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bang ding ow 19th Jul 2014 09:20

One day strike
I think all Pilots world-wide should go on strike for one day to protest the shooting down of MH 17. The message should be clear - THIS IS NOT ACCEPTABLE. Not acceptable because of the obvious disregard for innocent peoples' lives, not acceptable because of the obvious slavish adherence to economics by routing flights over war zones and not acceptable because of the complete lack of concern - again - for the opinions and input from the professionals that crew civilian airliners from politicians, oversight agencies and the entities that employ us.

TOWTEAMBASE 19th Jul 2014 10:03

One day strike
I wonder if there would be enough Tarmac to park them all up should EVERY ac on this planet be grounded. ?

Captain Dart 19th Jul 2014 10:25

For years,it has been time for a worldwide twenty-four hour strike by every IFALPA pilot, in order to put airline managements on notice that pilots have had enough of deteriorating salaries and conditions.

We are one of the few professions capable of shutting down the entire planet.

bang ding ow 19th Jul 2014 11:37

One day strike
Dart....while I completely agree with your sentiment and certainly share your frustration at the current state of our industrial/remuneration affairs world-wide, I proffer this idea as a way for us to say 'enough is enough' on a purely moral, humanitarian level. I believe this event totally transcends our dismal industrial state of affairs. Who here in the fragrant harbour community wants to be flying in the vicinity of the Daioyu Islands (something we do every day) when the Chinese or Japanese military 'accidentally' fires the first missile off?......not me, and I would imagine, none of my passengers either. It is UNACCEPTABLE to shoot down an unarmed civilian airliner for whatever reason, period.

Will IB Fayed 19th Jul 2014 14:07

Can we make it tomorrow? I'm on a G day. :zzz:

Ridiculous thread.

bang ding ow 20th Jul 2014 07:07

One day strike
Will IB
I'm sorry that you feel that way.

millionaire 20th Jul 2014 07:54

Ok, I will go on strike too...Bang, pls let us know when you plan to do it, and all of us will follow you...

Pucka 20th Jul 2014 09:47

Bang..bloody good idea!! Can I suggest that as pilots, we also identify ALL the global hot zones and refuse to overfly...it's about time decisions are brought back into the flight deck and away from the desk jockeys who have no idea of principled decision making or indeed safety.

bang ding ow 20th Jul 2014 11:43

One day strike
I will be suspending my revenue generating activities on....


Care to join me?

LongTimeInCX 20th Jul 2014 15:51

So BadBigDong you're on a G day too eh?

bang ding ow 20th Jul 2014 17:06

One day strike
LTICX.....Maybe, maybe not.
PUCKA....Identifying hot zones, advising us to stay away from them, isn't that
one of the reasons why IFALPA exists or are we being underserved there also?

Care to join me?

Oasis 20th Jul 2014 19:14

I think a flyby of the Kremlin would be better! Let pooty poot know we are unhappy.

Pucka 21st Jul 2014 00:12

Yes Bang..I think the 8th will be an appropriate start...drinks?
IFALPA...mmm...probably the only organisation that can apply pressure to ICAO ..either way..all the appropriate associations that represent us, need to coherently and with unity, say NO to hot zone overflights...

Steve the Pirate 21st Jul 2014 00:17

Yes Bang..I think the 8th will be an appropriate start...drinks?
Inappropriate flippancy associated with a tragedy.


A3301FD 21st Jul 2014 04:27

I think we should form a committee so that all our flying brothers...and sisters, can actively participate in a forum to discuss the reprehensible treatment...**** it...follow the gourd!

Rhodesia...two Viscounts shot down, no international strike.

Iranian Airbus shot down by USS Vincennes....no international strike.

KAL 007 shot down by the Russians...again no international strike.

Your dreaming.

MH17 was clearly shot down by the Russian backed separatists because there was a doctor on board travelling to KL for the conference on the Arse Injected Death Sentence...and he had a cure. So, the big pharmaceutical companies angered by the loss of potential revenue hired Vlad to shoot down the jet. Simples :ok:

tsimbeit 21st Jul 2014 05:57

The Ukrainian military shot down Siberian Airlines Flight 1812
Siberia Airlines Flight 1812 was shot down by the Ukrainian military over the Black Sea on 4 October 2001, en route from Tel Aviv, Israel to Novosibirsk, Russia

Exit Strategy 21st Jul 2014 06:27

GF771, reported as a bombing but widely believed to be an accidental shoot down.

A3301FD 21st Jul 2014 06:27

Dan Buster
Errrr.... No. I work for CX...that got checked out of me by managements example.

jacobus 21st Jul 2014 07:03

Moderators. Pls remove A3301's post and bar this idiot. Absolute disgrace.

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