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Didacts and Narpets 23rd Jan 2014 05:53

The Second coming!
It sounds like the Manhattan Project, phase 2, is about to kick off.

Ok, in clear language, green pilots are about to get a surprise! "Incoming, torpedo in the water"!

Your Association is going to let you down but you will have no recourse I'm afraid. CX has successfully boxed you into a corner and no matter what you do, you will lose.

I was holding out for hope and greener pastures but am now convinced otherwise. I would rather you be prepared than not. The good news is there are enough jobs that would love to have the best pilots in the world. You guys are overtrained but are very qualified and experienced.

Please remember, it's just a job and CX/KA will not change. Don't take it personally. Just like a bad marriage, you just sometimes have to move on.

Best of luck in the year of the horse.

joebanana 23rd Jan 2014 08:29


Strewth 23rd Jan 2014 09:03

But who's the best of the best.

Suppose Syd or Roy and ilk.

744drv 23rd Jan 2014 09:39

Can I have some too please .... sounds like great stuff

You're (used correctly) on another planet

Didacts and Narpets 23rd Jan 2014 10:12

For the spelling lesson again 744drv. As you know, because YOU'RE a flipping genius, computers have a spell check/correct system. And though this is a RUMORS NETWORK and not English class, we still have twats like you to bring about the best in all of us. You truly are a treat and have obviously assimilated into the Borg well.

Now back to the RUMOR!:ugh:

nitpicker330 23rd Jan 2014 10:23

Don't feed the troll.........

Steve the Pirate 23rd Jan 2014 10:47

Rumour has it that "rumor" should be spelt (or spelled, depending upon your preference) "rumour". Well, that's what the title of this forum says anyway but let's get back to the important stuff.

D & N, by "green" pilots, do you mean environmentalists or inexperienced? And what does the Manhattan Project have to do with torpedoes? :confused:


Abbey Road 23rd Jan 2014 11:05

I don't really know what the subject of this thread is, but I sense doom and gloom. Manhattan Project, torpedo ....... they foretell of nuclear war, death and destruction. I did read the reference to 'green' as meaning inexperienced.

Sounds interesting, so can the originator of this thread tell us more, in plain English, please?

744drv 23rd Jan 2014 11:10

Not his forte, obviously

Yonosoy Marinero 23rd Jan 2014 12:04

He means the AOA will bend over during the negotiations and we will get shafted. Again.

Now tell us something we don't know.

Oasis 23rd Jan 2014 13:53

744drv, I do hope you pronounced the word 'forte' as 'fort' and not 'fortay', which would be incorrect.
The more you know.

What is this thread about?

744drv 23rd Jan 2014 14:31

:) No idea!!

clear.right 24th Jan 2014 00:24

Ok, in clearer language this time....

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