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RAT Management 1st Feb 2019 01:29

Because a leopard can't change it's spots.

This will be evident as the empty promises evaporate.

Don't buy into a carrot. Buy into a fixed contact not verbal assurances and election promises to swing your vote.

​​​​​​Good luck but you can only make one choice. Just make sure it's the right one!

mothy1583 1st Feb 2019 02:18

Originally Posted by GMEDX (Post 10376093)
If the 330 training was a failure then why are KA doing JFO upgrades again next month? You will be seeing CX pilots wearing red ties in the BO. Even more in subsequent months if, as I suspect, the vote is NO.

I wouldn't put too much faith in KA training. I've flown with a few guys that went through their initial upgrades at KA and, though they appreciated the exposure, they all felt it was not beneficial to their course as they had to learn and then unlearn our different procedures - longer courses resulted.

KA let 35+ trainers off the books due to a lack of utilisation. If this approach was a viable way to circumvent the TB, wouldn't they be flat out? The only reason they reinstated these guys was because of the threat of a TB by the DPA. I doubt the "negligible impact" would prompt this reaction so, it stands to reason, that our TB is effective and CX management didn't want to be caught out again. Expansion plans are severely hamstrung. Now they're paying for excess training capacity at KA they would understandably send a few courses that way, but it won't be a flood as the cost savings aren't there. You can also add in the push to expand SO numbers for long-haul (rather than upgrade) to this equation.

Gnadenburg 1st Feb 2019 08:34

Agreed mothy.

KA training seems poor economy and with upcoming wage negotiations the relationship will probably sour. Doesn't it require a KA Fist Officer riding shot-gun anyways? They are in double OT as is the KA Training Capt who gobble up the high hour, day returns under the guise of a training requirement- though it is really the bizarre club mentality of KA that must cost tens of millions. And now they are training up the FOI inspectors too because CX can not? So KA line captains are on a working holiday with the fancy new rostering computer spitting out the most inefficient rosters seen since the 90's.

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