in the last six months since he sacked me.

HoldenCaufield 7th Dec 2021 09:49

Never mind the sign ups for extras - pilots should be calling sick for ever duty just now.

The idea of getting f***ed over by a change in rules could mean Christmas away from the family, locked up in a nice container over at Disney MKII. That causes too much stress to by flying.

No thanks. Find someone else to do it. Iím not paid enough.

cxflog 7th Dec 2021 11:02

I think youíll find thereís quite a few going to their doctors for a plethora of mental health issues

Busbuoy 7th Dec 2021 12:18

He got that BECAUSE he cut pilot remuneration so savagely.

He and all the rest of them will continue to be rewarded so long as you all keep costing them less and less.

This will persist until you stop letting them do it to you.

china123 8th Dec 2021 03:34

gees, how bad is this!👎😡

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