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Follow the Follow Me 25th Nov 2021 01:05

Blood from a stone: Dragon pilots asked to repay monies
I can't believe this. After the stress and heartache, sign this or get nothing, more than a year later some former KA pilots are being asked to repay some of their Special Severance payment. What was special about it? It put people into early graves, damaged kids and marriages and now, after taking the cheapest internal HR option and bungling it, they want money back?

Fo every overpayment, there is most likely many underpayments. No former KA pilots are being contacted and being told we are sorry, we underpaid you, money is being wired to you this week. That's the problem with your secret redundancy formula. Nobody knew what they were entitled to.

Besides, there's a chance the airline won't be around in a few years. It's called slicing the salami. The CCP will put you out of business.

rhoshamboe 25th Nov 2021 02:56

I wouldn't even acknowledge the email.

ACMS 25th Nov 2021 03:52

Are we talking much money?

Progress Wanchai 25th Nov 2021 06:45

“Much” is a relative term.

It’s peanuts for a multi billion dollar firm who drop more on the post celebration drinks following the signing of a fuel hedging contract.

Its significant for an unemployed pilot who believed his/her seniority and years of service meant something during a downturn with a subsequent reduction in crew numbers.

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