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jetjockey696 21st Sep 2014 13:59

Garuda named "best airline in Australasia"
Garuda named "best airline in Australasia" for second successive year

Flag carrier Garuda Indonesia has been named the best airline across the Asia and Australasia regions for the second year in a row by the Airline Passenger Experience Association (APEX).

Garuda Indonesia was named APEX’s “Passenger Choice Award” winner again as chosen by passengers in the region on Monday in a ceremony held in Anaheim, California, beating out other regional carriers such as Singapore Airlines, Cathay Pacific Airways, Korean Air and EVA Air.

The award is based on a comprehensive survey assessing an airline’s quality of service, products and innovation, along with customer satisfaction.

Garuda Indonesia services director Faik Fahmi said the award was yet another important milestone for the airline because it showed that the world acknowledged the airline’s efforts at development.

“This award would not be possible without the commitment and the hard work of all Garuda Indonesia staff in order to provide the best service possible to our customers,” Faik said in a statement made available to The Jakarta Post on Friday.

In the same week, the airline also received the Gold Award from the Pacific Asia Travel Association (PATA), for their immigration on board (IOB) service and their service quality, which has adopted the concept of the “Garuda Indonesia Experience”.

Faik Fahmi also accepted the award on behalf of the company at the awards event in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

This year has proven to be a notable year for Garuda, with the flag carrier already receiving numerous awards and titles from international associations, including “The World’s Best Cabin Crew 2014” by UK-based airline alliance network Skytrax, at the Farnborough Air Show in the UK in July. (++++)

Lowkoon 21st Sep 2014 14:25

Was there any other airlines in the competition?

mgahan 21st Sep 2014 14:58

Guess you haven't flown with them recently.

Business class buys and sells the competition to Australia. immigration on board and a host of other benefits.

Only problem I have is their schedule to and from KL


The Bullwinkle 21st Sep 2014 15:20

Business class buys and sells the competition to Australia.
Yep. Right up to the point of impact!

12wheeler 21st Sep 2014 15:37

The passengers were simply too happy to be alive, they couldn't care less about the service.

cxorcist 21st Sep 2014 15:54

When I joined or shortly thereafter, I was sitting through a presentation by corporate safety. At the time, some young girl was presenting safety statistics and how wonderful CX was. She was also trashing Garuda for their less than impressive safety record. The thing that strikes me now, retrospectively, was that she seemed to be claiming CX's safety record as a big victory for corporate safety and the organization as a whole. I look back on that and think... It's mostly the pilots who make this a safe operation despite the obstacles we face from company. She was basically claiming credit for something that the pilots deserve nearly 100% of the praise for. Engineering has become a shell of its former self. Despatch can barely even produce the paperwork, much less help down route. Cabin crew have to be taught that where there is smoke there is a fire. 3rd floor, south tower tries their very best to ensure that we pilots are tired and pissed off as much as possible when we show up for work.

So yes, I'm taking 99.9% of the credit for the pilots.

Tinwacker 22nd Sep 2014 10:06


The passengers were simply too happy to be alive, they couldn't care less about the service.
From HKG, where did you make up that silly statement, or was it just another stupid heresay, something you heard in the pub one day....?

Frequent traveller on GA and still very happy to do so..

CX 2014 awards, given for using plastic cutlery, with some aircraft still using old video recorders and even in Business class removal of the salt n pepper such one has to ask for this basic condiment, so what next for the passengers enjoyment ????


SloppyJoe 22nd Sep 2014 10:14


I think everyone here will agree that Cathays service is in a downward spiral and far from the worlds best airline that it may once have been. A shame given that those who agree are not only customers but also employees. Oh well, at least someone is getting a bonus.

12wheeler 22nd Sep 2014 15:12


Are you going to argue with me about their safety record? In 2007, EU banned Garuda from flying into any EU countries due to their safety standards. They had 5 accidents which resulted in fatalities in the last 20 years. Do I need to say more?

Garuda 'world's best' award haunted by 2007 slaughter | Plane Talking

ChinaBeached 23rd Sep 2014 06:52

And this is the mantra that bean counters love to hear from passengers.... Who cares about the qualifications or lack thereof of the flight crew, the cabin crew, the training standards, the regulator's incomprehensible corruption, nepotism and backhand deals? As long as the ticket is cheap and the meal is warm that's all passengers judge an airline on. Safety is on par with "got requested seat" as far as passengers are concerned.

lilflyboy262...2 23rd Sep 2014 07:26

Flown Garuda a number of times now and they a really impressive.

They have basically done a Korean Airlines turn around after their accidents.

They are off the EU blacklist. Its one of the few indonesian airlines to pass the blanket ban. They are currently being audited by the FAA and the Dutch CAA and I believe there has been an Audit by ICAO recently.

TopTup 23rd Sep 2014 10:39

So too was Air India back in 2009. Several audits by the US FAA and ICAO due an ever growing "show cause" list. They were threatened with ICAO and FAA Cat 2. Then the lobby groups kicked in and AI threatened to cancel their Boeing orders. Hey presto! FAA Cat 2 threat removed.

Now some 5 years later the FAA has acted against the Indian DGCA, at last.

My point? Where there's bureaucracy there's the potential for corruption to differing levels in all parts of the world: some more than others.

KAL or Asiana aren't ones to really boast about especially when a simple 3:1 approach cannot be handled by "experienced" Captains. CRM at KAL? Open and transparent standards? Again, some places worse than others as I mentioned.

I'd rather a stale sandwich for in flight catering and paper, scissors, rock for in flight entertainment if I KNEW that the guys up the pointy end & the FA's were of the highest standard as they / we all should. That can save my life. Sadly the travelling public relate in flight smiles to high standards of training and safety. Airlines like KAL, Asiana and Garuda are classic examples here.

Yeager 23rd Sep 2014 15:26

obviously the statistic didn't incorporate fatality rate and crash statistic's of the airline.. How long ago was it that it was taken of the "do not enter Europe" list? :}

jumbobelle 23rd Sep 2014 22:17

the best award money can buy

lilflyboy262...2 24th Sep 2014 04:11

Jumbobelle, if you are from France, your national airline is not much better.

How many of you that are casting stones actually flown on Garuda? Or spoken to the pilots? Or seen the training in place?
I personally haven't either, but I'm just wondering who has and hasn't and just relying on history.

Lowkoon 24th Sep 2014 05:06

Or this little gem! Wonderful to see he is back flying! Garuda crash | Marwoto Komar

Must be good news for the families of the victims to know the airline is eligible for awards so soon after killing their loved ones.

I wonder if the good people at APEX have a limit on the number of fatalities an airline can accumulate before an airline become ineligible for such a prestigious award? 100? 200? 1000? Or just none during the qualifying period? :hmm:

ACMS 24th Sep 2014 06:36

You are F***** kidding me :mad:

Surely this person cannot be allowed back in charge of anything bigger than a go kart?

jetjockey696 24th Sep 2014 06:48

I rather fly Garuda any time.. over any airlines in India.

Pilot asleep, co-pilot on tab, Jet flight drops 5,000 feet...Aug 14, 2014. Times of India.

Pilot lets 2 flight attendants fly Air India plane... May 4, 2013. Times of India.

Pilot was snoring before Air India crash...17 November 2010. The Guardian.

These guys tend to sleep all the time... hahaha

Tinwacker 24th Sep 2014 17:02


Are you going to argue with me about their safety record?
No, should I ??


lilflyboy262...2 25th Sep 2014 13:45

Does it say that he is back flying, or just eligible? That's how I read it.

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