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SMOC 4th Oct 2011 09:44

CX fatigue
Flying on auto-pilot|HongKong Focus|chinadaily.com.cn

Nice pic :ugh:

Max Reheat 4th Oct 2011 10:36

Not very funny or clever of who-ever took the photo in the light of what damage photos have done in the very recent past.

And then to allow it to get into the wrong hands...


moosp 4th Oct 2011 10:42

Yep, another first officer getting a basing back to his country of origin. Whether he wants it or not...

bushcat400 5th Oct 2011 04:25

What a complete tool of an F/O. Wait...a tool is actually useful :mad:

F_one 5th Oct 2011 04:35

What a complete tool of an F/O. Wait...a tool is actually useful
I Agree 100%, but he might be a disgruntled S/O who's tired of doing fuel checks for the last 4 years.

crwjerk 5th Oct 2011 04:36

Surprised that only 5% of pilots felt tired at the end of the flight.... Common sense would warrant at least a 6 or 7 on each form.... Why bother filling it out then

bushcat400 5th Oct 2011 04:43

Perhaps...but either way, taking a photo like that and clearly "giving" it to that rag is cras...must have been a local. Cant imagine an expat F/O or S/O doing that, and I would be truly shocked if they did.

I am sure the skipper will probably recall the flight...and who the snitch was.

F_one 5th Oct 2011 06:36

As I said, I agree with you 100%, I'm not for one moment defending what he did.
All I'm saying is that it can be either an F/O or S/O.
Hopefully the skipper doesn't get in any trouble and better yet, hopefully he names the idiot who must then be fired for taking pics on the flight deck whilst in control of the aircraft whilst the skipper was taking some controlled rest.

AQIS Boigu 5th Oct 2011 07:03

How do we know this pic was actually taken on a CX aircraft?? Because the journo says so...

Further if the guy in the LHS was not a captain the photographer couldn't have been an SO...

Arfur Dent 5th Oct 2011 07:59

You must read Henry's pages of 'it's all your fault' clauses. That will make us all sleep better -secure in the knowledge that Cathay managers and crew control have this all fixed.
Fly safely - in spite of our gallant leaders. Actually - take a look at them. Apart from Hoey they all seem to be a perfect example of either the 'Peter principle ' or ' if you want it -you can have it' !

F_one 5th Oct 2011 08:05

..or maybe this pic was taken in the time when the relief F/O used to sit in the left seat and the S/O in the right.

Ocean Person 5th Oct 2011 08:32

Well Frog;
bushcat 400,

I'm surprised the Moderator has allowed your redneck racially charged remark " it must have been a local " to stand. The sooner China thins out the ranks of well frogs like you the better off our society will be.


VR-HFX 5th Oct 2011 09:23

All I can say is :zzz:

SloppyJoe 5th Oct 2011 09:27

As far as I can tell there is absolutely no evidence to suggest that this picture was taken during flight.

Just an other number 5th Oct 2011 20:12

It was probably taken during the second sector of this flight mentioned in the article -
"The pattern for another problem flight going from Colombo in Sri Lanka to Hong Kong via Hong Kong has been altered already because of fatigue problems and continues to be monitored, the analysis said."

ka500 5th Oct 2011 21:57

Eh, what is the problem?

Taking a 40 minute cat nap, or multiples thereof, with pillows and blankets, are allowed by the SOP's.

How else do you cope with all the crap rostering?

If we go 3 crew ULH it will only get worse.

Or is the crime that the fare paying public have found out that one of the crew is asleep a lot of the time?

Cpt. Underpants 6th Oct 2011 01:21

The truth doesn't like the light of day...

bushcat400 6th Oct 2011 02:29

Ocean Person
There are still some trees left for you to go and hug :{ At least I am prepared to croak about the facts.
Doesn't matter where you go or who you work for, there is always some leftist-liberal-pinko lurking waiting to pop its head up. And since when is it racially charged to state a fact? a local is a local. Go crawl up Beijing's backside, clearly where you belong :ugh:

Walk-Around Bitch 6th Oct 2011 02:50

Ocean Person
The sooner the "snitch" is found out the better. :mad:
Wait...was it you? :E

Bob Hawke 6th Oct 2011 05:15

On a more serious note; my question is, why isn't he wearing his pyjamas?:E

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