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BabyYoda 3rd Mar 2021 23:33

Unsurprisingly, they're looking for more volunteers for those 5 weeks of prison time.

Please, before you do, have another read at your new contract and at the letters they sent you last October.

Some have a very short memory, it seems.
And they will still complain that they don't fly enough, that they get no support, that they don't get their laundry allowance.
Honestly, what did you expect?

norfolkungood 4th Mar 2021 00:31

Some want to do a longer stint 😩

852pilot 4th Mar 2021 01:30

Dun worry....500+ of your ex-colleagues in RED want this job.

Rie 4th Mar 2021 01:43

At least you can see how hard the vacuum works for the company in those wishing to extend. Luckily for everyones safety the CAD only approved the 5 week stints...

Hugo Peroni the V 4th Mar 2021 02:00

Couldn’t find the definition of ‘volunteer’ anywhere so thought best to stick to my modern, competitive contract in case I was disadvantaged.

Farman Biplane 4th Mar 2021 03:07

An offer COS99/08 with expat benefits would yield sufficient “volunteers”

doolay 4th Mar 2021 03:33

Who are these mystery people that want longer stints in the Closed Loop?

Jnr380 4th Mar 2021 04:32

Pilots do suffer from short term memory loss. When people have had up to 65% of their package reduced, they’re still willing to help. This I struggle with understanding.

if the company wants volunteers then cut the minimum hours of POS 18 so if you fly, from the first minute you get paid productivity pay.

hyg 4th Mar 2021 04:51


may be those who don't have a life outside the cockpit.... no shortage of those around

Bokpiel 12th Mar 2021 00:24

Rather that than being one of the pathetic negative :mad: who doesn't have a life outside of pprune.

If people want to volunteer then let them. None of anyone else's business.

QNH set 12th Mar 2021 12:52

I agree, let them volunteer. However, stop complaining when it is not what you expected.

BabyYoda 18th Mar 2021 02:28


Yeah, yeah, short term gain for long term pain, really smart, so typical of a CX pilot.
Your one time 20k certainly aren't going to offset what you've lost over your whole career. Hell, it's not even good enough to offset what you've lost in one month.

But, hey, how can you be blamed when the "union" can't issue clear guidelines. Just some muddy "we don't recommend..."

And commuters don't understand they're shooting themselves in the foot. Why do you think the company isn't trying harder to make a reverse rostering close loop possible? Because they don't need to, that's why.

Curry Lamb 18th Mar 2021 04:59

We won’t be doing the US much longer. The Polar Bear in Anchorage will be missed!

United States Threatens To Ban Cathay Pacific!


Dingleberry Handpump 18th Mar 2021 05:33

Blimey, what an atrociously written article.

Still, it’s hard to argue the thrust of the USDOT’s complaint.

main_dog 18th Mar 2021 05:50

That’s one of the last sources of positive cashflow. At this rate, we may soon be missing our employment.

Bangaluru 18th Mar 2021 12:54

The rights and wrongs of volunteering aside, one thing is certain, CK is desperate.

gipilot 18th Mar 2021 14:42

More volunteers?
Can anyone explain why they need more volunteers if they’re happy to stand down most of the freighter jockeys in Europe?

BubbaJ 19th Mar 2021 00:22

I know many have their reasons for volunteering but just take a minute to read POS18 again and remember they will take take take given half a chance.
On principal I wouldn't help CK if he was on fire. The guy is a weasel

BabyYoda 19th Mar 2021 01:17

It seems he's not desperate enough.

They're doing exactly as they've always done, increase their offer bit by bit until they barely achieve their goal (or until it's too late).
I can think of between 08 and 99 other incentives that will make us volunteer.

And as of excuses people have to volunteer, it varies from fear of losing their job to pure boredom, from getting a one one time extra 20k to getting away from the crying newborn.

Please, please, please, think long term before you choose the prison sentence.


Jnr380 19th Mar 2021 04:29

What will it take for me to sign up to the closed loop:

1) get rid of the minimum hours per month, so for all the hours I fly I get the hourly pay.

2) Introduce a new COS that is vastly superior to the current one with Consultation from the Union that will be implemented in 2022 or at the latest 2023.

3) Medical and Schooling allowance equivalent prior to this COS18

4) Revert back to Annual Leave as per old conditions

These are my four conditions and I expect no less if you want me to lock myself up in a room for a couple of months. If you could meet these expectations, I’ll be happy to electronically sign the form the minute these are met.

Till then, I wish you luck finding volunteers.

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