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Acepilothk99 14th Oct 2021 22:54

Cadets getting recalled
Heard a rumour that some of the courses from cp94 to cp97 were recalled back for work. Is this true?

Grateful.. 15th Oct 2021 00:25

Don’t be getting your hopes up for non-PR SO’s returning. That’s likely to be 2023 😂

Acepilothk99 15th Oct 2021 00:42

When are their start dates that will give us a clue on when the company will hire more SOs

Rie 15th Oct 2021 05:39

Is that a windup Ace? They won't be hiring SO's any time soon. They aren't desperate enough just yet. They can't even get a cadet into Adelaide to get them trained.

sirhcttarp 15th Oct 2021 09:48

It's gotten a certain Jacob very worried....

Someone please tell the fleet office to reactivate him already.... MAKE THE MASS EMAILS STOP!

Oasis 15th Oct 2021 10:11

Will someone please let Jacob fly again?

poor guy

cadet7000 15th Oct 2021 10:46

Have also heard that they are recalling the cadets from those CPs. Seems to be those SOs that were made redundant at the same time as KA was shut down. The cadets that came back from Adelaide but did not start SO training have not been recalled.

HVY 15th Oct 2021 10:56

#Reactivate Jacob

Heís technically enriched (except with how to send emails) and after 7 months of no work heís made himself worried.

Sorry to poke fun Jacob but weíre all worried.

With your Surname I have a feeling youíll be just fine champ. Be patient :)

ThrustAssymComp 16th Oct 2021 05:15

Whos Jacob?

ACMS 16th Oct 2021 05:42

Tell him to get in line, there’s a long list of highly experienced Pilots in front of him wanting work again…..and not just in the smelly Harbour.

Grateful.. 16th Oct 2021 06:00

experience and second officers don’t tend to go in the same sentence. Perhaps you’re referring to DEFO?

Regardless, VISA’s will not be issued to foreigners anytime soon. Cathay are filled to the brim with second officers. Best you explore other career options during this down time.

cxflog 16th Oct 2021 08:54

Word is itís PRís from the 103 SOís that were made redundant last year. No idea on numbers or start dates

Jamesd03 16th Oct 2021 09:24

Interviewed a few weeks ago, starting between Nov/Dec

Flex88 16th Oct 2021 12:03

Word has it that DFO the magnificent is not pleased with the stubbornly high levels of experience ( i.e. pay) and is taking steps to drive average experience levels down even farther than he has already.. This as well satisfies the CX Board of Directors ( specifically Merlin and the family) in furthering their quest to end any semblance of a "meritocracy" in the Swire group. They much prefer that age old British (Swire) hierarchy of Incompetent Elite vs Serf.. Rule Britannia !

S22 16th Oct 2021 14:49

its all grinding to a halt as they don’t hv enough sectors for training. Hope it works out for you.

ZootBoot 18th Oct 2021 09:23

No one in their right mind would move here as an SO if they have a family. 70-80% of your monthly wage required for rent alone. Never mind the 'worlds most expensive shopping basket' at the supermarket.

pill 18th Oct 2021 23:39

For the slow learners. SO's don't move here anymore. Not without PR anyway.

ambrose_flyer 1st Nov 2021 16:04

SO being recalled rejected CX offer? is that true?

Jnr380 2nd Nov 2021 01:46

I don’t think so, this can open up a host of legal and financial problems especially if they are PRs still residing in HK.

Jamesd03 2nd Nov 2021 01:55

Rumour is they've found/returned to other gigs outside aviation. So far I've heard 2 anecdotes

cadet7000 2nd Nov 2021 02:44

Not sure how the redundancy affected the training bond, AFAIK none of those made redundant were asked to pay it back. Might be one to ask the lawyers as would be interesting to see if the redundancy voided the bond.

Jnr380 2nd Nov 2021 04:26

I was referring to the ones that finished their courses in Adelaide, my bad! I don’t have any specifics on the ones made redundant in October.

cadet7000 2nd Nov 2021 05:47

The cadets that have finished in Adelaide haven’t been offered places yet, only those that were made redundant at the same time KA was shut down.

cxflog 2nd Nov 2021 05:54

those cadets have however received word from CX that they may start courses in Q1 next year. Email was sent last month.

whether that holds true or not remains to be seen

TurningFinalRWY36 2nd Nov 2021 07:59

Why do new courses, hundreds of PR pilots not flying and still being paid at this very moment. Surely get them online first then hire the cadets

cadet7000 2nd Nov 2021 09:34

Very unlikely post-Adelaide cadets are going to be called in the next few months if borders remain shut, the email referred to was pretty clear it was an optimistic estimation.

Think most of the SOs recalled were airbus, guess itís cheaper to take them on than convert guys / girls from the 777.

Acepilothk99 2nd Nov 2021 19:37

A few more cadets from CP96 were called back that is what I know so far.. a few CP94 - CP97 have start dates now as well. But management has not recalled the cadets in order..

Acepilothk99 2nd Nov 2021 19:38

The cadets from CP98 - CP106 who finished have not heard anything about a start date yet. There are more cadets in CP107 and onwards waiting to start training.

carolknows 2nd Nov 2021 23:52

What does these imply?

cxflog 3rd Nov 2021 00:55

The only cadets being taken back so far are those part of the 103 who were made redundant last year (obviously with a PR).

From what I’ve heard from others it seems to not be seniority based so unsure how they’re choosing, you’d have to ask someone who has returned

Acepilothk99 14th Nov 2021 18:51

No that Is not true cadets from cp103 - cp106 were all taken back but just never started with the company. I know this because I was in Adelaide myself

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