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Arrowhead 30th May 2008 01:48

Dragonair New T&Cs + Family Life
Please can anyone help. I have been flying the bus for almost 4 years and am interested in moving to KA. My existing airline is okay, but not perhaps a long-term solution.

Please can anyone help with the following:
1) What is the new deal take home pay after tax (excl housing)?
2) Where do FOs with kids live? Are there intl schools/grassy play areas?
3) What size appartments/houses do these FOs families' live in?
4) What is the time to command, now its joined with CX??

I have read everything about pollution and rosters, so just the above points - thanks.

OEB 31st May 2008 06:25

Dear Arrowhead, the training and flight ops management are totally corrupt and incompetent. Otherwise no probs.

Karrupted 31st May 2008 13:49

KA T&Cs!

For starters, you're foolish to believe anything you read here. Get off your Ar$e and take a look. But for what it is worth:
1. About HK$65K base salary as an FO
2. Anywhere and everywhere. Yes, ... and yes, sort of!
3. 400' to 3000' depending on how much you want to spend.
4. How long is a piece of string? 3.5 years now but I expect that will wind out significantly (>5 years) for someone joining now. Still better than most.

The major issue, which you seem to think you know, is pollution and lack of lifestyle.:uhoh:


water check 31st May 2008 15:56

....you 'know' about the pollution and lifestyle, yet still want to know about the job..? Let me give you a piece of advice. If you have any concern for your children's health, then perhaps you need to forget about questions 1 - 4.

Feather Boa 31st May 2008 17:02

Is there a difference between the pollution in HK and the "smog" of LA in the 70's and 80's or the "peasouper" fog's in London in the 30's and 40's.


SMOC 1st Jun 2008 08:46

YES - It's way worse, I can't even imagine what some of the chemicals coming from China would do us humans let alone growing children!

Arrowhead 1st Jun 2008 10:49

Thanks. As we all know there is no perfect place otherwise we would all be there.

OEB - that is standard for Asia.

I live in the PRD, so I know about the pollution, and the rosters appear worse - but hey ho - its Dragonair, Etihad or Qatar. I just cant work out which one is worst....

trevfly 1st Jun 2008 13:59

Arrowhead, you are just what KA are looking for: Desperate, infatuated and myopic. We've had a few like you join recently from HKE/A, I believe I heard the first grumble the other day, ohhh errrr, arnt these boys precious!

abc1 2nd Jun 2008 13:11

Hi trev,
''Arrowhead, you are just what KA are looking for: Desperate, infatuated and myopic. We've....'' The we've part assumes that you are working for KA.
Can you expand a little please since you are able to diagnose myopia in others. The old Lifestyle argument?
What lifestyle can one have if you are subjected to a 9%mortgage,on a flat at best in Sydney that is close to work,and a 22k $aus dollars pa schooling.The overtime required to achive that in today's prices will negate any lifestyle on offer!
Lets not forget the crime and taxes that are thrust upon us to support the scabs in our dolle friendly society.

Stone Temple Pilot 2nd Jun 2008 13:46

Ethihad, Qatar: See the world and not your family! "Socialize" with Eastern European chicks and potentially loose your family!

KA: See a hazy sky, a concrete jungle and a lot of Chinese spitting guys jumping queues and some very antisocial Cabin Crew members! But at least, see your family every day, or worst case every 3-4 days.

A choice between those 2 airlines, provided you've got a family, is very easy, unless you are specifically going for a divorce!

To your questions:
Last tax year, my end-result FO pay was 1,7 million HKD (that's including travel, bonuses and not least housing allowance (paying off your property - so yes, it IS gonna be your money at the end of the day) - but excluding gratuity (pension)) - take just 15% tax off that and find the take-home. Mind you, we've had a substantial pay increase since and housing has just gone up again. On the other hand, things are getting more expensive here as well.

With kids typically Sai Kung or Discovery Bay. Plenty of intl schools, but if your kids are older, they might need a substantial debenture payment to get them in as "direct entry". Plenty of grassy areas - but half the time, it's too hot and humid!

Apartments: If you buy and want the company to pay it off quickly for you, buy cheap = small. If you want (big) garden, pool 3000 sq ft etc. and want to live somewhere convenient - rent, and be ready to cash up a bit extra yourself. Property quality, along with the pollution is one of the lowdowns, but hey 10 leave blocks of 7 days off pr year to get away, a domestic helper in the crammy shitty kitchen and a good club with pool, playrooms, tennis and fitness nearby, and you'r sorted.

Command: Who knows if it's going to be 2 years again from when you join? Probably around 3,5-4 years for the time being. But expansion has been really slow! Still no joint seniority with CX - if there will be, maybe longer to command, but then you've on the other hand got more career options, long haul etc. In all cases the CX merger has contributed a great deal to the KA business.

Pollution is bad, but back home there is crime, high taxes, stress related diseases, traffic accidents, shitty airline jobs etc. So far, the pollution hasn't had any effect on my family! On the contrary, they become sick when we are home, but that's probably a coincidence :) (no, I am not from India!).

Get out here and take a look! And don't browse PPRUNE too much for info about this job - it's the same old 10 moaning posters feeding you with BS. You will even find CX A-scalers and senior BA/LH/KLM skippers bitching about what the industry has come to!

I don't say that HK is perfect, far from, but it ticks most of my boxes. KA, although not professionally very rewarding, is certainly financially rewarding compared with most other airline jobs today.

Good luck...

water check 2nd Jun 2008 15:44

yea, death from chemical toxicity will 'negate any lifestyle options' also....:ugh:

Arrowhead 3rd Jun 2008 02:51

STP that's the kind of honest answer I was looking for - many thanks

hongkongfooey 4th Jun 2008 02:53

STP, I have said this before, informative, honest, emotion and insult free posts like yours will not be tolerated ;) We would much rather hear the invective from morons like trevfly :yuk:

PS Trev, you sound like a miserable so and so, if KA is that bad, why don't you bugger off :ok: HKA are desperate for drivers like you champ.

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