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controlledrest 15th Nov 2020 02:03

Swire Board Emergency Meeeitng
After Beebe Opinion piece in SCMP the board has been forced to have an emergency meeting to plan counter offensive.

The board were expecting legal action such as an injunction against the sign or fire tactic. Instead the HKAOA paid for a survey with leading questions and reported that many Hong Kongers thought the company had behaved badly! This extreme tactic has blind sided the board.

Slasher1 15th Nov 2020 02:55

I'll bet it's going to look even worse when someone points out the company took government money, then deliberately refused government sustenance for the time period it did its dirty work (so that it could do its dirty work) and then turned right around again wanting a bailout from the government. Conspiracy theory stuff.

Dragon Pacific 15th Nov 2020 06:24

controlled rest

Cant find it. Link please.

Freehills 15th Nov 2020 06:35

Nothing announced to HKEX about an emergency board meeting

cabbages 15th Nov 2020 08:18

Well at least someone appreciates your humour controlledrest. 👍

UnaMas 15th Nov 2020 09:13


If you look up you might see the joke flying past

Oasis 15th Nov 2020 10:18

I would never let a joke fly overhead, my reflexes are too fast.

Freehills 15th Nov 2020 23:08


Starbear 16th Nov 2020 12:15


Yonosoy Marinero 17th Nov 2020 06:24

Communication is going to be the most effective (and only) strategy going forward for the AOA and other unions.

While everyone is scrambling for a job, any job, at the moment and we have zero leverage, things will eventually settle and normalize.
The new terms should be made public and explained in context to every potential wannabe out there, warts and all.

For expats: the mediocre accommodation, expensive schooling for kids, general high cost of living, poor medical coverage for self and family (in a foreign country), zero contractual protection from a contract that give absolute free reign to the employer over every aspect of your job/life along with an extremely accommodating EO, no job security (can be dismissed for literally no reason at all), no seniority protection, the lack of any control of your own productivity in a productivity based contract (the company decides how much they want you to make every month / you will suffer vastly reduced income with every crisis), being financially punished for being sick/fatigued, no bonus/13th month/profit share, the perenially confrontational and bullish nature of the employer, the difficulty of commuting to escape the high costs, etc, etc.

For cadets (additionally to the above): The fact that you are engaging yourself in a highly specialized career that is not so rewarding anymore, especially when factoring the long term risks involved in it such as loss of medical or the cyclical/capricious nature of the business, the lack of mobility options reducing your horizon and thus increasing your job dependence on a handful of employers, the continual downwards pressure on the whole profession exerted by their own willingness to sign anything that's handed to them, shortly to be exacerbated by the impending implementation of increased automation and reduced manning levels (single pilot cruise, anyone?), the training bond, etc...

All on a backdrop of a rapidly changing geopolitical context...

Sure, that will probably still seem attractive to some, especially from less developed nations, but at least it will break the aura of the CX group being the good career option it once was and replace it with the truth of it just being another job, which so happens to require you to live in one of the most expensive cities in the World.

Stemming the influx of arrival, especially those who do not realize what they are signing into, is the only way to affect the market forces at play.

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