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Oasis 28th May 2021 20:17

Cathay Pacific rebranding to...

I don't know what to say..

Flex88 28th May 2021 21:36

Rebrand ??
I can't even remember the last one except I remember no-one could ever remember it ..
I will bet it will contain lots of garbage about "diversity"
(i.e. We're a diverse airline group that just fired all Australians, New Zealanders, Canadians, Germans and soon all those pesky POHMs)

From a distance 28th May 2021 22:50

Anyone who is somebody goes by one name. Madonna, Cher, Beyonce, Napoleon, etc. Lots of Airlines only have one word names. United, Delta, Lufthansa, Emirates and so on.

But seriously you have to ask yourself why would they do that now and abandon a decades old name with a legacy.
“Cathay” at one point used to be the name that China was identified by. So this can only be virtue signalling to the Northern regime.

“Look at us we are pivoting closer to the Mainland. Look at our name Cathay it means China, we have always been a part of China. See we are a Chinese airline.”

The trouble with virtue signalling is that it is BS because it is not genuine and people see it for what it really is.

The average global citizen has no idea on the meaning of Cathay so what possible marketing value is there in dropping the Pacific if not for the above.

krismiler 28th May 2021 23:13

Back in the 1980s or 1990s, British Airways rebranded as “British” but went back to the original name a few years later.

BuzzBox 29th May 2021 04:33


Where did you read/hear about this? I can't see it reported anywhere, including company sites.

Oasis 29th May 2021 06:06

Its on the hub, a little video..

Oasis 29th May 2021 06:14

Must be close to bonus time, managers must be seen to be managing something…

otherwise why would they be needed?

Oli777 29th May 2021 06:48

The board must be congratulated on this one, I tip my hat. Sitting around the table the wise men decided to cut 14 letters out of the company name, going from Cathay Pacific Airways to Cathay, a loud cheer and clapping was heard down the hall, and bonuses were dished out to the men at their trough.


Only one wise soul put up his hand wanting to raise a question, but he was ignored and pushed aside. He thought to himself, how much will all this rebranding cost at a time when we're on the edge of bankruptcy?

Rie 29th May 2021 06:55

At least I know where my pay cut went. CGI and white font cannot be cheap.

rustyoldtin 29th May 2021 06:57

Maybe they are planning to cut all pacific routes so can’t justify that in its name any more 😂

Oasis 29th May 2021 07:25

Many years down the line, a second officer will ask a captain what the P and the A are in CPA 234.

BuzzBox 29th May 2021 07:37


Thanks - I'll be blowed. Another nail in the coffin. Too bad they only allow viewers to 'Love' or 'Like'.

Rie 29th May 2021 07:43

Thankfully on YouTube people are expressing their true opinion.

HKGDTT 29th May 2021 08:07


Not only the above... but the company claims to be in financial distress yet they have been opening job postings and just hired that new Diana ex EK, EY for the HEAD OF CUSTOMER SUPPORT role... Want to bet she earns more than a COS18 Basic salary 747 FO nowadays along with allowances on closed loop? While MANY of us are on visa pending status likely to be canceled , CX managed to bring her from UAE in these times... WTF?
I did not want to bring this up on a forum or anywhere else but I am pissed off and perhaps it serves as a WARNING to many in the near future. A colleague who took VSS, told me how GBS replied to his goodwill repat ticket request. The ticket as per VSS release letter is a given and it is not subject whether you signed COS18 or not, furthermore it overrides COS18 or any prior arrangement as stated on the release letter. GBS told him that he was on a local contract, thus he was not to be awarded the goodwill ticket. So, if the goodwill tickets arent issued because HKG based pilots are now COS 18... Why did the company offer it on the VSS scheme? To whom would it be issued then? Unbelievable times... Rebranding in the midst of a financial upset with a very uncertain near future due to the government erratic imposings... I wonder what is next really. Was it no supposed that immigration dept. was going to give comms on what the decision was going to be regarding visas early last week?

Curry Lamb 29th May 2021 08:34

At least they won’t get the splling wrong :}


bobrun 29th May 2021 08:38

So that's what Cathay's managers come up with? They are paid vast sums of money plus bonuses irrespective of the company's performance while at the same time taking advantage of their employees who have had their pay slashed...and that's what they come up with? The cost of the rebranding could have covered the salaries of a large group of employees...but no, that's what they do...

bobrun 29th May 2021 09:04

In other Swire news..... https://www.dimsumdaily.hk/employees...strial-action/

After suffering their first ever loss, the Swire group has stated that "this won't do!". Since they are unable to come up with a decent business plan, they will find more money by taking it from their employees. After all, they do have a certain lifestyle to maintain.

Captain Dart 29th May 2021 09:57

Syd de Kantzow and Roy Farrell would be rolling in their graves.

CodyBlade 29th May 2021 11:04

After consulting Feng Shui masters?

Flex88 29th May 2021 19:38

Bean dare done dat befo
Cathay Golden Rich Lucky China Airline Ltd😳

The last “Life Well Traveled” farce CX management lemmings flushed millions down the toilet was the all important “ must have” Cathay Dragon flop! Dragon be GONE by by😳

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