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Cathay shuts down roadshow.

Fragrant Harbour A forum for the large number of pilots (expats and locals) based with the various airlines in Hong Kong. Air Traffic Controllers are also warmly welcomed into the forum.

Cathay shuts down roadshow.

Old 26th Oct 2017, 15:22
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Kahaha. Post #3. Management Troll. Ignore.
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Old 26th Oct 2017, 15:49
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He's correct though; the list of things you can be invalided out for is endless..Had any moles removed after a lifetime in tropical climes ? Cannot.. Gall bladder removed? Cannot. Occasional extra heartbeat when you're knackered, slightly high BP ? Cannot. Varicous veins. Cannot.
I'm sure you get the général idea. In fact the only area that you might get some médical leeway is eyesight, as they're all frigging blind.
Of course our mainland cousins are positive paragons of health, their bodies are temples..
That bonus somebody alluded too. Been sick more than a few days have we ? Cannot. Not complied fully with SOP's (as monitored by FDAP and your copilots). Cannot.
So overall, caveat emptor..And no, I'm very far from a management troll. Just a pragmatist. And PRC is very far from the answer..just look at the turnover over the road..and they're obliged to comply with quasi décent legislation.
Traf, with your agitated state old son, you can forget it...
The girl wearing Prada is sadly one of the best gigs left out there, and unfortunately they know it.
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Old 26th Oct 2017, 21:01
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Don’t know about trolling or not, but one thing is for sure, there’s a lot of talking the talk and very little walking the walk going on.
If you’ re 5/10 yrs from retirement maybe, but how many left to a mainland company?
Don’t worry though, it’s the same where I am, loads of ideas not as much action
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Old 26th Oct 2017, 21:28
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Uh, no. In fact there is a lot of 'walking' happening. Many more than usual, and about to be followed by hundreds more. Watch this space.
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Old 26th Oct 2017, 22:28
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This time is different

I truly believe that people are planning on leaving, I have been at this airline a long time. Junior crew who have some right seat time have finally woken up to the fact that HK is too expensive to live in with the package on offer unless you have roomates. Might be fun for awhile but that gets old very quickly.
Senior Captains have a number of very attractive offers, big $$$ and numerous scheduling options. How would you like to be based in your home country? Month on month off? Tax free? It's all available and these companies are desperate for experienced pilots.
I have an interview/medical next month. This will be my last Xmas working for the Swire sociopaths.

Housing was the only carrot keeping me around, there is absolutely no reason to stay without it. I can make more money elsewhere and I have had all I can take of the hostile and toxic culture here.
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Old 26th Oct 2017, 23:38
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It's taken a long time, but the 'aura' surrounding the fabled CX job has finally been broken. It's now just another crappy Asian airline. In fact, worse than most, as is evident by the packages being offered by other Asian airlines that are in nearly every case better, and provide a better lifestyle. Never mind the fact that many airlines in our home countries are also very short of pilots and are hiring hundreds of pilots annually. Who in their right mind would risk staying at CX with such a proven bunch of management liars and bullies? Don't risk losing your chance to either join a home airline or obtain a much better expat job. Either way, both choices now provide you being able to live comfortably at home with your families. CX is toast. Well done Anna and Rupert. You can kiss all of our ass*s as you see them walking out of the CX door.

(oh, and Dilbert, you can certainly believe many are leaving. An informal poll of any group of CX pilots will be hard to find one who is planning on staying)
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Old 27th Oct 2017, 00:51
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They're returning 777s to the lessors and deferring deliveries. They WANT us to leave!
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Old 27th Oct 2017, 00:55
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Happy to oblige them. This stopped being a career airline 10 years ago. Better options just about everywhere now.
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Old 27th Oct 2017, 01:05
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Not to mention if one takes their predictions at face value the future looks as bleak as Monarch.

If they are telling the truth why would you stay and if they aren’t why would you stay?
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Old 27th Oct 2017, 01:14
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Haha. Staggers...that is a brilliant insight. Nails it.
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Old 27th Oct 2017, 03:14
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Yes the grass may not be greener but if you work for the "group" it's very foolish not to reassess even if by contingency only.

If you have an asset base, some jobs actually present a lot better when you are forced to take a look by management behaving badly.

Dragonair pilot's long stalemated CC campaign came to an end when pilots told to show their feet. It happened quickly surprising the GMO who was himself told to show his feet. And similar patterns seem to be appearing now with CX colleagues.
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Old 27th Oct 2017, 03:36
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Originally Posted by kahaha View Post
Exactly. So you resign from CX , do 6 months of " training" with CS. By the time this is completed you need to renew your meds. Ah ha, Dr Xi says : we detect abnormal blood flow in yer neck ultrasound. Not like 21 yr old china airforce boy. We now take away medical. You go to office. Bye bye .

Better the CX devil you know , even if she wears Prada
I heard the system has changed recently. They are no longer testing to see if you are astronaut material. It's more like regular Cat. 1
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Old 27th Oct 2017, 04:31
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Wouldn't you have yourself Insured to the hilt for loss of license etc. if flying for a Airline in China so if you they pull you offline for a minuscule medical issue financially you'd be covered?
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Old 27th Oct 2017, 06:49
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No you would not. You are only covered if you do not pass the medical in the country where the insurance is registered.
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Old 27th Oct 2017, 10:02
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I spoke to the insurance company. If you cannot hold your license and you have seen 2 doctors who agree on the prognosis, it will pay.

Now days, the authorities do not pull licenses for medical reasons any longer, due to the possibility of insurance fraud and if one day a cure comes about.
Instead of pulling the license, they will either give you a temporary suspention for a short illness or a continued suspention for a long term illness. When I spoke to the insurance company covering the China southern pilots, if the Chinese cad suspends you license due to ill ness or injury, and as long as a second Dr agrees, they will pay you out. This is no different to the Topcover and to the Comminsure one.

Originally Posted by bringbackthe80s View Post
No you would not. You are only covered if you do not pass the medical in the country where the insurance is registered.
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Old 27th Oct 2017, 18:45
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Originally Posted by Fly747 View Post
And to get back to the topic; this has all been such good advertising for Longreach too!

I'm an outsider trying to figure out my next move. Something like this is great PR for Longreach. Has me wondering what they have to offer. If I wasn't looking at them before, I am now.
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Old 4th Nov 2017, 06:49
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Here come the roadshows

I would like to share with you some of the opportunities available in China. We work with 32 different airlines, and have opportunities for all aircraft types. We have offices in HKG, Shenzhen and Beijing.

We are anticipating scheduling some informational road show sessions in HKG in the coming weeks. I would like to know if you would be interested in joining us.

We will provide information on living and working in China, as well as detailed information about the following opportunities:

1. Juneyao Airlines. They will provide A330 Captains the option of transitioning to the A320, or B747/777 Captains to transition to the B787.
2. Guilin Airlines. They will provide transition opportunities to the A320
3. Capital Airlines. They are hiring A330 Captains.
4. Tianjin Airlines. They are hiring A330 Captains
5. Air China Cargo. They are hiring B777 and B747 Captains.
6. China Southern. They are hiring B777 and A330 Captains

As you probably know, working conditions have improved steadily in China over recent years, and pay levels are increasing annually. We would very much appreciate the opportunity to share this information with you.

Also...we have a referral program. If you can refer someone to us who is eventually hired in China, we will pay you $1500 as a referral fee.

WASINC International
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Old 4th Nov 2017, 06:54
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Thanks Dave. I am sure you will receive numerous replies. I have friends working with Chinese airlines. By all accounts, they are happy and enjoy their jobs. Provide a good, solid and reliable contract and you will get the attention that is solicited. Regards.
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Old 4th Nov 2017, 12:13
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It really is that simple.

Sadly though, adversarial HR and IR means the bottom feeders are fed. They thrive on conflict, lack of trust and complexity. Their waking hours are spent ensuring their own survival.

If one is interested compare the labour unit cost at Ryanair to that of Southwest. It is 'lower' at Ryanair. The contrast is clear when it comes to output. Southwest is miles ahead.

Herb Kelleher summarised it for the myopic bottom feeders;

"You have to treat your employees like customers. When you treat them right, then they will treat your outside customers right. That has been a powerful competitive weapon"

It isn't that hard, but dismantling the whole adversarial 'model' is a task for leaders not managers. Integrity and selfless honesty left at the door in modern corporate life. CX lacks it, just like RyanAir and Qantas..
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Old 4th Nov 2017, 12:59
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Blunder Bus...
Is there an email address for WASINC INTERNATIONAL?
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