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ByAirMail 20th Jun 2013 02:29

The best and the worst.
We might have the best cabin crew, but we definitely have the worst I.T. department. Thats what happen when you cut cost and employ people who will work just to get out of the sub continent.

Hong Kong, a city with some of the fastest and cheapest internet, a "brand name" company, and they can't run basic support services. The tail is wagging the dog, making Mr. Nipperess , a clerk , a man with power.

Soul planet 20th Jun 2013 04:11

How legit is Skytrax?

Ladies and gentlemen,
SKYTRAX, How Honest Is This Site? — Civil Aviation Forum | Airliners.net

It's been in the industry many years that as long as you advertise and spend enough money on skytrash, you win an award. Depends on what type of advertisement too. Did I say skytrash? Oops sry. Guess where our company spent its money on the past year? You tell me.

How do you think funds that help run skytrax come from? Charity?

ByAirMail 20th Jun 2013 05:06

Don't need Skytrax to know our I.T. will not win any awards soon....
But you right, they were putting up banners in dispatch with in hours of the announcement, go figure.

CodyBlade 20th Jun 2013 06:20

Welcome to the Banglaore IT guys MO.

The entire system will F**K up when we leave.

Soul planet 20th Jun 2013 07:31

I know many of you, like me, are not fans of skytrash. If you do enough research, it is actually a completely commercialized organization and airlines have to pay annual fees to be part of their reviewed items. An interesting case in point, uk regulator filed a complaint against skytrax relating to its transparency.

UK regulator upholds complaint against airline review site Skytrax | Tnooz

And more reasons why our voting system is fraud and dead:
Why Skytrax is dead [Plus: 7 insights into the future of airline brand ratings] | SimpliFlyingSimpliFlying

Thanks Airmail for letting us know the speedy preparation of congratulation banners in kitty city hours before the announcement, it further proves that any aspect of our company service is fast and efficient! :D

Soul planet 20th Jun 2013 07:43

Make your team happy to increase productivity
According to FastCompany magazine “disengaged workers cost the U.S. economy $350 billion a year in lost productivity.” Happy employees are more productive and waste less resources and energy.

Make Your Team Happy to Increase Productivity | Time Management Ninja

Investing money to make workers happy and keeping the reputation positive increases workers's productivity and saves resources in a long run. :ok:

Guess who believes skytrash is totally legit and unbiased and is totally happy now? Another public gimmick to boost everyone's morale?

nitpicker330 20th Jun 2013 08:15

Have you seen all heart warming photos on Twotter of the celebrations in Flight Dispatch?.......that's right it's FLIGHT DISPATCH not some "Theatre"

Too bad for the crews trying to read Notams Wx etc before their flights only 20 feet away from all the hooplah......:ugh:, where's the flight safety in that???

Pucka 20th Jun 2013 09:05

Skytrash will always post biased and inaccurate comment and or award. They are not in the business of making either the public or the airlines aware of performance shortfalls of airlines or airports. Bali for example is one of the most corrupt airports on the planet with scams everywhere..from immigration to visa dept shenanigans. Skytrash wouldn't even touch it..obviously affects their dynamic of hand outs and embelished opinion.

Soul planet 20th Jun 2013 13:07

You mean this

As an outsider to CX I have to agree the cabin service has gone downhill quite rapidly in the last 5 years or so. It seems that gone are the days when 'westerners' would comment positively and attribute the excellent service to the lovely Far East approach to service industries. Doubtless those same lovely ladies who, in the past, provided such good service are now as cheesed off and jaded by the same penny-pinching and continued degradation of their terms and conditions as the rest of us are. Unfortunately, as the front-line of Cathay's customer service, they are now damaging the brand and it is having an a detrimental effect. By way of only a teeny-tiny example, my wife recently travelled from Oz to the UK and back with CX. She was in J and the price was very competitive. Not the cheapest but we thought it was worth paying the extra for the imagined improved cabin service over the other, cheaper, players. Well, that was a decision we regret and Cathay have lost another customer. I know, I know, don't let the door etc. The thing is, my wife is one of the least demanding people you will ever meet and yet she could not muster one good word to say about the Cathay experience. Several of the comments already made here were included in her description of the flights, including the lacklustre meal services, the amazing ability of the cabin crew to disappear, the sighing and tutting when she had the temerity to ask for more water (what on earth was she thinking) and the distinct impression that she was being done a HUGE favour when the crew deigned to do their job. It's something you'd expect of an American airline and certainly not one based in the Far East. Anyway, yesterday we were talking about an upcoming trip and I'd researched the various prices again. Cathay was immediately crossed off the list, with the only comment being, "I'm not travelling with them again".

As for the PAs, well I find myself in the Curtain Rod boat with this one. I'm very aware of the necessity of having to do certain announcements regarding seat belts, codesharing etc but, really, do we need all the bolleaux that's been spouted since the Sunderlands cut across the skies? Once upon a time the pax had no idea of what time they might be landing, the proposed route, the weather at the destination etc. Nowadays it's ALL on the IFE. It bugs the hell out of me when my movie gets interrupted by a top-of-climb lecture about all the things I can see on my screen. It REALLY bugs me when I then have to hear it all again in another one or two languages. I won't rant about my over-riding hatred of "fasten your seat belts" X 3 languages when the sign goes on and then the "keep them fastened when seated" X 3 EVERY time it goes off again To then rub salt into the wounds and have to listen to the ETA (again), the weather (again) because it's now up-to-date and all the other blurb in three languages, when I'm trying to see the end of the movie that's been interrupted so many times already, really gets my goat. The ETA is on the TV and, as Curtain Rod said, what difference does it make? You can't influence it, you can't re-plan, you can't do anything different given the information, so why repeat what's been on the screen for the last XX hours? Likewise the weather. Oh, it's 30 degrees and sunny. In that case I'll change my clothes for arriving in the air conditioned terminal. 15 degrees and raining; I'll change my clothes for arriving in the covered, dry, terminal. It makes not one iota of difference in the modern world and is complete nonsense left over from days of old when that information wasn't available to all and sundry. Clearly this is NOT aimed solely at CX and I only dragged out my soapbox because the subject was in this thread. I travel with Qantas a lot and exactly the same comments apply to them. Everybody, shut up on PA unless it's mandated and/or safety information. I have to add I do practise what I preach and refuse to do anything more than the required talking.

And now the sun looks low enough that it's time for a beer. Cheers fellow aviators .

Bad Service In Y+ - FlyerTalk Forums. ?

Woah, lets imagine this is world's best service how disgustingly rude Japanese and Korean airlines would be doing? Lets just enjoy the cut out boards at kitty city before the company runs out of money for next year's show! Encouraging staff to take pictures in front of those dummy boards, and put them online? Another public relations stun. :ok:

Flyer jazz 30th Jun 2013 10:06

"Coming to get uniform, and then run into hot hot FO again on the HAS bus!!! Wanna go talk to him and say Hi, but I don't have any make-up on!!!
Damn it!!! I'm so useless arrrr.... — at Cathay Pacific City 國泰城.

Welcome to Hong Kong, where one can only start a conversation with make-up and we are not interested in you.

White None 30th Jun 2013 13:54

Oh great, the little boy's back.

CodyBlade 1st Jul 2013 02:35

It's a real headache.

Hidden buttons
Hidden drop down menus
Hidden selection
Hidden choices
And finally "Have you entered the correct email" is freaky!

Soul planet 1st Jul 2013 17:08

Hah, look at how they are laughing their saliva out with oily lips and teeth! Ugh... Keep the red carpet rolling! Good show :ok:

TopTup 2nd Jul 2013 04:44

Classical conditioning is the term......


Flap10 2nd Jul 2013 09:11

I take it you haven't joined the 21st Century yet Curtain Rod. You do realize these smart phones take pictures yeah??? Now take a wild guess why a good percentage of them are holding their phones...the answer ain't difficult. :ugh::ugh:

Threethirty 2nd Jul 2013 09:51

Flaps 10 I would hazard a guess that it was more to do with a website called facebook and something called a status update, hence the damn phones being continuing welded to the hands of most people in this day and age.

Soul planet 3rd Jul 2013 00:42

But is it necessary to check your phone's status right in the middle of the interview? Probably letting all your friends know you are on youtube!! Just not okay

Who attacked the girl at 0:53 with grease and smashed the one at 2:06 with my grandma's baking powder?

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