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notanastronaut 22nd Jan 2011 14:21

Pilot uniform tailor or shop in HK
Dear all:

Apologies for the mondane question.
Can anyone recommend a tailor/shop in HK who is familiar or specialized in pilot's uniforms. I know there are at least a thousand of tailors in HK, so your guidance will be appreciated.


Ghost_Rider737 22nd Jan 2011 16:48

WW Chan on Nathan Road.....roughly where about on Nathan Road ?

an3_bolt 22nd Jan 2011 18:29

Come on dude - 5 seconds to work that out on google.....

W.W.Chan & Sons Tailor Ltd. - Google Maps

Neptunus Rex 22nd Jan 2011 18:58

The best quality is "Crazy Horse Tailor" two doors from "The Wanch" pub. Don't worry about the name, he is good. He will also fit a beaut coloured lining to your uniform jacket. Go for two vents (fart flaps) it looks so much more elegant than one.

W W Chan outsources his tailoring to mainland China. Crazy Horse does not. There is a huge difference in the quality of the stitching.

notanastronaut 23rd Jan 2011 00:36

Thanks so much for the advise. Will try.

Midnight Oil 23rd Jan 2011 07:45

I went into WW Chanís recently to make an order. They said they no longer take orders for pilot uniforms. Apparently it is no longer economically viable for them to do so.

ReverseFlight 23rd Jan 2011 12:17

Perhaps their business model has altered since then?
With the rise of the Rmb and improving living standards north of the border, everything from food to goods are now more expensive there. At the same time there has been a resurgence of tailors in HK who can cut a decent two-piece suit for (only) 500 honkies. :ok:

C172Driver 23rd Jan 2011 15:28

Bowen Company Custom Tailors.
Located on the 1st floor of Houston Centre in Tsim Sha Tsui East.

Bring a sample of your uniform shirt and pants and they will make a version for you that actually fits you perfectly and doesn't feel like polyester.

They have had experience making uniforms for the military as well as airline pilots.

Black Cloud 25th Jan 2011 12:53

'Mundane' old chum. 'mondane' just isn't a word but you can perhaps start a new one if you wish!

Black Cloud 25th Jan 2011 12:57

Oh I give up. Advise, Advice, you make up your own English but for the record you were given Advice on which tailor to use, you weren't offering Advise. Back to School old (young) chum.

Steve the Pirate 25th Jan 2011 13:30

Off thread? (pun intended)
Personally, I would advise people not to take advice from those who are unsure of their facts regarding the English language.

Mondane differences between verbs and nouns, such as advise and advice for instance, often prove to be too difficult to master, even for those who supposedly have English as their first language.

I'm just off to practise the difference between practice and practise after I finish my speeling and grammer practice so please don't take this as me offering advise.....


FlyingBeetle 18th Jan 2012 15:37

Many thanks for the recommendation. I've been to Mr. Bowen a couple of weeks ago and he made a real good uniform and perfect shirts. Much better than the polyester stuff our company is providing.
happy landings :)

crwjerk 18th Jan 2012 23:10

He made me one, but it was too lose and I was afraid I would loose it.

744frt 19th Jan 2012 00:03

Isn't it your employers responsibility to give you a decent uniform? Do you send your bill to them?

The Messiah 19th Jan 2012 01:35

Just wear the uniform the company supplies, if it looks crap that's the companies problem, why spend your own money?

jed_thrust 19th Jan 2012 02:17

Dear God,

My heart agrees with you, but my head doesn't.

If we act and look like street sweepers, eventually we'll be paid like street sweepers. (And the hat: together with a smart uniform, at least there is an implication of a professional under there).

joejet 19th Jan 2012 06:13

I need a custom hat!
I'm going to head downtown to get a better fitting uniform, but it wouldn't be complete without a more professional hat.

Does anyone know where I can get a custom tailored hat in Hong Kong? I don't really want to cross the border if I don't have to.

I'm looking for two versions based on my current CX hat:

Passenger version
Freighter version

Any assistance would be appreciated. Thanks in advance

boocs 19th Jan 2012 10:21

What's a hat?? :ok:


SMOC 20th Jan 2012 11:46

I'll meet you at CX take you to the uniform section you can say you're me, get measured by the tailor give me 1/2 the cash on the side. I'll hold my current uniform till next year :E

We can alternate every two years till I retire at 80!

christn 20th Jan 2012 11:50

I expect he would prefer something of reasonable quality!

Fac6 3rd May 2012 03:19

Just an update gentleman, Crazy Horse is no longer trading,

FlyingBeetle 17th Mar 2019 11:59

It's been a while here...unfortunately Mr. Bowen retired and closed down.
Does anyone have any new recommendations ?

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