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krismiler 26th Oct 2021 08:26

Hong Kong to Further Tighten Quarantine Requirements.
Basically, following Beijing's zero COVID strategy.


carolknows 26th Oct 2021 12:43

I mean I get it. But I don't.


According to China's state media's narrative,
"The new logistics centers are aimed at boosting the intermediary trade in Hong Kong and strengthening Hong Kong' status as the international aviation hub of the GBA."


"Chan also said that the Airport Authority of Hong Kong (AA) is actively developing a multi-modal cargo transport service to enable seamless transfer of mainland exports through the HKIA to other parts of the world.

According to Chan, the AA is planning to set up a "Hong Kong International Airport Logistics Park" in Dongguan, where mainland exports can complete customs clearance, security checks and other procedures and be transported by sea to the cargo terminal in the restricted area of the HKIA for direct transshipment to the rest of the world. Dongguan is about 100 kilometers away from the Hong Kong airport.

Air cargo imports for the Chinese mainland can access the same channel for fast custom clearance."

That's what I don't get. Mainland would love to HKG as aviation hub to access goods in and out of China and the world. Why such insistence on covid zero unless it's the confidence in their current vaccines. Huh?

carolknows 26th Oct 2021 12:47

One more in Sept from the state media,

According to plan released by China's civil aviation regulator in 2020, the country will build a world-class airport cluster in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao GBA by 2025. While consolidating the international aviation hub position of Hong Kong, Guangzhou and Shenzhen will also be built into international hubs. Service capacity will be upgraded at airports in Macao and Zhuhai.

Baiyun Airport will be open to over 110 international and regional destinations by 2025, Chen Xu, an official from the Guangzhou Municipal Development and Reform Commission said on Tuesday during a press briefing.

The airport will also be connected with high-speed rail and expressways, so as to achieve a seamless connection between air and rail passengers, making the airport accessible to all cities in the Pearl River Delta within 60 minutes."

1200firm 26th Oct 2021 13:13

Status Quo will remain until AT LEAST 2023. Anyone who hopes otherwise is delusional.

Fly747 26th Oct 2021 19:29

DB freighter pilot +ve?

Acepilothk99 26th Oct 2021 20:30

Bye bye Cathay I guess the CCP pigs will make this airline sink deeper than the titanic soon

krismiler 27th Oct 2021 01:16

It's outdated that Carrie refers to Hong Kong as "the gateway into China", this may have been true in the 1980s but now the mainland is well connected to the rest of the world with either direct flights or one stop connections via multiple hubs both within and outside the country.

3 weeks quarantine is an absolute killer for any visitor interested in coming, it's far longer than most people would stay in the first place. Cities such as Hong Kong, Singapore and Dubai aren't places where people stay very long anyway. They rely on huge numbers of people turning over quickly.

Thailand's strategy of a test on arrival and one night in an approved hotel until the result comes through would be acceptable for the vast majority of people coming in, even those only staying for the weekend.

Sinovac has similar protection to other vaccines in preventing serious illness but is way behind in stopping people from getting infected.

A zero COVID strategy with a less effective vaccine isn't going to work while other countries have more effective vaccines and are preparing to live with the virus while they open upon.

ToCatLady 27th Oct 2021 02:05

Australia to be put on 21 days soon too. Those returning from SLV better book 21 days just incase. No rush though, you'll be promised a roster but after forcing you back to HKG they'll surprise you with 31 G's

carolknows 27th Oct 2021 02:37

Just curious, what is the LOGIC behind covid zero strategy??
When the whole world starts living with the virus like normal flu, and then what? They gonna suddenly open up one day and let the country go through multiple waves of covid when the rest of the world already has natural and vaccinated immunity? Like what is the logic? Can someone explain?

From a distance 27th Oct 2021 03:04

As much a logically minded person desires to see some logic, there is no discernible logic behind any of the jumping at shadows based decision making.
The only logical conclusion is that HKG has been hit by an Alien stupid ray gun, with the intensity set to MAX.

Jetdream 27th Oct 2021 03:19


Is this your opinion or have you read this somewhere?

Fly747 27th Oct 2021 05:02

Look at what Macau has for your answer to that. We are heading in that direction and they have 21 days for everywhere.

Dufo 31st Oct 2021 02:04

Logic? Since when has there been logic under red regime, let alone Covid-induced paranoid screamers? We love waiting at assigned seating in HKG, taking a long walk thru the terminal to test area, following the hand directions of the staff, waiting for crew bus for almost an hour at limousine pier (as we cannot share a 50-seat bus with other colleagues for a 3min ride to SkyCity, due to vairrruuuusssss), having all freedom taken away by self-isolating in hotel rooms with no fresh air, no gym, crappy food and best of all - risking a 3-week quarantine in this communist wonderland.
​​​​Of course no one dares to question anything or anyone as in the end, we are to follow the great leaders and their ideas.
Cheers to BA crew which we have met few days ago - "Lagos used to be a :mad: to avoid, now it's HKG".

Fly747 9th Nov 2021 13:16

Two crew positive from 2066 FRA arriving 6th Nov. One is living in the Harbour Pinnacle TST where there is a lockdown in progress. The other lives in Headland village DB. This is not good news.

Oasis 9th Nov 2021 13:21

Everyone will get covid eventually, it is written in the stars.

It is like trying to stop a tsunami with you bare hands.

Hopefully CL will realise that before CPA goes under.

Jnr380 9th Nov 2021 13:23


Their family shipped off to jail, no judicial process, no avenue of appeal, nothing. This is life now in HK…..

controlledrest 9th Nov 2021 22:44

I think it is good news. Sooner or later covid will be endemic everywhere. Once endemic, border controls no longer matter. The sooner we have community spread, the sooner policies will be forced to change. An outbreak will also motivate many of those stupid enough to not be vaccinated to get the shot.

Rie 9th Nov 2021 23:01

Hopefully it does spread. This is the only way to kick this country into gear and have them sort something out finally. Even the leave home save app requirements should be linked to vaccines now.

HK is a disaster as far as mitigation strategies go.

hyg 10th Nov 2021 04:51

Funny how someone still thinks the HK gov gets a say... the HK gov does not care about international flights or whatsoever, all they care about is opening the border with motherland.... and they will crucify the person who ruins it for them if they can.... Especially this happens like 1 or 2 days after the HK gov struck a deal with the Motherland about the conditions to open up, these guys are gonna be made an example.... so keep dream on that things will come good, the truth is the HK Gov would probably be willing to shut the entire cx operation down or make crew does 21 days if it meant the Chinese border can open

Rie 10th Nov 2021 05:44

Something is stirring in the office... Not quite sure of what it is exactly but the rumours of changes happening are growing louder. The new management are being interviewed as we speak. Just head in there and you'll see someone trying their luck to be the next slippery pole climber.

If mandatory quarantine for crew picks up to the levels that China wants it to be then they won't be finding many willing candidates left. Even the sheer numbers applying to FZ were enough to ruffle a few feathers. If you are asking how they know... They have contacts who give them exactly who applied if they want it.

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