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pm07a2m 3rd Mar 2012 12:09

re-post: realistic odds for a visa sponsorhip- fragrant harbour
Hello all,
I am re-posting a threat I started in the Fragrant Harbour -wannabes section. Unfortunately I didn't receive any answers so I am re-posting it here (I guess it makes sense as I am asking advice from people with experience in HK).

This is what I would like some advice on:

i would love some of your opinions on the chanches of gettina visa to work as planning engineer position for HK airlines.
I haven't applied yet but im not sure if it is even worth it, here is my situation in three lines:

- i hold an aviation degree
- i have 2 years experience as a planning engineer
- i dont speak cantonese

i am hoping the working language is english but am not able to find any specific info...will they even bother reading my application?

Your thoughts are welcome


pm07a2m 3rd Mar 2012 12:11

oh PS:

I have looked around previous threads but eveythings seems relevant to flying positions!!

broadband circuit 3rd Mar 2012 12:37

Visa sponsorship is usually not an issue. As with any job, if the company wants to hire you, they will sponsor you for a visa.

Get the job first. Then let them worry about the paperwork.

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