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Oasis 6th Jan 2010 12:32

Setting up a will
Just wondering if there's anybody out there that can recommend someone I can set up a will with?
Nothing too fancy, just for hong kong.

Thanks in advance.

ps. I tried the search function on here, but 'will' was a bit to common for the search engine haha.

GlueBall 6th Jan 2010 12:44

And make not your mother, but your mothership CX the beneficiary, eh? .:}

ByAirMail 6th Jan 2010 14:26

The most important thing you want in your will in Hong Kong is guardians for your kids. The H.Kong law stipulate that if both parents pass away simultaneously the kids automatically go into the welfare system unless there is a will with HONG KONG NOMINATED GUARDIANS in the will. Even if your family arrive the next day it can up to 6 months to get them out of the system.

Here is a good and fair priced lawyer in Hong Kong who will be able to help.

S.K.Lam, Alfred Chan & Co.
202 2Floor Dina House, Ruttonjee Centre
11 DuddellSt, Central H.K.
Tel: 28473333

It is the road parallel to Lan Kwai Fong. As for S.K. or his daughter Mandy.

asianeagle 6th Jan 2010 14:59

h!!! :\

Oasis 8th Jan 2010 00:55

Thanks by airmail, I'll check them out. Thanks also about the guardian stuff, I didn't know that. Last thing I want is my kid in the welfare system here.
BSC: No reason to jump just yet, but people die, and you don't get to choose when.



CokeZero 8th Jan 2010 05:12

If you have a will from a previous country then just re-write it yourself so it's for Hong Kong, outlining your partner and any major housing, etc.


1. You don't need to go through a lawyer - And this is where people usually pay Big money to some lawyer for something that is effectively FREE.

2. You can change it at will.

Just need two witness's to certify it. And they can be anyone.

Point to note - if you're gone through a divorce or you have very complicated details that are delicate then by all means use a lawyer.

Guava Tree 11th Jan 2010 07:30

Thinking Outside The Box
Ok, this might be of interest to you or others of our fraternity.
My proposal is that I pay a cash amount to you now.
In return you make an irrevocable contract to leave all, or a proportion of, your money and your stuff to me.
I am not joking.

parabellum 11th Jan 2010 11:42

Be careful when selecting executors to your will too. In Singapore they, the solicitors, were reluctant to take it on but would point you in the direction of professional 'executors' who charged a percentage of the value of the estate rather than a fixed fee, negotiated at the time of making the will. Professional executors are less likely to take notice of your personal bequests too, they will simply sell everything off and take their percentage, stuff the actual value. (Seen in happen).

bogie30 15th Jan 2010 00:41

Professional Wills Ltd

Contact Mathew Lloyd.

[email protected]

5/f 659 King's Rd, Quarry bay

mr Q 15th Jan 2010 02:21

Lawyers Will be Done
Oasis suggest you take the advice of ByAirMail but
No harm in shopping around either to ensure a competitive price .
A self made will is a disaster waiting to happen
Copying from a "foreign" ie non HK will can also be an even larger disaster waiting to happen
wills may need certain specific legal terms to give effect to certain specific bequests and is one area where simple English may not be best !!
A competent solicitor will be able to draft a will that sets out your intentions in respect of all your assets
definitely worthwhile to get a competent lawyer for this one
Google and look at the Law Society of HK homepage for a list of lawyers

ps Lawyer and Competent Lawyer are NOT necessarily interchangeable terms especially in HK when the pursuit of profit sometimes gets in the way of professional ethics and competence !!!

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