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broadband circuit 23rd Jun 2015 02:05

Training Assessments
I'm assuming I mis-read the crew list of a flight on Sunday.

It says one of the 49ers was doing a training assessment.

Please, can someone confirm I've mis-read it......

monster330 23rd Jun 2015 02:50

Need flight number or destination broadband

AQIS Boigu 23rd Jun 2015 05:59

Just do a search for "TA" on the master roster...easy to figure out.

Long Dong Silver 23rd Jun 2015 16:19

Hmm I guess he/she is a masochist

1200firm 23rd Jun 2015 22:09

It's an easy search. There are 4 guys doing TA's in July.

rhoshamboe 24th Jun 2015 01:02

How many of them have been heard to bit*h about pay and rostering?

Loopdeloop 24th Jun 2015 04:23

That search came up with "No Matching Entry or Viewing Disallowed" when I tried it. What am I doing wrong?

arse 24th Jun 2015 05:53

So you guys are having a go at a 49er?


Think about it!

RHEINHARD 24th Jun 2015 07:42

Type in TA in the special code. All captains all fleets.
Few sons of the 4 th Reich in there.

goathead 24th Jun 2015 11:03

Because 70% of cx pilots are questionable
Absolutely no gumption at all across the board the fact that these sons of the fourth reich are signing up says it all , is one of those a Kiwi ? Shame on him
Why the hell would you go into training anyway ?? The terms are a joke !

Hugo Peroni the IV 26th Jun 2015 12:03

Those doing TA's don't realize that they are not just screwing the AOA position of strength but also any chance to get a better package for trainers in CX over the coming years.

Mind you, can't really expect much from some of them. Sleazy individuals at work AND in their little love notes to ISM's whilst commuting away from home. Pitiful.

monster330 26th Jun 2015 15:45

What an awful, awful, horrid place to be.

Wasting away the good years for this company, and those that do this sort of thing to their brothers.


CX-HOR 27th Jun 2015 04:50

hypothetical question for the brains trust
So in the past Cathay have recruited DECs on the freighter and also DEFOs on bases because of a "lack of suitably qualified candidates" (according to their assessment criteria).

Would it be legal for Cathay due to the training backlog and need for RQ FOs to simply recruit FOs already type-rated, give them the ground-school required to convert their existing ATPL, a PC/RT and line check and have some-one ready for RQ after 200 hours in the company?

Of course that may trigger bypass for SOs but paying JFO yr 1 for a while and then knowing it has to be repaid in the future if they don't "meet company standards" in the minimum number of sectors is a hell of a lot of extra stress and would cause greater than the current failure rate. Even then if they pass they are still on JFO year 1 salary.

To attract 330 and 777 type-rated guys maybe hard without housing but as TT SOs get a "foregivable loan" then I imagine the same amount or more could also be offered to DEFOs to attract them to Hong Kong.

Are there guys out there? Well I think Qantas has an "arrangement" for its guys to take unpaid leave and fly for Emirates or the Jetstar group they might like a few years in Hong Kong before going back to the big rat. I reckon there may well be a lot of MAS guys looking to go elsewhere who are already qualified and would come to HK or commute to KL.

We must be very aware of any "unintended consequences" in pushing the Company into a tight spot for crew. It hasn't worked in the past.

DropKnee 27th Jun 2015 06:06

There is no one to be had. CX is falling apart.
Let them recruit the less desirable. That is all they would get. Unless of course they have no experience. There are plenty of those types of flyers about.

Arfur Dent 28th Jun 2015 05:14

I said ages ago that this whole "race to the bottom" was a ticking time bomb. Life is soon to get interesting but what has this to do with Training Assessments I wonder. Have these superstars been identified and expelled from the AOA?:confused:

oriental flyer 28th Jun 2015 07:37

Of course not the union is about as gutless as the members

Captain Dart 28th Jun 2015 08:52

The ticking time bomb is everything to do with TA's. It started when an A Scaler commenced training the first B Scaler: his eventual replacement on lower T & C's.

And so the race to the bottom goes on...

BalusKaptan 28th Jun 2015 08:52

You maybe right CX-HOR, BUT, how do you give them even the most menial training required to get them on-line? We still have a significant number of FOs who through no fault of their own are causing chaos on the roster/reserve coverage as they are not RQ qualified purely because the training system is completely overloaded already. If they could just be checked out for RQ then a considerable mess would be cleared rapidly. RQ qualification can be done extremely quickly, well inside a week. I mention this not to mean that this is the only problem, far from it, but as just an example of the multiple problems that exist and one of the quickest and easiest to fix.

Villaintriloquist 5th Jul 2015 22:55


Unlikely management will go there, as most of our trainers are very loyal AOA members and will resign en masse the moment management decides to go down this route. There will be no one to train these direct entry individuals :=

Further, due to elevated stress levels, everybody else will be "unfit" to fly with non-AOA trainers and any direct entry individual - should they make it through.

In other words, moral will plummet and sickness rates will skyrocket.

Everybody will be pulling their weight equally for a common cause and things will grind to a halt very quickly.

I'm sure management knows that dabbling in direct entry anything is certainly not a viable solution to fixing their self-created crew shortage problems :ugh:

controlledrest 5th Jul 2015 23:02

They have done it before and they will do it again.

The Trainers (good Company men) will train them up, just like they did last time, even though the SOs were taking legal action against the company.

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