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So Cathay is now recruiting!

Fragrant Harbour A forum for the large number of pilots (expats and locals) based with the various airlines in Hong Kong. Air Traffic Controllers are also warmly welcomed into the forum.

So Cathay is now recruiting!

Old 8th Jun 2021, 09:16
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Get your vax or become a one way pax
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Old 8th Jun 2021, 13:05
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Mill Worker

Get the vaccine Tonto. Or modified RNA or whatever the f you want to call it. All of them so far, bar Sputnik and the PRC version ( quelle surprise) seem to work quite well. And our masters to the North have even said their home grown efficacy is average. Although you can’t land in the PRC unless you’ve had it. Nor if you have the Covid antibodies. !
I am gutted. Prostrate with grief.
Expect to not be able to sit next to anyone in a flight deck shortly unless you’ve had the vaccine. ( insert choice here )

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Old 13th Jun 2021, 08:45
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Unhappy Cathay is hiring SO

Hey folks, I have been following PPRuNe for years and this is my first thread. Finally I am qualified to apply for the SO position. I put in my application about a year ago. And recently when I check, my application was missing. And I was told to re-apply again. Sadly, my IR was expired, I have already contacted both CASA and Flight crew recruitment to see if I can get an exemption or if I am still eligible to apply for that. I have also contact Immi of Australia to see if I can travel back for my IPC. But there is no feedbacks at all. And I was thinking if this SO position is really for someone with low hours like me. Or is it like a trick to get the experienced FO to take on a pay cut SO position? And insight or any suggestions that I can do to renew my IR? Thanks in advance.
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Old 13th Jun 2021, 11:16
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I refer you to my earlier post of June 8.
John 11.35.
I take it, as youíre apparently an avid reader of PPRuNe, that youíre aware that there are probably in excess of 50,000 pilots worldwide either furloughed, retired early or just plain out of work ? Because there isnít any work. The company that youíre looking at is flying less than 700 people a day currently.
Ffs. Weíve had wars that didnít last as long as this. Do your own due diligence. And as an observation, proficiency in English will be required at some stage in the future. If we ever get out of this impasse.
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Old 13th Jun 2021, 15:53
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Poor Terry, when the Aussies wake up he can expect an onslaught.
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Old 13th Jun 2021, 22:34
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Terry is either a troll or an idiot, so I donít feel too sorry for him/her.
Piet Lood is offline  
Old 14th Jun 2021, 06:52
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I tend towards the latter. Certainly depriving some village of its idiot.

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Old 14th Jun 2021, 11:15
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He's clearly trolling since if he's been following PPRuNe for years he would know what response his post would get.
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Old 15th Jun 2021, 03:37
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Terry you are welcome in my country for second or third officer no quarantine for your instrument flying
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Old 17th Jun 2021, 12:21
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Considering a job with Cathay Pacific ? Good for you ! I can see why you would, I did, for more than fifteen years, I already left....... but choose wisely,..... the bright lights of CX and HK are not what they once were, not even close. Avoid a heartbreaking & irreparable mistake by first having a quick look into how they have treated some of their most loyal, most senior & most experienced Pilots on bases. Many have worked proudly for the company for more than 20 years. ALL have been treated like worthless garbage of no value or worthy of any respect. Some will go back to HK, for a while, for lack of a better option & I wish them well, sincerely, they were all great people. Regardless, ask yourself if you want to work for people who WILL claim the best years of your life then wipe you off their shoe like dog , because that's what you are to them, dog , worthless, nothing. c'mon you are better than that.

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Old 17th Jun 2021, 14:31
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Sounds like Qatar Airways
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Old 17th Jun 2021, 17:58
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Airline is a business, not a charity. You should know that from day one.
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Old 17th Jun 2021, 19:22
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We all know that. No one is asking for charity. Compliance with a contract would be a good start.
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