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All CX ISMs and FPs issued ipad minis

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All CX ISMs and FPs issued ipad minis

Old 24th Feb 2015, 21:51
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All CX ISMs and FPs issued ipad minis

32GB, they can install their own Apps on them. When will we get ours?
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Old 25th Feb 2015, 00:22
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Yeah, I've got to agree: the less they give me (and make me responsible for) the happier I'll be.

(Except for that large aeroplane: I like that.)
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Old 25th Feb 2015, 00:26
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CC invites you to play Candy Crush.
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Old 25th Feb 2015, 00:54
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Can't help but be curious to the management dynamics up stairs and who has the real power. Can some one please explain this so called CX digital platform. (Please use small words and pictures where you can!) How is it Flight Ops are still deciding on the best device, ISD must have made the decision months ago to get the IPads to the Cabin Crew this week. Is it a case of [email protected] you Flight Ops we want to play Candy Crush and we will use IPads or is it a case of Flight Ops actually thinking this one through.......Strike that last remark from the record!
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Old 25th Feb 2015, 13:29
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VR-HFX, 😂 thanks, that gave a me a short giggle.
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Old 26th Feb 2015, 02:57
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The coloured fruit drops are just a visual of the roster changes going on in real time.

Getting 3 fruits in a row clears the fruit and serves as acknowledgement of outstanding crew notification.

Failure to complete a level constitutes a loss of G day. 2 consecutive incomplete levels in any 34 hour period including 2 local nights results in loss of 2 G's and conversion of same to a split duty.

3 consecutive incomplete levels will result in a D & G procedure as outlined in company manuals as may be amended from time to time at the sole discretion of the company.

Cost of ipad will be for officers account by way of company loan, offered at competitive market rates, and repayable to the company over 6 equal monthly instalments through salary deduction.

An NTC has been issued outlining the process for voluntary signup of the ipad. Failure to signup will be considered a dereliction of duty and will result in a further D & G.

Officers are strongly encouraged to apply early, as prices rise in increments of 5% per every 150 units sold.

It is forbidden to use another employees iPad to logon to Intracx for application.

Application forms can be downloaded from the company website, and must be witnessed and notarised by an embassy official. Please be aware this process may require you to leave your passport with the embassy for 2 or more days. It is the officers responsibility to do this on their G days. Failure to perform a rostered duty because of no passport will not be tolerated and will result in D & G and a permanent letter on the officers company file.

Please be guided accordingly.

Thank you

FOP team.

We are also pleased to announce our request for volunteers for stuff.
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Old 26th Feb 2015, 08:32
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Accepting a company iPad or whatever device is a REALLY REALLY BAD IDEA.

Lets not go there.
Old 26th Feb 2015, 08:40
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They have been issued so that SPs and ISMs can access passenger profiles 2
hours before departure......i.e BEFORE SIGN ON.
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Old 26th Feb 2015, 16:13
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They have been issued so that SPs and ISMs can access passenger profiles 2
hours before departure......i.e BEFORE SIGN ON.
And what was wrong with what they had before? At least I know where my pay rise went. Along with those widescreen TVs that display a Clock!!!!!
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Old 26th Feb 2015, 23:49
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Being assigned to each flight is what half the ISM's I've flown with wouod prefer rather than take 'responsibility' for a company Ipad. it seems the dispatchers can't cope with allocating on a per flight basis so the crew were given them instead.
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Old 27th Feb 2015, 01:23
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We will be changing chart providers later in the year... Why Because the A350 doesn't support Navtech charts and according to CAD you can only have one chart provider.

Also because Navtech turned out to be a lemon. The initial package was a great deal but then everything turned to custard after that. So many problems.
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Old 27th Feb 2015, 09:47
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The A350 does support Navtech and Airbus is considering making it the sole provider - fact
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Old 27th Feb 2015, 13:18
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The A350 Jepp/Navtech rumour was debunked a few months ago in a Boeing fleet newsletter
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Old 27th Feb 2015, 22:01
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ISM iPads

CX are asking the girls for their own personal Apple IDs [I]and[I] passwords!

I had a good chat with the two Airbus DCPs a couple of months ago and explained that ...

- In no way did I wish to be personally responsible for an expensive piece of kit... If my briefcase is stolen who is responsible for replacement?

- Who would be responsible for updating the manuals stored on the device?
I can't even get Ops Pt A onto my current device any more.

- Who would be responsible for ensuring the correct documents are loaded on to it pre flight ie CFP, weather, Notams.

- Would part of the memory be partitioned for CX stuff and would I be given the rest do with as I wished (as British Airways do)?

None of these issues had even been considered!

I DO NOT WANT a company sponsored device. Let the dispatch controllers allocate two to the blue briefcase for each flight.
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Old 28th Feb 2015, 00:29
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I'll second that. Make someone else responsible for charging and updating and securing any iPad I'm to be blessed with.
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Old 28th Feb 2015, 06:22
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I'd hazard a guess that when/if flight crew are going to have to start using an iPad/similar EFB device, that it will be a personal issue, if only because leaving them in the blue bag at an outport before the a/c returns to HK, will be a ready source for light fingered cleaners etc.

One way way around the security issue, is for a lockable security container to be available, (similar to the one in the bus cloakroom), where along with the required inflight spare units, they can be left safely once crew deplane from the jet. Clearly key control would need to be closely looked at, or CX could have a combination access to be changed regularly, perhaps new code notified in the confidential NTC every x weeks.

No I do not wish to have a company iPad either.
I certainly wouldn't use it for anything personal even if such an iPad was forced upon me
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Old 28th Feb 2015, 07:51
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Old 28th Feb 2015, 16:10
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Hi Max R,

Cathay is not asking the crew for their own apple ID's.
They have the option of using their own if they wish, (bad idea of course).
Creating a new one is fine also.

Next time you fly with a friendly IM ask to read her email from the company.

Unfortunately this is the way of the future and all these programs have built in "monitoring" programs as we all know.

Not having a go Max, just setting some facts straight.

I guess this is a rumor network though… so what the f#[email protected]

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Old 28th Feb 2015, 16:39
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Thanks 19W... I was just stirring it up a bit!

However, the fact still remains, I do not want to be issued with one, for many reasons.
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Old 28th Feb 2015, 22:03
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DURING those 3 months they are still in effect though.
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