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carolknows 5th Oct 2021 10:35

China hinting at reopening
Of all the Chinese relay of messages, this top expert is actually more credible. Well respected in China and recognised world wide. Perhaps a positive hint coming.


China should only remove all its border restrictions once there were few infections in other countries and the vast majority of the Chinese population was vaccinated against the Coronavirus, the country’s leading respiratory diseases expert said on Sunday.

In an interview with the Southern People Weekly magazine, Dr Zhong Nanshan said 80 to 85 per cent of China’s 1.4 billion people would have to be vaccinated, a milestone that could be reached by the end of the year. However, maintaining the strictest epistemic control, would be unsustainable, putting great stress on China, he said.

Another article,


“China cannot carry on like this because COVID-19 is a global disease that requires China and the rest of the world to work together and beat it,” he said.

The economic costs of China’s COVID-19 policies continue to mount with each new outbreak.

In August, analysts at Goldman Sachs, Nomura, and other banks downgraded China’s GDP forecasts because of Delta-driven waves in places such as Guangzhou and elsewhere. That month, China’s retail sales also grew by 2.5% compared with July, marking the slowest growth rate in over a year due in part to COVID-19 outbreaks and government-imposed lockdowns.

Google his name, Zhong Nanshan and you will find similar articles even from Chinese state media of him saying covid zero non sustainable and China will eventually change strategy.

triple7driver 5th Oct 2021 20:05

Originally Posted by carolknows (Post 11121569)
China should only remove all its border restrictions once there were few infections in other countries

So that's never... do they really STILL not realise that covid is never going away and that we have to live with it? China (including Taiwan) is the only country on Earth with a Covid 0 strategy, the rest of the world has moved on...

Drc40 6th Oct 2021 06:03

China will open when it's economically and politically necessary 0 cases or not. They're not done exerting control of the people and showing the ChiComm model works. Chop chop

Gaisha 6th Oct 2021 12:09

in the words of Greta..."blah, blah, blah....."

Bokpiel 7th Oct 2021 19:26

85% of 1.4 billion people who had no choice but the majestic Sinovac vaccine. And after 6 months they will all have :mad: antibodies left. How optimistic...

Gaisha 8th Oct 2021 04:20

Thats correct...they know their vaccines don't work...thats why the have no choice but to maintain zero covid until they get a more effective vaccine

krismiler 8th Oct 2021 04:59

Sinovac is reasonably effective at preventing COVID infection, half the rate of the other vaccines is better than nothing and it is close to the other vaccines when it comes to preventing hospitalization and death.

Not having 1.4 billion people needing the western vaccines certainly helped in increasing the rate of coverage in the rest of the world.

At the moment we're using first generation vaccines, the next generation will likely be more effective and longer lasting.


carolknows 8th Oct 2021 05:32


Also China, experimenting with a DNA shot as a third booster shot. If no plans to reopen, then forget about even vaccinating, right?

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