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Handsanitser 15th Oct 2021 10:18

Just heard Dr Cocks has retired? Are there any other AMEs around who can sign the MC on the day or are they all at hello kitty city now?


swh 15th Oct 2021 10:59

Dr Cocks trained up Dr Steven Ho as an AME before he departed, both used to work for Dr Vio.& Co. Dr Ho is in central in his own practice now.

Handsanitser 15th Oct 2021 12:44

Thanks for that. Is Dr Ho an AME? Ie, can he sign the certificate on the day?

AQIS Boigu 15th Oct 2021 15:01

Dr Fowler and Dr Liew are still in HKG

They can do an MC on the day

oz_faf81 16th Oct 2021 08:42


Yes he can. I think he does FAA/EASA/HKCAD and CASA.

Azaiba 16th Oct 2021 09:00

Where is Frank O'Tremba these days?

AQIS Boigu 16th Oct 2021 13:05

Dr Vio & Partners

Flying Clog 16th Oct 2021 16:30

Dr Ho is excellent, for FAA, CAD, EASA. Signs the certificate on the day.

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