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skyboss 6th Sep 2021 06:05

24 crew in PB
Looks like 24 crewmembers ended up in PB. It is an honor to serve Hongkong public.

Coronavirus 6th Sep 2021 06:41

"Looks like" or "I know for a fact"?
​​​​​Kindly share any information.
I know it's a rumor forum, but as Biden says, c'mon man.​​​​​

Fly747 6th Sep 2021 06:43

Are these related to the 40 yr old male found positive in the Headland at the weekend? Off CX841 too?
And that’s not a rumour.

fire wall 6th Sep 2021 07:35

Was told the cabin crew were inbound from LAX.
If that is true then this is in addition to 841

Curry Lamb 6th Sep 2021 09:04

Back to 21 days in quarantine :D what is circus!


triple7driver 6th Sep 2021 16:22

If only there were based crew who could fly in and out of Hong Kong...

mngmt mole 6th Sep 2021 16:29


Oasis 6th Sep 2021 17:06

Nah mate, the based crew are so much more ‘agile’ in Hong Kong.

because nothing says ‘agile’ like a 7 day quarantine after a volunteer only extended trip pattern.

LLLQNH 6th Sep 2021 22:08


Don't be stupid, we can't have sensible operational suggestions here. Don't you know this is our airline and we will run it into the ground anyway we see fit. Heaven forbid we use based crew or even allow some of our pesky Hong Kong based plebs to take a temporary base overseas for 6 months, that would just be too sensible we can't have that.

controlledrest 6th Sep 2021 22:42

Based crew on return to HKG, after quarantine, are on G days, no re-qualification training. That's how agile they are. Typical CX. One department told to move them back, doesn't talk to another department responsible for getting them back on the line. All along managers pleading for closed loop volunteers. Circus with creepy clowns running it.

Oasis 6th Sep 2021 22:49

They sent people to join a base a year ago, with the assurance that it would be all right.
Now they’re being sent back even though a smart solution is obvious to the quarantine debacle.

Quarantines are not going anywhere, it is time to stop hoping and start planning for a better solution.

There are still, bases left in two countries, it would make sense to at least trial it to see if it works before they are gone, as well as many of the experienced aircrew.

Cathay leadership will get it right eventually, just always with a lag of about 1.5 years.

LongTimeInCX 7th Sep 2021 00:04

Having left CX what now seems like a long time ago, are the two bases remaining in UK & USA?
if so, are they reviewing them as they did FRA, NZ, Aust and Canada?
What do those still left in CX think will be the outcome for UK & USA bases?

Anecdotally, one hears UK is being “looked at”, but I can envisage they would hold off on closing USA until more crew can convert to the 748 as it seems unlikely, from the outside looking in, that many current US based crew would take up any offer of a return to HK, especially with the US job market opening up.

bm330 7th Sep 2021 01:28

The only reason the US bases continue to exist is the majority of the USAOA flies the 747. If CX announced they were "consulting" about the future of the bases, every US based pilot would down tools and the Freighter operation would fall apart overnight.

controlledrest 7th Sep 2021 02:35

US and UK will close. POS18 is the way of the future for CX, just another LCC with Asian labour practices. POS18 might be legal in HKG, it sure wouldn't be in any of the base areas.

If the company had halve a clue reverse roster us out of the base areas. Maybe that will come once all the bases are closed. Company so far has been very careful with each closure to prevent legal challenges.

Coronavirus 7th Sep 2021 08:26

Wow, record time set for thread drift.

main_dog 8th Sep 2021 01:18

So are the rest of that crew really in PB?

ToCatLady 8th Sep 2021 02:09

Nobody ended up in PB. They’re being held hostage at the Headland instead.

Wouldn’t surprise me if this was a false/positive as he didn’t test positive for the Delta variant and is the only person to have done so in a very long time.

BabyYoda 8th Sep 2021 02:45

There are 28 guys/gals at PB, including 8 pilots!
​​​​​​ CL is really appealing, isn't it?

ToCatLady 8th Sep 2021 03:18

I stand corrected then. That’s a lot of microwaves for the AOA to buy.

main_dog 8th Sep 2021 04:40

No comms from either the union or the company…

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