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When will this chaos end?

Fragrant Harbour A forum for the large number of pilots (expats and locals) based with the various airlines in Hong Kong. Air Traffic Controllers are also warmly welcomed into the forum.

When will this chaos end?

Old 18th Jan 2021, 03:30
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When will this chaos end?

Ok so its been a year since this chaos started and can anyone see the END to this madness?
With the HK government just adding 7 days onto the 14 days quarantine, it's just made it much more difficult for any aviation recovery. Let's get real! Everyone is pinning their hopes on a vaccine. Something that has been rushed and more than half the population has doubts about. A vaccine that won't "open up" the world as the makers don't even know if it actually stops the spread of Covid19.

CX is pushing for 50% capacity by June 2021. It is February already (well almost) and our numbers are down again (thank you HKGOV). I fully believe that CX will be letting people go soon or maybe forcing people on unpaid leave. I guess its unpaid leave or job losses, you pick.

Anyone in their right mind would start selling up, packing up and making use of your time to move back home to your parents or move back to your home country.
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Old 18th Jan 2021, 03:48
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Why would you "pack up" now? Just wait and see, nothing you can do right now. All this constant nonsense of "be prepared", " brushing up your CV". For which future career and where? There will be a vaccine and that is that, just takes time. Maybe Cx will let go more, maybe not, they probably don't know it themselves right now. Keep calm and wait and see. Even Piet and Cxorcist have gone quiet, nobody knows anything.
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Old 18th Jan 2021, 04:17
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exactly, this thing does not only affect cx, the aviation world is in turmoil. Sit on your hands, wait and see where this thing goes... do your best to reduce financial expenditure where you can, and have some sort of game plan if things go horribly wrong. It has to turn at some point...the flight crew don’t have much more to give in the name of ‘cost saving’, besides extended unpaid leave obviously, which in my opinion, after the introduction of COS18, would be asking a little much.
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Old 18th Jan 2021, 05:03
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Keep calm - and wait for the magic vaccine (from China)

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Old 18th Jan 2021, 06:26
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Now we have reports the vaccine[s] only gives immunity for a few months.
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Old 18th Jan 2021, 07:49
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Sam Ting Wong

Cxorcist gone quiet? Every cloud has a silver lining after all.
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Old 18th Jan 2021, 08:02
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Originally Posted by herewego75 View Post
Anyone in their right mind would start selling up, packing up and making use of your time to move back home to your parents or move back to your home country.
Based on this, I assume you're younger than 28, and you're probably still an SO.

Leaving now before anything is announced is foolish at best. We won't be recovering quickly, but we'll definitely recover quicker when the time does come (unless your mommy and daddy are American).

Just have a cup of tea and relax.
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Old 18th Jan 2021, 08:03
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21 days. A de facto travel ban. Although she hasnít got the balls ( literally and figuratively) to call it that.
Thatís what it is. If youíre returning from the UK you need 42 days clear. Who in their right mind would sign up for that ?
So what little traffic we did have has vanished. Grace ŗ Curry Lamb.
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Old 18th Jan 2021, 08:19
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Originally Posted by Globocnik View Post
So what little traffic we did have has vanished. Grace ŗ Curry Lamb.
Spank you very much
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Old 18th Jan 2021, 08:36
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Sad to say, but these troubles might last longer than any government would be willing to admit.
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Old 18th Jan 2021, 09:02
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The Australian media are saying no international travel for another 12 months at least.

Better make that a few cups of tea
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Old 18th Jan 2021, 09:30
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It's been clear for a while that the issue is going to be mutations and variations that will naturally take place as transmission of the virus carries on around the world. You can see why governments, some of whom are now making quick progress with their vaccine roll-out plans, will probably go to almost any lengths to avoid jeopardising that progress. And you could argue rightly so. If you can return your domestic economy largely to normal at the cost of international travel, most governments are going to consider that a price worth paying, at least in the short to medium term. Voters (or populations) will not quickly forgive any government who allows the importation of a vaccine resistant strain, should one appear.

This leaves aviation in a tricky spot. It is actually quite difficult to see how there can be a return to normality in the near term. Better, faster, cheaper testing is probably our best hope for now. Even that will likely require a period of quarantine which will be enough to put most people off travelling.

If the domestic economy does return to normal it may at least open the door to more tailored sector specific support for aviation in the countries which have yet to participate.
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Old 18th Jan 2021, 10:06
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probably best to let them get rid of you... getting ready to go is another thing though, it might not be a bad idea to just get a diploma or do some sort of course/deg now, doesn't hurt to get a different skill or just to learn something new
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Old 18th Jan 2021, 10:41
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They say herd immunity is at 70%. Will they even get 70% of HK to willingly be vaccinated? Until they reach somewhat near that level I cannot see anyone coming in and out in any grand scale. I am just waiting for the 28 day quarantine announcement. They found someone the other day on the 19th day test... Watch this space.
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Old 18th Jan 2021, 12:45
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what is your source for this please? That’s not what the studies here in the U.K. have shown. In fact they’ve just announced that even just having had COVID you will be (83%) immune for at least 5 months. Note, it may be longer but 5 months is how long the study was for.
Here in the U.K. we have now vaccinated over half of our over 80s and are well on track for 15million by Feb 15th. Why isn’t Hkg vaccinating anyone yet?
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Old 18th Jan 2021, 13:18
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It has to end soon I hope, I already lost my house, my wife left, and slowly bit by bit assets like my car, etc are being sold on places like Facebook marketplace 😢
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Old 18th Jan 2021, 13:23
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If we’re still going to be insisting on testing in addition to vaccine rollout then advance PCR testing is not the answer if we’re looking for a recovery to anything like the volumes of the past. It needs to be something that can be done quickly, cheaply and at the airport itself. The added cost and inconvenience of private PCR testing to families on a budget and last minute travellers will put off many. Not only that but with limited providers available there will end up being a huge bottleneck issue where travellers simply cannot get an appointment done (it’s all fine at the moment with limited numbers of travellers but will soon break down with added numbers). The industry must be aware of this or if not then they need to be.
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Old 18th Jan 2021, 13:39
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Furthermore indications are from SARS-1 survivors that memory T-Cells confer immunity to that infection even now, 17 (almost 18) years after the event. Considering COVID-19 is a close relation it is not unreasonable to expect a similar lengthy immunity post infection. Obviously not confirmed but positive signs should be embraced when all the media will let you listen to is doom and gloom.

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Old 18th Jan 2021, 14:26
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It looks like my last message was "moded" so to make it short : probably not anytime soon. At least not before the first vaccination campaign is over.
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Old 18th Jan 2021, 14:28
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I feel like the only city we can draw parallels to, is Singapore. Similar like us, BUT look at them now, opened up to so many countries, green lane, business lanes whatever you call it, even certain short term visitors are Ok! And daily community case is almost zero, for a very long time now. Just obey the effing rules, social distance yourself even in private, rat out people you know who are breaking the law or not using common sense! Majority of HK cases are locally spread, I can't fathom the 21 day rule. And even if we need to quarantine, why can't we rank them by tiers and countries - like NZ, AU, SG, TW to be 7 days etc... Seems like there is zero effort in recovering this place when other countries are strategically using science and logic to safely open up economy and travel. FFS
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