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carolknows 24th Oct 2021 09:24

Singapore Storms Back Toward Pre-Virus Levels of Air Traffic

This is what happens when a scientific govt gives support to their airline. If only by then we have enough pilots to run the show.

"By January, Singapore is poised to reach 84% of the weekly flights to Europe as it had in March last year, before the clampdown on travel. And thereíll be 1,519 flights from the financial hub to elsewhere in Asia, compared with only 194 in May 2020, data from aviation analytics firm Cirium show. "

Flying Clog 24th Oct 2021 10:22

Yes, yes, but it will never catch on in Hong Kong.

It's game over. I don't think you quite understand the politics behind it if you think, oh, all we need to do is open up and we're back to normal in HKG. That's not on the agenda. EVER.

Sam Asama 24th Oct 2021 11:11

I couldn't agree more with Flying Clog. What happens in Singapore, Japan, Thailand or anywhere else in SE does has NOTHING to do with what will happen (or not) in Hong Kong. And it's not about CX, or their management. It's simply because Hong Kong has now finally been swallowed whole by PRC. Pre-Covid, my business took me back and forth from North America to SE Asia 10 to 12 times a year. For many reasons, our most common routing was via HKG. We are starting to ramp up again but we are no longer inputting HKG, or the major mainland Chinese transit hubs, as options for our business travel. A year from now, it will be interesting to compare international transit pax figures through HKG (and the major mainland PRC transit airports) with 2019 figures.

Oli777 24th Oct 2021 13:14

yes but what are the actual numbers? Bums in seats on SIA...?
anyone can just launch their entire fleet around the world empty and say look at me we're back to normal!

I think CX management must have cracked open some Champagne and patted themselves under the table when they got 1,000 pax in a day, hopeless manaaaagment.

1200firm 24th Oct 2021 13:20

Indeed. There is ZERO chance of HKG opening up before China does. It would be a massive loss of Face otherwise. So it's not about vaccination rates or case numbers or anything else unfortunately. While most of the rest of the world is now open, the status quo will remain in HKG for all of 2022 I'd say.
HKG is not unique however. The NZ/OZ govts and it's sheeple, for example, have absolutely lost their collective minds over Covid. Full on lockdowns, police ramming cars off the road, your opinion is no longer of any concern to your govt. These supposed bastions of freedom are now police dictatorships.
What a fascinating modern age we live in.

carolknows 24th Oct 2021 15:05

But how could a country not suffer the consequences of massive delays in imports and supply chain for instance when they turn away the whole cargo ship of goods just because of one positive sailor? Or these truck load of coal trying to enter China, esp when winter is approaching. How does the zero covid policy not cost anything?

ChrisJ800 24th Oct 2021 21:35

I was living in HK pre covid overlooking a major police station. In the middle of the night I saw the police reinforcements coming from mainland china in plain windowless vans. These guys had full kevlar, shields, big guns and looked more like a soldier than a copper.

Meanwhile in Oz for 20 months Ive had 3 weeks of lockdowns where you can still exercise outside 2 hours a day and go shopping when you want. Rest of time life is normal except no travelling. At least here we have stood up to the PRC. So your representation of NZ/Oz is incorrect.

krismiler 25th Oct 2021 01:07

SIA flights are operating but the loads are very low, mostly double digit numbers, but you can afford that when you have the level of government backing that they do. The idea seems to be to have the network maintained and ready for the recovery. The demand is certainly there, but regional rather than long haul is likely to bounce back first.

Most countries seem to have abandoned the zero COVID strategy, unfortunately HKG will have to go along with the mainland. The Chinese vaccine whilst having a similar level of protection against serious illness is far less effective in preventing someone from getting infected and adding to the number of cases.

carolknows 25th Oct 2021 04:24

I understand the waning vaccine efficacy, and also politically not to be aligned with the western ideology of living with virus and costing thousands of lives. You can read all these from Global Times or China Daily. But I'm just wondering from an economical point of view, even with some growing domestic consumption, how is PRC not being affected by turning away all their ship load and truck full of goods and coal, just because of one positive case on board etc. And multiple businesses finding hard to travel to China and relocating else where. Not forgetting there will also be a big group of overseas Chinese in the millions, living life normally together with covid, and wishes to travel home to China for visit or study etc. Their sentiments and such.

lucille 25th Oct 2021 11:34

Victoria holds the world record for most days in lockdown. Last time I looked it was part of Oz, nevertheless, happy to be corrected for any flaws in my geography.
You also need to check out the police brutality in Victoria with respect to the protests. Google is your friend. Suddenly, HK ain’t all that bad.

CodyBlade 25th Oct 2021 13:09

Their death rate and ICU rate is increasing.

carolknows 25th Oct 2021 13:41

But you could say the same to influenza and cancer.
Btw, whatever happened to zika?

ChrisJ800 25th Oct 2021 21:13


If you want to keep making sweeping claims then yes your geography is wrong. Melbourne has the record but often Victoria outside of Melbourne was not in lockdown whilst Melbourne was. And lockdowns have ended anyway. Australia is a big country and most of us do not liive in Melbourne. And how the police there handled a thousand looney anti vaxxers does not make it a police state. I was in HK when over one million protesters were in the streets and there was industrial quantities of tear gas deployed. Do not compare Australia to HK. I still have many friends and ex colleagues in HK but it will be a very long time if ever before I return there.

Dingleberry Handpump 26th Oct 2021 04:20

Victoria absolutely was a police state, and the police were an outright cancer. The footage of dozens of police brutality events was absolutely awful. Rugby tackling middle aged women for not wearing a mask, FFS. As most Australians like to pretend theyíre part of the free world, Iím surprised that youíre not absolutely damning of how your government handled the last 10 months.

PS. You donít need to come to HK to experience being under Chinese rule. Itís quickly coming to you!

Zeta_Reticuli 26th Oct 2021 05:27

I already thought Victora and Western Australa we're already Special Autonomous Regions of the PRC some would argue DPRK though...

CodyBlade 26th Oct 2021 07:18

I was in HK when over one million protesters were in the streets
Where these 1 million gone?

cxflog 26th Oct 2021 09:42

back to work probably. The bills won’t pay themselves

Busbuoy 26th Oct 2021 09:43

If I had the IT skills I'd post the Obi-Wan Kenobi clip about millions of voices crying out in terror and suddenly being silenced.....

ChrisJ800 26th Oct 2021 10:05

I guess a small number are in jail and the rest including cabin crew and pilots are keeping quiet as they dont want to also be in jail.

CodyBlade 29th Oct 2021 17:44

Singapore's come back.

These are cases recorded at Hosp and clinics. Not self tested cases on home recovery.

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