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ColonelAngus 15th Oct 2014 04:36

Check your company email...

Waterskier 15th Oct 2014 04:41

Great follow on to the Boeing Chief Pilot's email about how they want to improve USA Based Freighter Rosters.

Rumour has it several yanks are leaving and several more with interviews.

This A Day debacle will not help the situation

Blue Bag Bitch 15th Oct 2014 05:13

So where's that contract compliance vote?

Eikonoklastes 15th Oct 2014 05:41

The timing was a little unhelpful ...

Bob Hawke 15th Oct 2014 06:17

Curtain Rod. Just wait. I'm sure it's on the way. It's all coming together. Their fcuk ups, our patience.

Frogman1484 15th Oct 2014 07:14

Just a quick question....what are we going to do if Contract compliance does not bring them to their knees?

What then?

asianeagle 15th Oct 2014 07:43

Just a quick question....what are we going to do if Contract compliance does not bring them to their knees?

What then?
ummmmm :confused::confused:


GANKER 15th Oct 2014 07:52

A days are more important to the company than they let on. A lot more flights will be be cancelled due to lack of crew and lack of reserve coverage.
Not a good move IMO not that my opinion counts for anything.

Captain Dart 15th Oct 2014 08:25

My sentiments too. Less window to 'get you' for a duty. I was thinking of changing from A's to R's anyhow. The vast majority of my A Day callouts over the years have been notified the day before at 'log in'.

Bring it on.

Outbacker 15th Oct 2014 09:38

What an utter mess this company is. I've had it.

Shep69 15th Oct 2014 12:10

The A days actually benefit the company more than us to some extent (they're free and don't start the FTL clock ticking).

But I'm sure this will have the net effect of pushing the 'fence sitters' off the fence. If one has to pull reserve one might as well do so at a company with a sane non-revenue commuter policy as well as the ability to ride in the front of the jet.

It will also have the net effect of ailenating those who previously always did suit up and show up.

This place is the only place I know who bluffs with a set of deuces.

idonknow 15th Oct 2014 13:27

I was just another slightly jaded CX driver. Now I am so p!ssed off with the whole thing I'm looking elsewhere. Yes it's still on the whole not a bad job once the gears up but this death by a thousand pecks wares you down eventually. Oh and to the union I started my contract compliance on receipt of the GMAs letter..

SOPS 15th Oct 2014 14:17

As an outsider, is it allowed to ask what A days are? Just so it is easier to follow the conversation.

sos 15th Oct 2014 15:04

Hey Idonkonw -

You are kidding !!
It took this to get yourself in contract compliance??????? :=

Wake up - :eek:

It has being going down well before then.

Remember ----- it's a team effort

ColonelAngus 15th Oct 2014 15:54

SOPS, "A" days are basically long-call reserve but with no rules governing them. They are not considered duty but, the day before an "A" day is rostered the pilot must contact the company between noon and 2pm to check if there is a duty for him or her. If so, he or she has a minimum of 10 hours to report. If not, he or she must be immediately contactable on an "A" day between 0600 and 1400 and be able to report for duty within 10 hours of being notified.

Now, that "long-call reserve" is gone. All there is now is short-call, which is a duty and is covered by many rules as well as requiring being able to report for duty within 2 hours and 15 minutes of notification.

Reserve can start and end at any time of the day. Pilots accrue no pay for reserve unless they are rostered for more than 30 days of it per year.

Unlike normal airlines, where generally only the junior pilots do reserve and only reserve, at Cathay everyone does reserve, mixed in with regular flying.

ColonelAngus 15th Oct 2014 16:10

Freighter Reserve Coverage?
So, checking the roster for 747 freighter captains in November there are in

ATL 5 R days out of 4 CN (5/120 man-days)
ORD 6 R days out of 3 CN (6/90 man-days)
JFK 4 R days out of 3 CN (4/90 man-days)
LAX 0 R days out of 4 CN (0/120 man-days)

Total 15 R days total for 14 captains
15 R days out of 420 man-days

I guess they're counting on G day workers.

SOPS 15th Oct 2014 17:14

Thanks for that CA:ok:

AQIS Boigu 15th Oct 2014 19:04

Contract compliance - yeah right
Wonder how a certain a MEL based Kiwi captain will get around this one...more deals with crew control?

Unfortunately for commuters this will lead into more pilots constantly calling crew control to get a trip allocated in advance rather than spending days and days in a hotel at their base port.

H21SE 15th Oct 2014 19:32

Preferred ports
Guess they'll (CX) lose the advantage of having an "A" day guy with a preferred port cover both bases.

Farman Biplane 16th Oct 2014 00:47

It is always a risk on a base if you choose to live greater than 02:15hrs away from the report location. Just as it is if you choose to commute to/fro HKG. The A day is simply a non binding agreement to ameliorate the risk.

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