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747 pilot recalls

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747 pilot recalls

Old 11th Dec 2020, 08:42
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Question 747 pilot recalls

Word around the street 747 SOs are being recalled to work?
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Old 11th Dec 2020, 14:13
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heard 8 of them
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Old 11th Dec 2020, 16:24
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Would they, by coincidence, be Hong Kong citizens?
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Old 11th Dec 2020, 17:52
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and does Seniority even play into this?
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Old 11th Dec 2020, 20:38
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They were all cadets with a HK passport or PR. Thereís is no seniority for the rehiring and now that immigration is not renewing CX crew visaís itís looking a lot like if youíre not a PR you wonít be rehired until the locals are all employed.
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Old 11th Dec 2020, 21:03
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Not on COS18

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Old 12th Dec 2020, 02:09
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Anyone have more intel on this? I’d be interested if this was true.
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Old 12th Dec 2020, 04:09
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i heard some of the pilots were local i am not sure about the rest
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Old 12th Dec 2020, 04:54
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Iíve heard it from a few reliable sources and it doesnít surprise me; an attempt to placate Immigration. Surprised though that they are being taken back on CoS18 and not CoS21 like UO.
I hear that Immigration are hiring a consultant in order to understand the pilot job and the relevance of type ratings etc when it come to the local talent pool. I doubt that Cathay will be able to convince them that it is OK to train 777 rated non-PR onto the 320/1 when there are plenty of pilots from KA available. Nor could they justify retaining non-PR pilots on the Airbus, again when plenty are available.
So it is easy to understand why they have taken back 747 rated pilots and will then try to retain non-PR 747 rated by arguing that KA pilots would need too much training and as such arenít readily available talent for that type.
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Old 12th Dec 2020, 04:54
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What I heard is, total 9 being called, all local cadets and are out of seniority order

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Old 12th Dec 2020, 17:23
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Seniority? It's COS18 v5.
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Old 13th Dec 2020, 04:33
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there’s no furlough clause, seniority has no meaning once you have been made redundant
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Old 25th Dec 2020, 06:58
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I worked with Eva years ago on the 737 ....please tell me you didn’t lay her off.....brings smarts with class.
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Old 25th Dec 2020, 10:59
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She wasnít smart enough not to undermine several union efforts and not to have herself used as the postergirl for the HKG Sevens, 5 minutes into her employment.
A smart person would take the temperature of the room before she starts advertising him-/herself.
But I guess she learnt from that mistake.

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Old 25th Dec 2020, 13:26
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Pedaling fairytales on social media in the current aviation climate is distasteful imho
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Old 25th Dec 2020, 16:38
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At your airline did she publicly criticise her captains and tell the media how sometimes she keeps them out of trouble? She's exactly CX material. I don't mean that in a good way. One of my regrets is that I never got to be her captain so I could tell her to put her camera away and do her job. If you have any other opinions let me know so I can do exactly the opposite.
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Old 26th Dec 2020, 00:09
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CX literally has hundreds of pilots on the 777 and Airbus with PRs many of which haven’t flown most of the year. There is zero chance any ex KA pilot will be employed to fly the 4 A321s next year. Under COS18 is costs the same for CX to have a 777 pilot sat home or do A321 training (no pay for sim/ground training in COS18). It makes no sense to employ anyone new if they have people at home on pay not flying.

CX would also have hundreds of pilots within its ranks that have flown the A320 before, they have been around for 30 plus years.

Everyone is well aware of what you have been through, and it seems some just haven’t moved on, first you the denial, then anger, some are still in this bargaining stage, next depression will follow, and finally acceptance.when you actually pack up and leave hKG.

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Old 26th Dec 2020, 01:33
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swh, wouldn't it be cheaper and faster to terminate the 777 pilots and hire the ex-KA qualified on A320 ?

Don't assume CX management value anybody, money saved is a future manager bonus !
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Old 26th Dec 2020, 11:30
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Probably not, they still need to be retained.
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Old 26th Dec 2020, 11:38
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they still need training, however, significantly less than a 777 to 321 candidate would require, unless the 777 pilot had previous airbus experience.
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