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Jnr380 22nd Apr 2021 04:41

Base Closures
Now the Canadian base is shut, what are they going to do with the non-PR pilots? Will the PR Canadian based pilot have the option of returning to HK?

Veruka Salt 22nd Apr 2021 04:43

OZ & NZ closed too. Those with PR can return, non-PR made redundant. Assume CAN same.

Curry Lamb 22nd Apr 2021 06:01

Cathay Pacific Airways prepares pilot base closures, leaving hundreds of jobs at risk


Cathay Pacific Airways will close its Canadian pilot base and intends to also shut centres in Australia and New Zealand in proposed cutbacks putting hundreds of jobs at risk, the Post has learned.

The carrier’s European and United States cockpit crew bases will also be reviewed later in 2021, according to a memo sent to staff.

The expected closures follow a months-long review of the airline’s overseas cockpit crew operations.

More to follow …

stevieboy330 22nd Apr 2021 06:59

Wow ! some of the most experienced guys in the airline, dumped l

Walkingthedog 22nd Apr 2021 08:16

My heartfelt commiserations to all colleagues affected.
Another appalling example of disloyalty to those who have served longest.

First KA now CX based crew. Take whatever you can guys n gals save it for a rainy day. But don't ever fall for the “one family same team same dream nonsense”.
We all went from being an asset to a cost in a heartbeat. Fired by email at 8:30 am🙄

Samsonite 22nd Apr 2021 09:27

Yep non human resources taking care of it and again cutting the cheapest pilots and flight attendants in the company.

LLLQNH 22nd Apr 2021 10:05

Veruka Salt

Terrible indeed. Where are you getting that only those with PR can return from? Have management put that in writing as far as I am aware they haven't. Any idea how many PR/HK Passport holders we would have on the bases?

Veruka Salt 22nd Apr 2021 10:07

From an email sent to the base crew today. Unsure of base numbers, but have heard a number of ~ 130 mentioned for OZ/NZ. Someone will correct me if wrong.

LLLQNH 22nd Apr 2021 10:14

oh ok thanks for the info, so you're saying 130 of those on the bases are PR/Passport holders? So that would leave only a few not able to return? Or have I got that wrong, I hope that a solution is worked out for all.

Veruka Salt 22nd Apr 2021 10:16

I think a total of 130 on the OZ/NZ bases. Most of the DEFOs from 2007/08 would be affected. Not wanting to add to anyone’s misery here.

Busbitch 22nd Apr 2021 10:18

What a company eh! just chucking 120 odd A350 / A330 Command ratings in the bin ! How much will that cost ?

LLLQNH 22nd Apr 2021 10:21

But wouldn't all the Captains be PR? Or you think that none would want to return to HKG, I can certainly understand why you wouldn't want to come back here!

Walkingthedog 22nd Apr 2021 10:34

Not necessarily as my kids lost their PR after being overseas for 36 months. I guess the only way to keep it would be to return to HK as a passenger.
I guess quite a few may have positioned to HKG as pax. That would keep it currrent.

Veruka Salt 22nd Apr 2021 10:36

Unsure. Can think of a few very senior guys who spent < 5 mins in HK before gaining Oz bases in the early 90s

Rie 22nd Apr 2021 11:06

Really sad to see this happen. Everyone knew the writing was on the wall though. This has unfortunately affected a number of friends who were content with situation and family life as FO's and chose not to come back to HK for a command. It'll be a long road to recovery for those guys.

Walkingthedog 22nd Apr 2021 11:13

Its just wrong.

Australia2 22nd Apr 2021 11:40

. . . and girls.

Bangaluru 22nd Apr 2021 12:50

My understanding is that the immigration department has said they’re not issuing more (initial) work visas for pilots. So if pilots on bases don’t have their PR (Right of Abode) then it’s obvious they can’t work in Hong Kong. If you lose the right of abode by being absent for 36 months, you gain the right to land. That still lets you work in Hong Kong.

Rie 22nd Apr 2021 13:20

Bangaluru, that is true. There are many that went to bases without PR though. These are the ones who at this time will be unable to work in Hong Kong.

Australia2, and girls...

Walkingthedog 22nd Apr 2021 13:35


I believe that’s correct. As I understand it one loses the right to medical care etc but can still work.

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