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404 Titan 26th Aug 2006 09:26


What you havenít mentioned is that in the first year someone comes here they will be taxed twice, i.e. Provisional tax. So therefore a married couple with no kids, as this is what I based my figures on will pay HKD$7116.66 per month in tax. If you have two kids as you suggest, the school fees here will more than offset the savings you make in the lower tax you pay.


To advise someone on this forum to jump country just to try and avoid paying taxes is to put it bluntly, stupid. You might be able to name a few that did but I can name 49 that if they tried, and by the way I know they didnít, would have been stopped at immigration before boarding the plane. That is how fast the system here can work. By the way you too have ignored Provisional Tax. So in a pilots first year here double those figures.

flyr_flyer 26th Aug 2006 10:05

all in the end, hk is a very expensive place to live and i do believe it is one of the most expensive place to live on earth. so if one cannot deal with the expenses and culture, sorry to say, just gotta deal with it and find a solution to it. there are also many other airlines employing now and it could be better. to me, if one wants to live and earn in another country, you just gotta deal with how things work and never expect it like home. obviously, try not to evade any taxes. not worth to do so.

AAIGUY 26th Aug 2006 10:05


I am not advocating anything, just presenting options. Most employers here have a pay scale for year 2, so if your going up 10K a month, maybe you use that instead of living in the gutter now.

Even if you pay 1/2 of year one and all of year two provisionaly - the figures from the IRD site indicate it will still be a very small amount.

My intention was not to piss you off, only to point out that many do live here on much less than 45K a month. At the same time I have friends who rent is 65K paid mostly by KA. Its all what you can get away with.

404 Titan 26th Aug 2006 10:21


I am not advocating anything, just presenting options.
Sorry skipping town isnít an option so donít even suggest it. It's illegal.

Even if you pay 1/2 of year one and all of year two provisionaly - the figures from the IRD site indicate it will still be a very small amount.
I never said that the tax here was a lot. Compared to where I come from ďAustraliaĒ it is ridiculously small. What I have said is that based on a yearly income of HKD$480,00.00 you will pay HKD$7116.66 in tax per month in the first year. This is based on current IRD figures. You will get a tax demand for the whole amount i.e. 2 years after being here twelve months. You must budget for it now not in twelve months because it will be too late to start saving for it then.

throw a dyce 26th Aug 2006 23:01

I think I would go to Mui Wo or South Lantau,before Tunga Chunga.Even DB high rise would be better.It can be done on the amount you have,but Tung Chung just looks like a 40 storey getto in HK pukey green.I think the trouble and strife would be happier at Mui Wo.:hmm:

priapism 27th Aug 2006 07:25

Yuen Long rocks!

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