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Avinthenews 3rd Sep 2021 04:47

How times have changed.
Rumour is, so far three crew have resigned from CX rather than be drafted to fly the 747.

Curry Lamb 3rd Sep 2021 06:00

Perhaps they were anti-vaxxers and forced to resign. Will be an interesting court case, should someone decide to drag CXit to court over unfair dismissal :}

Dilbert68 3rd Sep 2021 07:02

Being drafted onto the 747 was just the straw that broke the camels back. People are fed up with this pathetic contract, this incompetent government and generally a bleak outlook for a very long time. Any of us that have managed to get away to our home countries, see that people are resuming some semblance of a normal life, albeit with some restrictions. You never have to worry about being rounded up and sent to jail because you spent 5 mins with an individual that tested positive for covid. If you test positive, the advice is to stay home and self-isolate and come to the hospital if your condition worsens. Contrast this to HK where the CHP and the police show up in full hazmat suits and drag you away against your will.
This job and this city are finished, maybe that is by design? Who knows?
It just takes a little push, for these individuals the push was the 747 course. Anybody who can leave, will leave. There is no point in staying in this miserable place any longer.

Fly747 3rd Sep 2021 07:22

There are rumours of losing some of the quarantine alleviations for crew later this month. If that happens it will load a few more straws onto the camel.

Backupnav 3rd Sep 2021 09:14

They are doing it wrong. Get the rating, then leave. :E

Farman Biplane 3rd Sep 2021 09:16

Those 3 must be absolute millionaire morons, don’t they realise how valuable a B747 type rating is…….

Oasis 3rd Sep 2021 12:25

you don’t know their personal situation, maybe there are things more important than more money..

Globocnik 3rd Sep 2021 12:34

Yes as in not being treated like :mad: for hauling rubber dog :mad: around, and almost permanent incarceration on your supposed days off.

Oasis 3rd Sep 2021 12:51

Cathay is really burning its bridges with this ‘cannot’ attitude.

-late rosters
-no sympathy for missing a duty due to changing covid rules.
-late notice of unpaid leave.
-based crew could fly sectors from outside hkg to in, 24 hrs in a hotel, fly back, no weeks of quarantine…. ‘Cannot’
-no reduced roster option any more.

etc etc

People who haven’t seen wife and kids overseas in over a year, insane.

The company needs to be more flexible, not only to rake in more money on the business side, but more so on the human side.

Firefly47 3rd Sep 2021 14:44

Honestly when you call someone a moron for not wanting to fly the most "iconic passenger aircraft of all time" you truly live in a different world.

triple7driver 3rd Sep 2021 15:06

I think covid has given most a glimpse of a world outside of Cathay, no longer were you constantly distracted by the fast paced rat race that comes with the lifestyle... whereas before the money was worth putting up with the inconveniences, now that is no longer the case and people have realigned their priorities in life.

Many more guys will resign way before their retirement date, just wait until the 2 year ARAPA transition ends

dabz 3rd Sep 2021 15:34

The company has too many crew and they cannot fire enough of them fast enough.

So make the crews life miserable any which way you can and they will leave on their own.

I reckon the company could do a lot more to make life easier with all these crazy hk gov covid restrictions but they have too many of us and therefore don't wanna help. Rather let the crew suffer so they leave.

They also have the perfect tool to find rock bottom, POS18.

Got too many crew? keep slashing conditions till they go. Don't have enough crew? Slightly increase conditions till you have what you need.

The company will always be able to pay the absolute minimum they have too, why would you ever want to pay above and beyond what you have too ever again...

Oasis 3rd Sep 2021 16:16

They’re going to have to explain all the empty flight decks at the annual shareholders meeting, once business returns.

triple7driver 3rd Sep 2021 18:15

when will that be? :rolleyes: lets be real, flying isn't returning to pre-pandemic normal for HK anytime before 2023...

8driver 3rd Sep 2021 19:09

2023? What happens if there is one case of the Omega variant in HKG, Australia, or NZ in 2023? There doesn't appear to be any stop date for the COVID zero lunacy, so I think 2023 is being overly optimistic.

Oasis 4th Sep 2021 00:09

Covid is never ever going to go away, unfortunately.

it will have to be another thing to manage like the flu, except that you either have to get the vaccine or get covid and survive it in order to prevent a large amount of deaths or long covid.
Then booster shots for the elderly, after this new variants won’t really matter.

Eventually governments will figure this out and grow some balls and open up the countries, zero covid strategy will not work.
politicians care only about one thing when they make decisions; how does this make me look?
the only way forward is opening up, sooner or later.

Dilbert68 4th Sep 2021 04:07

Nobody knows how or when this insanity will end. If I had to guess, HK will be one of the very last places to lift restrictions and only when big brother says so. Cathay doesn't care about you, your family or your mental health. Maybe the flight decks will be empty when and if this thing turns around and maybe they will be forced to improve the contract when that happens.
For myself, they could go back to A scale and I wouldn't stay. Working for this organization is not worth it. There is far more to life than money.

dabz 4th Sep 2021 04:43

HK's priority is opening the boarder to China. They don't care about any other international destination. They will even restrict everywhere else just to get that China boarder open.
China has covid cases, HK does not yet it's China that doesn't want to open.. that's when you know it's political.

HK and China will be one of the last places on the planet to ditch the zero covid policy.

Picture a bubble around HK and China and outside of that bubble is everywhere else and everywhere else is back to pre covid flying...

On a side note, recently CX put up all that advertising in kitty city about their new brand "cathay" and all those dumb slogans like move beyond. What a waste of money...

smogluver 4th Sep 2021 06:22


Morons? FFS you have no clue what the Cathay guys have gone through. Your attitude is the reason this industry is a complete mess. You obviously are missing a lot or do not have a family or children or a backbone to work it out

Rie 4th Sep 2021 13:14


Recently? The new group branding has been there since it was announced. You have got to get into the office more for some good old bootlicking. You'll see the changes sooner.

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