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jetjockey696 28th Apr 2021 04:28

CX offers Hong Kong pilots, cabin crew voluntary redundancy

Curry Lamb 28th Apr 2021 04:56

Could you copy and paste the article, as not all players on these forums have a South Commie Morning Post subscription.

Jim-J 28th Apr 2021 04:57

VSS now, forced redundancies thereafter....

Sleepsleep 28th Apr 2021 05:14

So what is the significance of this? My guess is that CX is really close to the verge of collapsing, even the government bailouts failed to save them thanks to the management.

And Curry Lamb yes OP please copy paste the article here

Veruka Salt 28th Apr 2021 05:18

You don’t need a subscription to view the article. Clear out your cookies etc.

Walkingthedog 28th Apr 2021 05:31


Very “convenient” as now it’s based on COS18🙄

Jnr380 28th Apr 2021 05:32

I saw this the other day, seems appropriate. Itís always front line staff in the crosshairs, very rarely middle or senior management, who seem to create more management jobs for non-existing staff

Pistolpete47 28th Apr 2021 05:34

Seems like a gentle push to people that are already wanting to leave anyway. Maybe this along with people forced out bc of the visa issue could be all resizing that needs to happen.

Curry Lamb 28th Apr 2021 05:35

Itís all political. Puppet masters up north, pulling strings to make space for GREATER BAY AIRLINES, who will announce very soon that their AOC has been approved (surprise, surprise), and starting ops out of Hongkers by Q4 :ok:


Jnr380 28th Apr 2021 05:37

Going by the government’s inability to lie convincingly, the borders will miraculously open when GBA starts operations

Pistolpete47 28th Apr 2021 05:55

Yeah you're conspiracy theories make much more sense. 😣

Curry Lamb 28th Apr 2021 05:59

Veruka Salt

There you go, lazy :mad:

Cathay Pacific is offering its Hong Kong-based pilots, cabin crew and airport staff voluntary redundancy, part of a deepening effort to cut costs as the airline warned its business was not improving.

Hong Kong’s struggling flag carrier told staff on Tuesday it saw “no discernible improvement” in the short to medium term, prompting the company to ask employees if they wanted to leave their jobs. The airline said it would continue to operate a skeleton passenger flight schedule for “some considerable time”.

The voluntary redundancies are tied to the near-total collapse of the passenger flight market amid the global coronavirus pandemic, with the ripple effects being felt across the group’s operations that rely on travellers.

Cathay Pacific’s catering business was also seeking volunteers for redundancy, but budget carrier HK Express was not planning to shed jobs, a source familiar with the situation said.

The carrier cut 5,900 jobs last year and lost HK$21.6 billion (US$2.8 billion). Last week, it revealed it was planning the closure of the first of several overseas pilot crew bases, placing hundreds of jobs at risk.

The airline employed around 2,600 pilots and 10,000 cabin crew locally out of a total workforce of 19,452 as of the end of 2020. Across the broader Cathay Pacific Group, which includes its subsidiary budget airline, cargo terminal and catering businesses, about 25,600 were employed.

A company source said there was no set target for how many volunteers for the redundancy programme it would require.

A Cathay Pacific spokeswoman confirmed the move to staff: “Based on requests from some of our employees, we have decided to offer certain of our employee groups (pilots, cabin crew and airport employees, etc) the option of a voluntary separation scheme. We are providing support to all those who apply, including a competitive exit package.”

Deborah McConnochie, Cathay’s general manager for aircrew, told pilots in a memo: “Our working environment remains incredibly challenging, and the Covid-19 pandemic continues to have a devastating impact on our business.”

She cited the rising number of coronavirus cases, especially those tied to new mutant strains, as a factor for restricting the number of flights the airline could operate worldwide. Given that bleak outlook, the company was now seeking volunteers to walk away from their jobs, she said.

Jeanette Mao, the airline’s general manager overseeing in-flight service, including cabin crew, added: “We are still in a very dynamic situation and we will continue to undertake measures to help manage our position and remain agile in our response.”

In the memo, the airline said the voluntary separation scheme was open to all pilots with more than six months until retirement. Pilots were told they would have two weeks until May 12 to sign up, with employment to cease by May 31 for those opting in.

Mao went on to say voluntary redundancy was being offered to “frontline teams” working at Hong Kong International Airport as well.

“While the departure of our valued colleagues is not something we hoped to see, we thought it would be worthwhile to provide an option for people who would like to leave us for personal reasons or to pursue other opportunities,” she said.

The carrier is still burning as much as HK$1.9 billion a month as the pandemic continues to strangle global travel.

Cathay Pacific was one of the first and hardest hit by the pandemic. Without a domestic flight network, it is reliant on cross-border travel, which remains largely non-existent due to travel restrictions.

The carrier is grappling with a surplus of pilots – particularly for its Boeing 777 fleet – as most of its passenger aircraft remain grounded, according to sources.

Memorylapse 28th Apr 2021 06:01

Good luck fellas - time to start packing!

dabz 28th Apr 2021 06:09

Originally Posted by Jim-J (Post 11035030)
VSS now, forced redundancies thereafter....

Yep, CX did this last year also.

Offered an early retirement scheme(the smart ones took it) then not long after that a sign worse contract(POS18) or be terminated.

CX targeted 25% pax by mid 2021, the target has not been met.

Guesses for what comes next after this VSS?

Pistolpete47 28th Apr 2021 06:11

Imo if you have PR you don't have too much to worry about.

10yearsSO 28th Apr 2021 06:12

Any ballpark figure on what the pr/non pr ratio of cx guys are?

LLLQNH 28th Apr 2021 07:05

rumours of around 500 or so. Looking at it would guess most of the non pr holders would be Second Officers, JFOs and a handful of Capt

Curry Lamb 28th Apr 2021 07:35

DEFOs also, with a certain narcissistic social media butterfly that comes to mind :rolleyes:

Oli777 28th Apr 2021 09:01

this is going to end ugly with a very bitter taste, almost all won't take it to hold out that much longer, thinking "if I don't take it then I'll be safe because everyone else will take it." So no one will take it, and CX will just score by forcibly retrenching those who aren't the cream of the crop, or who have a mark against their names. They'll do this and save on the packages. Management have thought about the scenarios and are betting no one accepts it, because after all they planned on option B.

LLLQNH 28th Apr 2021 09:12

100% agreed! It's already nasty and only gonna get worse. They have no option when it comes to the next round of Layoffs Work-permits have to go before a single PR! Doesn't matter what they want this is a mandate from the Gov.

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