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RPs cancelled by the company - 3 month notice

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RPs cancelled by the company - 3 month notice

Old 1st Mar 2015, 06:18
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RPs cancelled by the company - 3 month notice

So, your contract has just been unilaterally changed by the company - the have given notice to cancel the RP agreement with three months notice.

Question is - how do you feel about this and what will you do?
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Old 1st Mar 2015, 07:10
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Most will do nothing. Why? Because they are a bunch of farking pxssies.

Grow some balls and call in unfit. You might just find you can actually have a life if you have decent time at home.
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Old 1st Mar 2015, 08:23
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The ability to give 3 months notice to terminate the RP agreement has been available to the Company AND to the HKAOA since the expiry of the agreement in 2009. Why it has taken so long to exercise this option has been a topic discussed over many a beer by those that actually had the temerity to read and UNDERSTAND their COS in the first place. It is patently obvious that the two previous posters have not availed themselves the opportunity to study the document which bears their signature .
The Rostering Practices form an addendum to your COS.
Whilst this will lead to material change in your time from work, it is NOT a change to your contract per se.
The only part of "rostering" that forms part of your COS are the credit hour factors and the monthly/yearly limits.
Pull out the document and read it !
As such the announced action by the company is entirely within legal bounds.

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Old 1st Mar 2015, 08:26
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From one of the world's safest airline to just one from another third world country.
All in the matter of 3 years.

As if having one inexperienced pilot in the flight deck wasn't enough. We now have to remove a pilot.

I hope we don't forget how fatigue has contributed to recent accidents.
And that pilots from other European airlines with the same manning level only fly 60h a month. (Hell, we fly 40% more than AF pilots, and they get 3 nights layover to recover from the trip)
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Old 1st Mar 2015, 15:38
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Thx for pointing out the obvious. We all know that. The problem isn't that they cancelled. The problem is that they don't negotiate. They give the appearance of negotiations, but really it's just a facade to lessen the sting of imposing. They blame the AOA for being unreasonable when in reality it is of course them.

Until you pxssies harden up, this will continue. It won't be the last time for those you who love to hope. They just keep taking until you stop them. What is so hard about that to figure out? They are like Putin or ISIS. They don't respond to anything other than a gun in their face. Why do you think the cabin crew have more leverage?
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Old 1st Mar 2015, 22:57
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Try to shoot the messenger

Dear Ricepower,
I will not sink to your level by calling into question your abilities.

I am very well aware of the present contract and all the previous contracts that I have worked under for this company.

The RPs form a part of our contract, as an addendum to the contract, and they have been amendable under the conditions of that agreement.
A previous union president made a deal with the company and he was warned about the consequences - which have all come true over time.

Ultimately, this doesn't come down to the legal opinion, it distills down to what sort of career do you want - fulfilling or declining in a spiral to the first accident?

Free Flight
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Old 2nd Mar 2015, 00:11
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it distills down to what sort of career do you want - fulfilling or declining in a spiral to the first accident?
1. Unfortunately seniority means it's simply too great a pay cut to leave and start at the bottom of a new airline.

2. Secondly the continuing spiral, forces crew to stay longer to recoup the loss in expected earnings.

I'm afraid the root cause to airlines all over the world attacking conditions and getting away with it is seniority, while it does have benefits when adhered to and obviously without it would mean new problems.

Without it you may end up retiring at 55 as a lifetime F/O because you followed the money and jumped ship anytime more cash was available.

(What never be a Captain you must be joking, oh that shiny jet and all that ego I'd rather get a pay cut!)

New joiners today will probably be Captains for 20+yrs but will have to fly to 67+ with the lack of inflationary pay rises.

I know it's a ugly concept to get around but every other profession on the planet functions without seniority perfectly well, and as said would generate new problems but at least if you didn't like it you could leave and that is something airlines wouldn't like, unfortunately for them we are expensive investments worth keeping and the only reason to stay would be for lifestyle and pay, two of the things that CX is continuing to decimate.

Look at all the F/Os sacrificing command for lifestyle, the pay simply isn't worth it, they would have left if they could but they can't, and the company damn well knows it!

And before anyone quotes me saying

oh that shiny jet and all that ego I'd rather get a pay cut!)
means pay would go down with a lack of a seniority system is not looking at rest of the world yes, some people get promoted who shouldn't but it's not the majority, the most qualified get promoted and/or move with free will, and as a result improve their pay and conditions.

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Old 2nd Mar 2015, 06:43
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What He Said

Good post SMOC, I couldn't agree more. We, as pilots, are being disadvantaged by a seniority system (industry wide) that was originally put in place to protect and reward us. Time for a paradigm shift in thinking I'd say.
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Old 2nd Mar 2015, 07:49
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RC (and his swallowing mates) like this post.
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Old 2nd Mar 2015, 10:22
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Wan chai.

It wasn't a saffa RC.

But an Italian RC
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