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580 10/12/12

Old 10th Dec 2016, 12:13
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580 10/12/12

Interesting day for the CTS flight.
HKG -HND-CTS -HND with the same crew. Must have been tiring. 14 hour three sector day!
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Old 11th Dec 2016, 02:55
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I bet exceeded with the 3rd hours exercised !!
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Originally Posted by cpahka View Post
I bet exceeded with the 3rd hours exercised !!

Ps. You can all put your pitchforks down.
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Old 11th Dec 2016, 12:08
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Long day BUT legal.
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Old 12th Dec 2016, 20:53
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What is your point in airing this here?
As you were the FO that day , did you fill in an ASF F?
I remember you when you were brand new , you made all sorts of claims about your hkpa and what was coming you also said you would be on your way pronto if not sorted
I see your still here....
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Old 13th Dec 2016, 03:41
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You sure about that Dan?
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Old 13th Dec 2016, 06:20
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Sure I'd love to be stuck overnight in CTS with the Aircraft frozen the next morning.......
Get the hell out of dodge ASAP, I'd think HND a good option to pull the pin.
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Old 13th Dec 2016, 08:04
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CX's problem, not yours.
Therein lies the problem: most of us are often unable (unwilling?) to distinguish between the two. We automatically take on board the company's problems and try to solve them. We see them develop before they do. Too many years of service in the armed forces, perhaps, where duty and conscientiousness are the order of the day. Too many years of GA, where if you don't make it happen and take responsibility for the outcome, no-one will.

They have done a fine job of selecting most of us, and now take advantage of our nature, assuming we will continue to go the extra mile. Yet time and again, all we get in exchange is the usual mean-spirited, petty, vindictive, arrogant, intimidatory, dismissive and condescending treatment.

Their 90's cutthroat business model school of "asset-squeezing" only works in the short term, however; in the long term, you reap what you sow.
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You really think the Captain won't get involved with all the hassles thawing out the Aircraft the next long you blokes been here?
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Gee, how did we previously operate all those overnight winter CTS flights?

************************************************************ ***********

I really can't have a problem with the application of Commander's Discretion in this case, because: I - wasn't - there.

However, Commanders Responsibility is but one part of the Flight Time Limitations legalities. The other[s] involve designated Company Management [CX DFO Anyone?] and the regulatory Authority [CAD].

The use of Commander's Discretion is provided for. But, given the shared responsibilities under 'Normal' operations, the weight of responsibility devolves significantly to the Commander if such Discretion is exercised. I therefore consider very carefully if any use of Discretion results in less than an acceptable level of safe operation.

I also, and quite reasonably, consider if the 'Management" will have my back should a fatigue related event subsequently occur.

I find that I am 'guided accordingly'.....

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I remember some decent CTS overnights.
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