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Originally Posted by hyg View Post
There're ppl in the company that are in DENIAL, saying things like we've been flying to China for so long, nth happened etc..... Also HKG-TPE is one of the biggest money-making routes in CX but the Taiwanese Gov has issued WARNING of 'DO NOT TRANSIT' through HK or risk getting detained... The activity between Taiwan and CCP military is having the time of their life as well. According to Taiwanese media, their military is now on high alert, apparently some jets are ready for deployment in 5 minutes. If the war does break out so close to home, I think the loss from the pandemic will seem like nth
It's less than decade away from being the largest economy in the world at which time HKG GDP will account for under 0.5% of China GDP. Hkg will prosper because it's smack in the middle of the GBA. Hong Kong has always prospered because of China, this won't change.
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Originally Posted by BalloonBuster View Post
HK labour law might say so, but no such thing exists in OZ, US, Canada or Europe.

Contracts on bases are enforceable and will be followed.
Base companies are just employment entities, they generate no income, cut the supply of funds off from the parent, they become insolvent, employees become creditors.

As for LIFO, it will be a 2 step process, new COS21 with a similar restructuring clause to COS18, it will be a productivity based contract so everyone effectively goes on SLS (base pay with no productivity pay). They can then restructure who they want then want in any order.

These are not original ideas, it is MBA 101, "Creating Value Through Corporate Restructuring". The only people guaranteed to have a job when the music stops is the people making the cuts, they signed their NDAs months ago
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The time for suggestions is over. The HKAOA has decided it's time to start discussing the issue 6 months after the boat has sailed and 2 weeks before it's negotiating position is annulled by CX. Too little far too late. Like picking up survivors from the Titanic and saying "can we talk iceberg avoidance please". The die has been cast and the company is merely dotting the "i's" and crossing the "t's" on their way ahead.

The only question is when will they announce it and when will it take effect. As for the HKAOA. You do the maths. It's toast.
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