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Prince of Dzun 29th Jan 2010 07:44

Hongkong Air Pollution.
Can somebody please explain to me why the present air pollution is so high considering the wind direction has been easterly for some time. Is it possible that Hongkong is making its own pollution and passing the blame onto the mainland ? !!!!! Nitrogen Dioxide levels are way up and Nitrogen Dioxide is produced mainly by vehicular traffic.

Prince of Dzun.

throw a dyce 29th Jan 2010 08:08

I remember at CLK we had a beautiful day,wind was calm you could see for miles and even Macau.
Then a northerly wind picked up.You could see a wall of brown shi:mad:y soup rolling in,just like a North Sea fog or harr.With 10 minutes we were 900 m IRVR,and the sky was Chinese grey/green.
I think the some of the polution in town is caused by traffic,and is trapped in the bowl.The majority of it is imported from the Mainland.:yuk:

Sidewinder123 29th Jan 2010 08:15

Hong Kong's own pollution is a possiblity. It also has to do with the season. In the summer, air pollution is relatively low and the air is most clear, since the wind often blows from the south or southwest, from the South China Sea. By contrast, winter you have winds from the north where it carries all the emission from the Mainland factories.

crwjerk 29th Jan 2010 10:59

It's a bloody joke........ Haha

bekolblockage 29th Jan 2010 13:10

If you're refering to yesterday's wonderful "so chunky, you could carve it" 700m viz, as TAD's memory was correct, the wind was basically 320/5 most of the day, bringing down the sh1te from "up there".
Today it went round to the east blew it all back again.
Don't worry, all the factories will close down for a couple of weeks over CNY and you'll be able to breathe again.
Then again, don't hold your breath.

turnandburn 29th Jan 2010 21:58

ATIS HK information (H)opeless
Rwy 07L
Wind 320/Full of shit from the north
Viz 700m in heavy metals
CLD Few mercury 600 ft,Sct lead 1200ft, Bkn zinc 2000, Ovc carbon 4000
T20/D20 saturated with large particles
QNH 1018 increasing with weight of crap

SIG wx reduced oxygen/nitrogen

Advise approach you info hopeless and carry your own rebreather.

animal53 30th Jan 2010 17:59

Only trust air to fly in if you can see it!

buggaluggs 30th Jan 2010 20:00

Not only can you see it, you can smell it, taste it and feel it! :ugh:

Dan Winterland 31st Jan 2010 05:17

Hong Kong. The only international airport in the world where you can smell the Transition Altitude!

404 Titan 31st Jan 2010 05:56

Dan Winterland

Besides Delhi, Beijing Shanghai and Seoul.:E

joblow 31st Jan 2010 12:16

Pollution answer
The answer to the Prinz's question lies in the HK observatory web site there is a section there that traces the air that we breath ( choke on ) back 3 or 4 days to its origin . When the wind is easterly it usually starts just south of Shanghai then runs down the coast picking up more cr##p on the way until we have the pleasure of trying to inhale heavy metals, high sulfur content coal smoke and any other number of health giving carcinogens
Great isn't it? and all this for an ever shrinking pay package

Colin Oskopi 31st Jan 2010 14:01

One of the reasons they left.
I know quite a few people that have left HK. One of the major reasons they left was the pollution. I would just hate to be bringing up the developing lungs of young childeren in such an environment. In 2005 a respected professor in HK announced that in his opinion it is not worth exercising in HK as the elevated breathing and consequent ingestion of particulates, off set the benefit of excersise. It will also not be getting any better in the furture because it incures a economic penalty to business. And we know how Honkies feel about money don't we.

I know my profile says that I live in HK. I left too.

cf680c2b 31st Jan 2010 16:42

How is the air in Lantau compared to downtown? I would imagine a bit better? but then again......

BScaler 1st Feb 2010 07:53

Hedley Environmental Index
For the answers to some of the air pollution questions posted...
Hedley Index

Aussiestinks 1st Feb 2010 08:35

Well, hell, no one is forcing any of you to stay here. If you hate Hong Kong and it's people so much, you can always leave. Trust me, I've been to places with far worse pollution then Hong Kong.

Colin Oskopi 1st Feb 2010 08:54

I used to live on Lantau
It is definitly better on the south side. No question. The crap seems to get trapped in the delta.

2flaps&aCockpit 1st Feb 2010 09:05

Its only going to get worse. Especially with management hot air emenating from CX City.

yokebearer 1st Feb 2010 10:18

How is the air in Lantau compared to downtown? I would imagine a bit better? but then again......

It is definitly better on the south side. No question. The crap seems to get trapped in the delta
The 'no pee zone in the pool' theory is often brought up but in reality the stuff that comes out of China is all over HKG - the better air in Lantau, Sai Kung and Island South Side is due to less local vehicle traffic.

GlueBall 1st Feb 2010 11:31

600m viz in smoke, fumes, dust, pollution in stinky Delhi makes HKG appear as a garden spot. :ooh:

treboryelk 2nd Feb 2010 13:31

luxury young man......lifted from 75 to 100m RVR for us and got frigging stuck there (delhi) for an extra day!

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