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Emirates coming to town..THEY WANT YOU!!

Fragrant Harbour A forum for the large number of pilots (expats and locals) based with the various airlines in Hong Kong. Air Traffic Controllers are also warmly welcomed into the forum.

Emirates coming to town..THEY WANT YOU!!

Old 3rd Jun 2018, 12:43
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Emirates coming to town..THEY WANT YOU!!

If anyone is interested to swap the air pollution for sand.. Emirates are coming. For me, I am too tired and too old to jump through 5 stage selection process to be a mission specialist, and slightly above 29 BMI to pass the medical but I probably see you all there.. i get a day pass from the wife..I know there is free tea and small cake wedge.

ANYway for the mighty mighty CX it is the:

Hong Kong SkyCity Marriott Hotel running sessions on Wednesday 13th June at 10:00am and 16:00pm, and Thursday 14th June at 10:00am.

For the hard working slaves chained to the seat.., here are the important stuff..
Contract - Open ended
First officer Captain Roster Pattern Full monthly roster.
Minimum 8 days off.
Annual Hours Average 800-900 hours
Routes24-hour operation.
Mix of turnarounds, long haul and ultra long haul.
Trips are single or multi sector and can be 1-9 days in duration.
Layover periods are generally 24-48 hours.
Days off are in Dubai.
Monthly Basic Salary + Average Flying Pay (plus productivity pay scenarios)
FO-30,125 Captain- AED42,695
Monthly Housing Allowance FO-14,325 AED or Company Provided
Captain- 16,075 AED or Company Provided

FIST OFFICER - Total Monthly Salary44,450 AED tax-free (HKD $94.944 )(Accommodation allowance included)
CAPTAIN - 58,770 AED tax-free (HKD $125.531)(Accommodation allowance included)
Annual Leave 42 days
Education Allowance Primary and Secondary -
Globally Additional Coverage Life and accident insurance, medical and dental coverage, loss of licence insurance
Additional Benefits: Chauffeur-drive, Platinum discount card, company uniform & dry cleaning - Dubai
Confirmed Annual Leave Return Ticket Provided - FO - Y/J eligibility Captain - J/F eligibility
Staff Travel FO- Y/J Eligibility Captain-Y/J/F Eligibility
Retirement Plan
Provident Fund or End of Service Benefit
Emirates Passenger - A380 & B777 & SkyCargo Freighter - B777 positions

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Old 3rd Jun 2018, 13:16
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Biggest advantage: much quicker upgrade to Captain. Or 13 yrs+ at CX (if Cx lasts that long)
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Old 3rd Jun 2018, 13:27
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I'm not sure how this escaped omission but NO TAX, and for Europeans it's 6 hrs travel to home.
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Old 3rd Jun 2018, 13:37
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It is rumored that EK is seriously considering a "commuter roster" to help stanch the resignation rate at their airline. That, plus the housing, upgrade time, schooling, tax issues etc clearly favor EK as a better career than the failing, incompetent, loser airline that CX has become.
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Old 3rd Jun 2018, 13:42
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EK has the same issues as CX. Fatigue is chronic, cost of living is expensive and morale is the worst I’ve seen in aviation.
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Old 3rd Jun 2018, 13:54
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Also Tax free status may not last long - a lot of the ME govt are looking at introducing basic Income tax as they try and cut subsidies
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Old 3rd Jun 2018, 16:42
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Don’t forget you have to live in ME where personal freedom is optional subject to government approval.
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Old 3rd Jun 2018, 18:48
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The chauffeur service to and from work isn’t everything it’s made out to be . When they collect you from home it’s mostly early so that you check in ahead of schedule and after you land they really seem to be in no rush to get You home .
A friend of mine reports waiting for hours to get home after a long flight
Fatigue both temporary and cumulative are becoming a major issue as well
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Old 3rd Jun 2018, 23:32
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Donít forget they offer WORLDWIDE schooling.
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Old 4th Jun 2018, 00:52
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You young 'uns: engage your BS filters and have a good trawl through the Middle East forum. Not all 'beer and skittles' in the sandpit. But at least there's movement. Where will you be in a decade? FO with this lot in a clapped out A330 going into Manila on a split duty, or commanding a shiny A380 into Heathrow?

Do the ‘hard yards’ there and you just may leave with something to show for it. All you will get after years in your Hong Kong shoebox is more hard yards.

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Old 4th Jun 2018, 01:28
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With the excess of diversity crap being shoved down our throats at the moment, it is a breath of fresh air knowing that EK are finally coming to grips with the modern world.
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Old 4th Jun 2018, 02:45
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Potential Emirates commuting rosters and bases have been used as a carrot for a loo...ong time.
Tell ĎIím heís dreaminí!
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Old 4th Jun 2018, 02:55
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A quick chat with anybody working at Emirates will soon put you off the idea.
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Old 4th Jun 2018, 03:08
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3 crew long haul with min rest...every sim ride or line check is a chop check!!!

They could have the best gig in town, but as CX the managment idots cannot see the benefit of having the crews on side, but would rather make them fight them for everythinand anything.

At Cx to date this year we have 96 pilots leave :

59 Captains (21 retirments and 38 going to other airlines)
20 FO's
13 So's

At this rate, we should have 190 plus resignations by the end of the year. These figures do not include the guys that have given notice.
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Old 4th Jun 2018, 03:31
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I'm not going to argue the Pros and Cons of the sandpit, I'm not an expert on the conditions there.
It is important however when considering a move to think about the future at cx. The conditions in the FH have been going downhill for 20+ years. This decline shows no sign of slowing down, if anything it has accelerated. The current management denies that people are leaving in any great numbers and think we are adequately remunerated, if not overpaid. This is a clear indication of the company's philosophy, they are entitled to their view and I'm sure they are positioning the company to sell to the highest bidder, presumably Air China. We wish them good luck.
For anyone considering a move this is probably the most important factor. However bad the sandpit or other options are, in the long term leaving is probably the better option. Remaining at CX is probably a very bad option indeed if you have more than 12 years or more to go. As the past shows, things will only get worse.
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Old 4th Jun 2018, 03:43
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short flights long nights
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Be aware everything they tell you as never quite true. For instance the MAX amount of leave you will ever get in a row is 3 weeks. And then they might just stick in 5 day blocks of useless leave in your roster. Fatigue is killing. Buyer beware.
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Old 4th Jun 2018, 04:46
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Originally Posted by SOPS
Be aware everything they tell you as never quite true. For instance the MAX amount of leave you will ever get in a row is 3 weeks
Not true, perhaps whilst you still worked there, but that was a while ago.......I had 28 days at the beginning of the year.

Originally Posted by oriental flyer
after you land they really seem to be in no rush to get You home .
A friend of mine reports waiting for hours to get home after a long fligh
Absolute rubbish.....almost every drive to or from work, seems to be a poor demonstration on how the driver wished he’d been a formula 1 driver, most times resulting in a request to slow down to avoid vomiting into that ridiculous hat they insist pilots still carry around. As for waiting around for hours, perhaps 20-30 mins on a bad busy day, but generally I’ve never waited that long, having said that, after an all nighter 20mins may feel like hours to some.....
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Old 4th Jun 2018, 06:19
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There are perks in most good jobs. I suppose the boys and girls at Emirates should be thankful for the chauffeur perk. Our cabin crew should be thankful for the taxi provided if they land before 0530 local. We the good pilots of Cathay get neither.

The perks for a Cathay pilot have been purposely withdrawn bit by bit over the past two decades. At one time it was the best pay/perk package available...whereas now we are told we must be paid as “benchmarked” against the local low cost carriers.

We’re not even bench marked against our sister airline at Dragon...no Mam, only low cost carriers will do now days.

Can you imagine the howls of laughter on the ninth floor if we asked for a chauffeur service to/from work....
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Old 4th Jun 2018, 06:55
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Discussion with long time friend, now management on the 380 EK. To wit:

- senior management in crisis, as Sheik M has made it known that they MUST do whatever it takes to staff and operate the airline properly
- effectively 450 - 500 pilots short, and getting worse by the week
- effectively 45+ aircraft parked, either actually, or virtually due reduced daily utilization
- resignation rate now critical, as pilots have other options (hello Anna...)
- basing not happening at EK (legal and practical reasons, hello CX), BUT commuter rosters are being constructed and about to be introduced (hello Anna)
- increase in pay package (hello Anna)
- increase in leave blocks (hello Anna)
- other sweetness to make EK the 'Best' airline to work for in ME

Overall, he told me that they will no longer allow themselves to be compromised, as the amount of money necessary to keep the pilots happy is FAR less (hello Anna) than that being cost by parked aircraft and uncontrollable training cost (hello Anna). Take that, as well as much quicker time to command and you have a better career option than CX. A much better one.
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Old 4th Jun 2018, 07:28
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Here’s a typical Q & A at a MidEast airline interview:
Are Trade Unions allowed in the UAE?
a) Whats that... hmmm No.
Are there any Labour Laws enforced by fairness and independent courts?
a) Hmmmmm.... next question.!!
Is there a Redundency Policy of Last in - First Out?
a) Not exactly... if your face doesn’t fit, then you’re out.
a) We own the copyrights, so we can amend them as we go along.
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