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Liam Gallagher 19th Dec 2011 05:21

Kim Jong Phil Dead!!
Imagine my disappointed to turn on the News and learn they were talking about some bloke from North Korea:}

Anyone know how to get a Champagne cork back in its bottle?

jed_thrust 19th Dec 2011 09:45


(I have to add at least 9 more characters - a simple thumbs up wasn't allowed)

Captain Boers 19th Dec 2011 13:51

Comments such as these are quite despicable even if in jest.

Brian Abraham 19th Dec 2011 20:24

Comments such as these are quite despicable even if in jest.
I'm sure the families of the millions who have died from starvation agree with you.

The Wraith 19th Dec 2011 23:24

Yep, Boers, I'm so desperately sad at his passing.......:ugh:

badairsucker 20th Dec 2011 00:17


Are you for bloody real????

One of the worlds most appalling human being dies and you are disgusted by some of these comments. YOU make me sick.

Arfur Dent 20th Dec 2011 01:24

Boers does come from Lalaland!

iceman50 20th Dec 2011 02:36

Brian Abraham
The Wraith
Arfur Dent

Perhaps you four gentlemen should read the initial post and get your facts correct, the post was not aimed at "dear leader".

Captain Dart 20th Dec 2011 05:17

Right, I'll put everyone not 'in' on the joke out of their misery. 'Kim Jong Phil' refers to a previous CX manager, who was also a Star Chamber member.

Many of us among the the CX flight crew group find Liam's post hilarious.

'Bleeding hearts', political diatribers, religious nutters and thread hijackers: move on, there 's nothing to see here.

The Wraith 20th Dec 2011 20:13

Iceman, whilst we don't share your superior level of intellect or elevated sense of self importance, WE were commenting on the REAL Kim and NOT the caricature of CX employ.
But thanks for your condescension anyway!
PS. Dart, we DO get it!

iceman50 21st Dec 2011 05:54

The Wraith

whilst we don't share your superior level of intellect or elevated sense of self importance

But thanks for your condescension anyway!
Pot this is kettle hello!

Arfur Dent 21st Dec 2011 07:50

Thank goodness we have the likes of Iceman to explain life's complexities to us. I went back to the original post and, after a lot of thought and research, I eventually saw the light. Thanks Iceman - what would we four have done without you showing us the way.
(Lowest form of wit - I know:=)

badairsucker 21st Dec 2011 09:22

Oh my god, I have been so incredibly stupid and clearly embarrassed my self. I feel so inadequate compared to our esteemed intellectual colleague (iceman) that I feel the only course of action it to bow and request forgiveness for my inferior lack of understanding.

Please oh please forgive me iceman. Please be kind to me when we next fly together, I promise to improve my intellect.:8

iceman50 21st Dec 2011 13:02

There, there feel better now you have told off the nasty man!:bored:

The Wraith 22nd Dec 2011 02:18

No, not nasty. Just condescending and self important!!:ok:

bonzaboy 24th Dec 2011 06:36

Agree with Basil. Always found him (the CX one) approachable and resonable. Not like those that came after him or others up there.

jed_thrust 24th Dec 2011 20:54


I don't care how you found him: he was on the star chamber and didn't walk out in protest.

Besides, he caried out his own little vendettas, mostly against the few early Cat B people.

End of story.

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